PREMIS in the Real World: some reflections on constraints

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PREMIS in the Real World: some reflections on constraints . Jan Lavelle Senior Librarian (Systems Development) State Library of Tasmania. SLT Preservation systems. SLT preservation is a production environment with a small staff Can only give intermittent time to development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • PREMIS in the Real World: some reflections on constraints

    Jan Lavelle Senior Librarian (Systems Development)State Library of Tasmania

  • SLT Preservation systemsSLT preservation is a production environment with a small staffCan only give intermittent time to development2 established preservation programsOur Digital Island (ODI) - Tasmanian websites (1998-)STORS document repository (2003-)1 developing preservation projectFormat migration AV digitisation (2005-)1 emerging preservation projectImplementation of Digital Object Management system (2006-)

  • Format migration projectPREMIS investigated for this projectStarted July 2005Audio cassettes, video cassettes etc digitised for preservationDigitisation staff are NOT expected to create complex preservation metadata manuallyCurrently metadata kept in various places as a temporary measure until new Digital Object Management system implemented. Will use METS to pull it together.Descriptive TALIS catalogueTechnical within digital file metatagsPreservation PREMIS common fields spreadsheet kept with digital filesPREMIS individual file fields within digital file metatagsStructuralDirectory structure mirrors physical structure

  • PREMIS and Format migrationPREMIS data dictionary document physically difficult to navigate and useTo a first-time user, PREMIS was sometimes confusingTechnical MD, structural MD overlap with other schemasDigital creation details - where do these go?Important to preserve the relationship between the digital file and its analogue original ie provenanceOnly creatingApplication provided in PREMIS object fieldsPREMIS Event?Creation/digitisation not listed in examples of event types

  • PREMIS and Format migrationPREMIS metadata will be created in bulk:Files of the same type created in the same way will have the same PREMIS metadata eg WAV files created from audio cassetteseg objectCategory, preservationLevel, formatName etcStored in a spreadsheet with the WAV filesPREMIS fields for individual files will be automatically extracted using JHOVE or similar tool eg size, originalName etcNon-PREMIS technical MD also extracted

  • PREMIS and Format migrationSome PREMIS fields not yet used, but will be when Digital Object Management system implemented eg fixity, eventSome PREMIS fields not likely to be used eg signature, environmentEnvironment not suitable for common global formats - PDF, jpg etc - possibly misleading, inaccurate, incompleteBetter to have information in central registry like PRONOM or GDFR

  • PREMIS and STORS, ODISTORS and Our Digital IslandUse PREMIS as checklist to add more preservation metadata fieldsRetrofit preservation metadataOur Digital Island preserved websitesRepresentation level for websitesUpgrade could be done in bulk for some PREMIS fieldsNumber low enough to allow some manual upgrade of metadata recordsFile levelLarge number of individual files - more than 2.5 millionCould only use automatic extraction, but storing and working with that amount of metadata is an issueIs it workable or worthwhile to record preservation metadata at the file level for websites?

  • Other preservation projectsDigital Object Management systemInvestigate preservation metadata functionality during implementationMaturing view of preservation metadataBuilding on past experienceDOM will have most complete preservation metadata to date in SLT

  • SLT preservation metadata profileVery early draft status currentlyWill be amended as new Digital Object Management system is implemented and as ODI and STORS metadata are investigated furtherSLT will conform with recommended standards for preservation metadataSLT will be an implementer rather than a developerCant afford continuous monitoring of development of standards


    IndividualobjectIdentifierValuecontentLocationValue (inferred)RelationshipWon't use for structural relationships - use METS structural mapWill use for digital provenanceEventWill use when ingested into DOMWill use as required for changes to filesAgentWill use as required


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