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Present simplehave got

Forms (I)We have got a new TV.She has got a mansion.PronounVerbIHave gotYouWeTheyHeHas gotSheIt

3rd person of singular

Mary is ten years old. She is from Dorset. She has got long and brown hair. She has got brown eyes. She has got a cat and a dog. Their names are Pat and Fluffy. Pat, the dog, has got a small house in the garden. Marys mother is Jane. She is a teacher. Her husband is Nick. Hes a bus driver. They have got three children: Mary, Sean and Peter.

Forms (II)VerbExampleAffirmativeHave gotYou have got a great family!Has gotIt has got five doors.NegativeHavent gotI havent got time to lose.Hasnt gotHe hasnt got any key.QuestionHave ... gotHave they got Internet?Has ... gotHas she got any illness?


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