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Preschool art activities and fun creative activities that you can use at home with your kids or in daycare or preschool to bring out their creative side.


Preschool Activity & Party Game - Tilt Tilt The next time you go to the grocery store ask for one unused cake box or however many you think you can use. Have the children take turns or give each child a cake box and place a cut out piece of paper in whatever shape they want, inside the cake box. Have the child drop a blob of paint in the middle of the cut-out and set about 2-4 marbles in the paint. Close the lid of the box and have the child tilt the box back and forth and side to side. Open it up and they can take out their new masterpiece. Hang to dry.

Pastry Party SensoryChildren will love playing in this fun pastry party play-dough centre. Set out 3 different textured and colors of play-dough. One batch-smooth. Second batch-mix in course salt. Third batch-mix in granulated sugar. Set out old cake tins, muffin pans, pie plates, cookie cutters etc. Invite the children to make their own desserts with the fun materials provided.

My Place-Place Mats

Write each childs name in large print across a sheet of 8.5 X 14 OR 11 X 17 pieces of paper.

Give each child their paper with their name on it and have a bunch of flat art items available. (Stickers, flat foam shapes, markers to draw with, etc.) Allow them to decorate their placemats. Laminate when finished or cover with Mac Tac. Now the children have their own placemats to keep and use at lunch time, circle time, or whenever.