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Uses of the present perfect & present perfect continuous


  • 1. 1. Actions and situations at an specified time in the past. Ive been to Madrid. My sister has just returned from there. Have you ever been there. 2. Repeated past actions at unspecified times. Ive gone there five times. My sister has visited Spain many times. 3. Actions that started in the past and are still continuing in the present. Peter has lived in Chicago for ten years. Peter has worked here since 2004. Peter has studied English for two years.

2. 4. Experience. I have never eaten caviar. I have seen a ghost in town. I have always ridden a bicycle to school. 5. Completed or incomplete actions. Mary hasnt eaten yet. George hasnt seen the new movie yet. Theyve already been to my house twice. 6. Progress. There are 347 stamps. So far, Ive collected 215. I need to save $3000. Up to now, Ive saved $20. 7. Recent past actions linked to the present. Call the police! Someone has stolen my car! Help! Mary has broken her arm. 3. 1. Activities that began in the past and have continued to the present. I have been working for the company since 2002. Ive been working here for twelve years. This week, weve training new employees. 2. Repeated actions in a period of time (recent past to the present) Ive been working hard lately. I havent been eating right lately. 3. To emphasize the duration of an activity that began in the past and is still continuing in the present. I have been waiting for you all day. Ive been working hard all week.


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