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  • Cocktail

  • e love working with clients to create world-class

    experiences; we understand that show-stopping cuisine

    can turn a great event into an occasion that is truly


    This is why Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I offers its clients

    Royal Catering, an unrivaled catering service creating

    wondrous menus for magnificent events.

    From intimate drinks parties to large outdoor weddings and

    from small business functions to grand banquets and balls,

    every event is uniquely tailored and thoughtfully executed.

    Royal Catering has more than 2,000 square meters of

    kitchen space brimming with the latest technology and

    utilized by our talented, creative team of chefs.

    We take health and the environment seriously, so whether

    you choose bold, contemporary cuisine or something more

    classic, our professional team is committed to using

    authentic natural ingredients from sustainable local


    Our aim is not just to enrich your experience but those of

    your guests too. Bon Appétit!


  • laudio Aguirre was born in Viña del Mar, a touristic city

    along the pacific coast in central Chile. He studied at the

    Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo (INACAP) of Santiago

    meanwhile gaining experience through various internships.

    Upon finishing, he and a friend partnered up to manage three

    vibrant and modern restaurants in Santiago, Chile.

    In 1992, when the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I was due to launch,

    Claudio was selected to take the roll of Chef de Partie. At the

    time, the hotel was a real landmark within the city; it was a

    culinary meeting point, the scene for large events and a

    rendezvous for many political figures.

    In 2000, the complex (Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I and Palau de

    Congresos de Catalunya) was created and Claudio was

    promoted to Executive Chef. His kitchen became the

    centerpiece of production within the entire facility, taking care

    of all catering and banqueting services.

    During these years he has conducted the following major


    -Expo Zaragoza 2008 – moving 320 km from the complex

    -Press box catering services, suites and VIP area for the

    Formula 1 and Motorcycle GP prizes on the Cataluña Circuit

    -Rock in Rio Madrid, 500 km distance from the complex

    -Official supplier for Mobile World Congress

    -Tennis Conde de Godó Trophy Restaurant Village, sales

    points and catering stands Claudio Aguirre, Executive Chef


  • Royal Special Welcome drink

    Glass of Cava or Cocktail non alcoholic

    Mineral water, soft drinks, juices, beer, white wine, red wine

    and cava

    Assorted wafers on table

    Sugared cashew, sweet corn and green peas with spices

    Vegetables chips and tuberchips

    Mediterranean bite

  • Cold appetizers

    Argentona” flatbread with strips of select cured ham

    Millefeuille of aubergine, goat cheese, tomato and fresh basil

    Mini cannelloni with salmon, cream of wasabi and soy reduction

    Foie, apple and gingerbread crumble

    Mini herbal button, mushrooms, asparagus and tomato confit

    Tomato “salmorejo”, strawberry and shrimp from the coast or Cream

    of Jerusalem artichoke with mushrooms (seasonal)

    Mini rye bread and seeds, salmon, citrus cream and dill

    Mini tomato bun, cream of Manchego cheese and cured ham

    Roastbeef marinated with citronella, ginger, fresh chilli and sesame

    Wrap of roast pork loin with caramelized onion and barbecue sauce

    Species finnancier, foie hemisphere and raspberry lyo

    Mini caprese, basil oil, pine nuts and parma shavings

    Tuna tataki with guacamole and crispy toasted corn

  • Warm appetizers

    Crispy tomato confit, mozzarella and mushrooms

    Croquettes of cured ham

    Croquettes of cheese and spinach

    Croquettes of mushrooms

    Duck in crusty sachet

    Grilled king prawn with hazelnut compote and thyme

    Corn panko king prawn with white pepper cream

    Chicken skewer, apricot chutney and red curry

    Rossini mini burger from Nebraska in mustard mini bread

    Grilled scallop with black truffle sauce

    Tomato foccacia, oregano, “La Garrotxa” cheese and confited


    Mini cannelloni with free-range chicken, parmesan cream and pan-jus

    Mushrooms cocotte, Monalisa potato parmentier and truffled juice

    Mini free-range chicken skewer with cream of yellow curry

  • Cold buffets

    Cheeses assortment

    Manchego, Garrotxa, Mahón and Idiazábal

    *Served with jams, mini buns and toasts

    Iberian and Catalan charcuterie assortment

    Iberian “lomo”, cured ham, Iberian “chorizo”, white and

    black “butifarra” (pork sausage), “fuet” (thin, cured and

    dry sausage pork) y “longaniza” (cured sausage pork)

    *Served with bread with tomato

  • Cold buffets

    Salads “on the rock” buffet

    Zurito with tomato, mozzarella, rocket, parma cheese, pine

    nuts and pesto

    Zurito with potato salad, tuna belly, micro-vegetables and

    virgin olive oil

    Zurito with black quinoa, poached Norwegian salmon,

    cream of dill with lemon and trout caviar

  • Warm buffets


    Cêpes with parmesan shavings, dried tomato and basil

    “Fideuà” noodles

    “Fideuà” noodles with rockfish and squid

    Oriental yakisoba

    Vegetables, soy and seaweeds

    Paella (to choose 1 option)

    Mixed paella or Vegetarian paella

  • Warm buffets

    Surf’n turf

    Free-range chicken with king prawns

    Skewer’s assortment

    Beef, chicken and lamb

    Beef sirloin Strogonoff style

    Eggs tasting

    Range eggs, goose eggs and duck eggs, scrambled

    eggs or omelette

    *served with mushrooms, sausage and bacon

  • Other options to add

    Tasting of Nikkey Bar



    Fish tartar assortment


    …served with seaweeds, guacamole, nachos, fresh chilli,

    hot peppers, chipotles, sangrita, corn, sweet potato, tequila

    and pisco

    (Suppl. 15.00€ / person + vat)

    Japanese tasting

    Maks: king prawns, tuna and vegetable

    Niguiris: salmon and gilt-head bream

    Sashimi: salmon, sea bass and tuna

    …served with and soya sauce

    (Supl. 12.00€ / person + vat)

  • Other options to add

    Tasting of steak tartare and ceviche

    Classic steak tartare

    Beef steak tartare with ginger and soy



    (Suppl. 6.00€ / person + vat)

    Tasting of Oysters


    (from Bouzigues or from El Delta)

    …served with butter, brown bread, lemon and shallot


    (Suppl. 12.00€ / person + vat)

  • Desserts

    Apricot sachertorte

    Seasonal fruit skewer

    Mini hazelnut praliné brownie

    Mini “musician” cake (with dried nuts)

    Opera cake

    Fruit tartlet

    Mini tiramisu

    Sweet hemispheres (pineapple-coconut, raspberry-chocolate and lemon)

    Yoghurt cream with granola

    “Piña colada”

    Macarons assortment

    White chocolate brownie with Módena reduction

    Mini tatin

  • Desserts buffet Macarons assortment


    Pistachio financier with white chocolate and

    raspberry lyo

    Cocoa financier with double chocolate

    “Minis” assorted

    Mini Fairmont cheesecake with blueberries gelatine

    Mini brownie with black cherry ganache

    Mini tropical

    Mini lemonpie

    Mini millefeuille of chocolate, raspberry and mint

    Sweet schnaps

    Citrus panna cotta and basil


    Seasonal fruit skewer

    Mini cones of chocolate with ganache and red berries

    Suppl.: 15.00€/person + vat

  • Cellar Cava Brut Nature Sommelier selection

    White wine Sommelier selection

    Red wine Sommelier selection

    Beers, Soft drinks, Orange juice, Mineral water

    Coffee, Tea

    Premium cellars

    White wine:

    Raimat Clamor DO Costers del Segre +2.00€

    Monólogo Verdejo DO Rueda +3.50€

    Red wine:

    Raimat tinto Roble DO Costers del Segre +3.00€

    Viña Paceta crianza DO Rioja +4.00€


    Lavit de Segura Viudas +3.00€

    Raimat Chardonnay Brut +4.00€

  • Open bar Whisky: Grant’s - Four Roses - Ballantine’s - Jameson

    Rum: Havana Club 3 years - Havana Club 5 years – Cacique –

    Barceló Ron Dominicano Platinium

    Gin: Bombay – Beefeater – Seagram’s

    Vodka: Moskovskaya - Absolut - Stolichnaya


    Soft drinks, juices, beers

    Mineral water

    Open bar 1 hour: 15.50€/pers. + VAT

    Open bar 2 hours: 19.50€/pers. + VAT

    Open bar 3 hours: 24.50€/pers. + VAT

    Open bar premium Whisky: Chivas 12 years – Four Roses Small Batch - Glenlivet

    Founders reserve – Johnny Walker red label

    Rum: Havana Club 7 years – Bacardi 8 years

    Gin: Gin Monkey 47 – Beefeater 24 – Brookman’s – Hendrick’s

    Vodka: Absolut Elyx – Belvedere – Ketel One


    Soft drinks, juices, beers

    Mineral water

    Open bar 1 hour: 18.00€/pers. + VAT

    Open bar 2 hours: 26.00€/pers. + VAT

    Open bar 3 hours: 30.00€/pers. + VAT

  • Cocktail with 8 items & 3 buffets 59,00€ + 10% VAT

    Cocktail with 10 items & 3 buffets 62,50€ + 10% VAT

    Cocktail with 12 items & 3 buffets 66,00€ + 10% VAT

    Cocktail with 14 items & 3 buffets 69,00€ + 10% VAT

    Cocktail with 16 items & 3 buffets 72,00€ + 10% VAT

    Price per person

    VAT not included

    Welcome drink, dessert and cellar included

    Conditions Duration 60-90 minutes

    Valid prices 2017

    Minimum service: 100 guests

    Any delays of more than the maximum service time, will

    have an extra charge of 34€/hour/waiter in service.


    [email protected]

    +34 93 364 40 18

    Avenida Diagonal, 661-671

    08028 Barcelona