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  • Artwork Specification Preparing Final Artwork

    STEP 2 Design your artwork by following our artwork specifications. - Go through all artwork specifications- Follow our 3 PRINCIPLE GUIDELINES (May check link given at step 1)- Some products may have different/extra artwork specifications. Please refer to this handbook or website to for more information.

    STEP 4 Place order online.- Go through respective product checklist to avoid error.- Go to ‘ORDER’ page at our website to place your order.- Send your final artwork file to us (refer to: Sending File To Us)

    STEP 3 Preparing final artwork file in PDF file format:

    STEP 1 Download PRODUCT SIZE TEMPLATE from our website (refer to: Using Our Product Size Template)

    Merge background design and save/export to TIFF file (300dpi). Import the TIFF file to replace existing background design.

    Curve/Path/Create Outline to all fonts.

    Save/export file toPDF file format.

    FINAL ARTWORK(in PDF file format)

    Adding text onto a transparent background might cause font distortion. In order to ensure your font is safe from distortion,may save background in JPEG / TIFF file before insert wording.

    Transparent background image

    Font distortion