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Training for ICT Trainers


  • 1. NationalTelecentreAcademy of Spain
  • 2. Training since 2000, .Presentation Regular and online E:Documents and Santiago de Compostela Gij n Bilba o training. SettingsibermudezEscritoriocjo Carballi o OBarc o Le Vitori a Pamplona (2) Vic n Palenci For about 5.000 ve.jpg Vig o Ver a Vallado lid Zaragoza (2) Ripoll et Mata r Barcelona n Sant Feliu (2) telecentres. El de Llobregat Madrid Escorial Fuenlabra (13) Alcal de For Red Conecta da Legan Parl s a Toled Henares Pater na Valencia Palma (2) network managed by o (3) Zaf Fundacin Esplai with ra Ciudad Real Ti bi 64 telecentres. Crdo Sevilla ba Grana Huel (2) da va Motril Cdi San z Roque
  • 3. Mision and Objectives Meeting training needs of motivators working in Spanish telecentre networks. The training enhances the skills of these professionals, increasing their knowledge and skills so that they in turn can serve the users of the telecentres in the friendly approach and empowering ICT Building, through training, a model for the role of motivator which supports the development of telecentres with a community purpose. Strengthening, through training, participation and cooperation in the telecentre nets managed by Fundacin Esplai.
  • 4. Presencial Training Methodology Online trainingElements Escalability GTA y NTA Espaa Communities
  • 5. Our training activities are designed according to a global curriculum which tackles basic skills for telecentre motivators and which starts from training needs identified in telecentres. The curriculum has two main focus: Level of experience of motivators StartersCurriculum Intermediate Advanced Types of learnings Managerial and organizational Theoretical and ideological Methodological Technological
  • 6. Starters 1. Starting up an online centre 2. Resources to support facilitation task in online centreOnline courses delivered 3. Planning a digital literacy Workshop 4. Online procedures for bureaucratic issues / facilitating access to eServices Advanced 5. Gender Issues 6. Introduction to Windows 21. Working in a Network (Building Social/Nonprofit 7. Introduction to GNU/Linux Networks and Networks Culture) 8. Getting familiar with Office Tools 22. Volunteering in an Online Centre 9. Internet Security 23. Facilitating ICT learning (access/use) for Disabled people Intermediate 24. Facilitating ICT learning (access/use) for Offenders inside Jails 10. Elaboration of the Online Centres Mission Project 25. Facilitating Organized Groups through collaborative /Managing projects and funds learning methods/tools and Internet 11. Social Entrepreneurship 26. ICT Facilitation inside Libraries and/or other 12. Facilitating ICT learning (access/use) in Kids minor Cultural agencies than 12 years 27. Online Centres in Rural Environments 13. Facilitating ICT access/use Youth aged 12/18 years 28. Blog as an Online Centre Development Tool