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Present simple

Present simple


I play football You

HeShe playS footballIt

We play football They

Spelling rules:

After O, SS, SH, X,CH : -ES E.g: I do He doES

After CONSONANT + Y : - IES E.g: I worry - he worries


I DONT playYou

HeShe DOESNT playIt

We DONT playThey


Do you play football?

Does she play football?

useTo speak about HABITS, ROUTINES or PERMANENT SITUATIONS that do not changeTo speak about FACTSSignal wordsalways every ... once a weekoften normally usually sometimes seldom never Note: The following verbs are usually only used in Simple tense:

understand, know, like, need, wantPresent continuous ( to be + -ing)AFFIRMATIVEI am You are playINGHe is NEGATIVEI m notYou arent playINGHe isnt INTERROGATIVEAre you playING ? Is he playING ?

Spelling rules:- Silent e is dropped. E.g: come coming-After consonant ,vowel, consonant thefinal consonant is doubled. E.g: sit sitting- Final ie becomes y. E.g: lie - lying

USETo describe what people are doing orthings happening AT THIS MOMENT.

SIGNAL WORDSat the momentTodayTonightnowright nowListen!Look!