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  • Premiere Concierge: Making great brands even better

  • At Premiere Concierge, our aim is to be of service to the people that are most important to you and your brand. We do this by being on call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to improve their lives in a way that enhances their perception of your organization.

  • Turning routine requests into memorable experiences makes us different from the rest. Our highly trained concierges staff delivers personal and corporate concierge services to meet our clients business and lifestyle needs from the everyday to the extraordinary.

  • How Premiere Concierge Can Help Your Company?

    Value-added incentive sets you apartHelps attract and reward customers and employeesPromotes your company with every callIdeal for all industries, markets and demographicsOut-performs other outbound marketing methodsNo inventory or equipment to installCustom marketing materials availableEasy to set up and simple to use
  • Offering personal concierge services to your valued customers allows your brand to touch their lives in personal ways. By strategically customizing these services to best fit the various tiers of your customer relationships, Premiere Concierge allows you to go beyond your core offerings, enhancing value in between your usual touchpoints and differentiating yourself on a continual basis in the marketplace.

  • Why Your Customers, Customers, Members, Employees and Residents (in the case of our Multifamily Program) will LOVE us:

    Provides Anything, Anytime, Anywhere 24 hours a dayAnswers questions on any topic (directions, sports stats)Fulfills phone/internet-based tasks (reservations, tickets)Personalized service greets callers by nameMore convenient than searching on smartphonesIncludes a branded personal assistance mobile appGlobal access by phone, text, email and appService available in English, Spanish and French
  • Our team at Premiere Concierge is a tool to help with your business as well as personal needs. More and more companies are finding that offering concierge services to employees and valuable clients differentiates them from the competition.

  • Premiere Concierge delivers though a unique combination of highly trained Concierges, sophisticated proprietary technology and a dedicated global network of purveyors of lifestyle services.

  • To know more about Premiere Concierge, visit -