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  • 8/8/2019 Preqin Private Equity Spotlight October 2010


    AIFM Directive 2010 Conference

    Tuesday 30 November 2010

    Central London

    Dear Spotlight Subscriber,

    Preqin is delighted to have arranged a special invitation and 20% discount for Preqin Spotlight readers who would like to

    attend Private Equity Forums AIFM Directive 2010 Conference in London, on Tuesday 30 November 2010. Please quote ref.

    PreqinAIFM book your place for just 364.40 Member of trade body (RRP 455.50) / 396.00 Non-member (RRP 495.00).

    The AIFMD is still not a done deal and a number of issues remain subject to negotiation and are critical to the alternative assets

    industry, including but not limited to; the disproportionate burden the disclosure regime would place on SMEs, the third country

    issue and the implication article 27a would have on management buy-outs. Everyone engaged in the sector will need to

    become familiar with the details and likely impact of the new legislation.

    Through company case studies, in-depth presentations and panel discussions, Private Equity Forum's AIFM Directive 2010

    Conference will provide you with clarification on the next series of changes to ensure you are aware of the necessary key

    actions and deadlines.

    Confirmed speakers include:

    Godfrey Bloom MEP - Coordinator for the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group on the Economic and Monetary Affairs

    Committee in the European Parliament UK Independence Party (UKIP)

    Jarrod Cowley-Grimmond, Director, Finance Sector Development, Commerce & Employment Department States of


    James Greig, Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal (PwC Legal)

    Sam Kay, Partner Head of Investment Funds Travers SmithJustin Partington, Commercial Director Ipes (UK) Limited

    Joanna Perkins, Director, Financial Markets Law Committee (FMLC) established by the Bank of England

    Ian Sayers, Director General Association of Investment Companies (AIC)

    Jarkko Syyrila, Director International Relations Investment Management Association (IMA)

    Conference chairs:

    Martin Arnold, Private Equity Correspondent Financial Times (FT)

    Paul Hodkinson, Editor Private Equity News (PEN)

    I will also be participating in a panel discussion at the conference, and hope to have an opportunity to connect with you there.

    Best Regards,

    Tim FriedmanHead of Communications


    To register For sponsorship opportunities:

    Tel: +44 (0)845 463 7621 Tel: +44 (0)845 269 7842

    Email: Email:

  • 8/8/2019 Preqin Private Equity Spotlight October 2010


    Private EquitySpotlightOctober 2010

    Secondaries Spotlight:Fund type preferences of buyers and

    sellers in the secondary market.

    Page 11.

    Conferences Spotlight:The months private equity events.

    Page 12.

    Investor News:

    All the latest news on private equityinvestors.

    Page 14.


    Fundraising Spotlight:In Q3 2010 private equity fundraisingincreased from the previous quarter,but by how much? And what is the

    outlook in terms of funds on the road,going into the final quarter of the year?

    Page 7.

    Performance Spotlight:

    Preqin has analyzed the returns

    generated by private equity partnerships

    as at 31 March 2010. The NAV of all

    private equity funds has changed, but to


    Page 9.

    Deals Spotlight:Q3 2010 was the strongest quarterfor deals since the collapse of

    Lehman Brothers. We examine thecharacteristics of deals made in thequarter and in particular the shifttowards European-based deals.

    Page 10.


    Overview of Alternatives Investment Consultants

    A growing number of institutions active in private equity and other alternatives areutilizing investment consultants to help them make decisions about allocations andspecific investments. We conducted a survey to see how satisfied these investors are

    with their consultants. Page 3.

    Q3 2010 Special

    Preqin has moved!

    Please note, that as of 18th October,2010 Preqins London address haschanged:

    Preqin Ltd,

    Equitable House,

    47 King William Street,

    London,EC4R 9AF

    Tel: +44 (0)20 7645 8888

    You can download all the data in this months Spotlight in Excel.Wherever you see this symbol, the data is available for freedownload on Excel. Just click on the symbol and your downloadwill begin automatically. You are welcome to use the data in anypresentations you are preparing, please cite Preqin as the source.

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    The 2011 Preqin AlternativesInvestment Consultant Review


    The 2011 Preqin Alternatives

    Investment Consultant Review

    More information available at:

    October 2010Volume 6 - Issue 10

    alternative assets.intelligent data.

  • 8/8/2019 Preqin Private Equity Spotlight October 2010


    AWARDS 2009
  • 8/8/2019 Preqin Private Equity Spotlight October 2010

    4/164 Private Equity Spotlight, October 2010 2010 Preqin Ltd.


    Investment consultants are an integral part of the investment process

    in the alternatives space. They can be a necessary and useful

    intermediary or advisor on an investors dealings across an array

    of asset types, providing services such as manager search and

    selection, asset allocation and investment policy development, and

    performance monitoring. They are ever present in all regions of theworld and advise a diverse range of institutional investors, with client

    types ranging from those with relatively small investment portfolios,

    such as high-net-worth individuals and single family offices, to

    those with more complex and larger portfolios, such as insurance

    companies and pension funds.

    Investment consultants perform an important role within the

    alternative assets industry. Investors benefit from the advice and

    guidance their consultants provide, as well as the access they can

    gain through their consultants to specific managers or funds. Fund

    managers can also benefit from establishing relationships with

    consultants as this can be an important step towards garneringcommitments from their clients.

    This article examines some of the vital attributes of the investment

    consulting industry using data from the soon-to-be-released 2011

    Preqin Alternatives Investment Consultant Review.

    Overview of the Industry

    The Preqin Investment Consultant database has information on

    more than 300 investment consultants which are active in the

    alternatives space. As Fig. 1 shows, 13% offer consulting services

    on a discretionary-only basis and a further 39% offer their services

    on a non-discretionary-only basis. Just under half offirms (48%) offer

    both types of service.

    The majority (65%) of investment consultants are headquartered in

    North America. A further 29% are based in Europe and the remaining

    6% in Asia and Rest of World. Though few investment consultants

    active in the alternatives space are headquartered in Asia and Rest

    Source: Preqin

    Fig. 1: Breakdown of Alternatives Investment Consultants byNature of Services Provided















    Private Equity Hedge Funds Real Estate Infrastructure

    Source: Preqin

    Fig. 2: Proportion of Alternatives Investment Consultants Offering

    Services by Asset Class


    Feature Overview of Alternatives Investment Consultants Download Data

    Investment consultants are being utilized by a growing number of institutions active in alternatives, DamiSogunro looks at how satisfied these investors are and what this means for the investment consult

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