Present Simple? Present Continuous? Will? Be going to?

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<p>PRESENT TENSES ( use)</p> <p>PRESENT SIMPLEPRESENT CONTINUOUS</p> <p> routine / habit</p> <p>We always have parties at your house. action at the moment</p> <p>Im talking to a friend now.</p> <p> permanent situation</p> <p>He lives in London. temporary situation</p> <p>Hes staying in a hotel for a while.</p> <p> timetable ( about the future or not)</p> <p>The train leaves at 6. expressing annoyance about repetitionsYoure always interrupting me!</p> <p> universal truth, factsThe sun sets in the west. fixed future arrangement (with a time/date)Were having a test next Friday.</p> <p> state ( not an action) </p> <p>I love meeting people.Notice! Stative verbs dont take -ing form.I m loving meeting new people.</p> <p>PRESENT SIMPLE? PRESENT CONTINUOUS? WILL? BE GOING TO ?FUTURE TENSES ( use)</p> <p>WILL/ WONT + INFINITIVEBE GOING TO + INFINITIVE</p> <p> predictions based on what we think or imagine ( uncertain)Im afraid I wont go to the cinema tonight. </p> <p>Ill probably go tomorrow. plans, intentionsIm going to become a famous pianist one day.</p> <p> quick, sudden ( on-the-spot) decisions for near futureCome and join us. Ill get you a drink. predictions based on clear signs, evidenceWatch out! Hes going to cross the street.</p> <p> promises, offers, requestsI swear it wont happen again.</p> <p>Will you marry me?</p> <p> predictions that we cant control (uncertain)Shell be 15 years old next week.</p>


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