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The premier personal training location in Portland, Oregon isnt in a well-known gym or a high-profile location. Its tucked away in a trendy part of Portland, shares building space with design companies and massage studios, and has developed a devout following.Tucked away in a yellow building within spitting distance of the river is the premier personal training spot in Portland, Oregon: The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon. No, it isnt a huge gym, filled with equipment and crowded with people. No, it isnt in a garage or warehouse space where the temperature is hard to control and the equipment difficult to keep clean and orderly. Its in an office building, and its something that few other personal training places can claim: comfortable.

The temperature and humidity of the room are tightly controlled, never too cold or too hot, too dry or too wet. The studio itself is sparkling clean, the floors vacuumed every day and the mats and weights wiped down with disinfectant after almost every use. There are chairs to sit in once the workout is over, food to refuel and coffee and tea to drink if you so desire. The semi-private nature of the studio means that you will never have people staring at you as you work out, and the one-on-one work with the trainer ensures that there will be nothing else occupying their attention while you are there. Not only that, but the relationships built between the trainers and clients are often much deeper and more friendly than is generally expected between the two.

Dont expect to go into The Art of Personal Training and be one face amongst a crowd. The trainers are there for you and you alone, which means that they have a personal investment in your goals and well-being, often as seriously as you do. You wont be the center of attention for the hour that you are there and then forgotten about. The trainers take your wants and likes and aspirations and think on them, incorporating them into workouts and specifically tailoring each one to you as an individual.

You wont find another training studio that feels as comfortable, as friendly as this one. Everything about it seems specifically tailored to making the client feel as good as they can while working out. You will still get your sweat on and be pushed to the limit dont be mistaken about that but you will do it with the knowledge that there is a towel and a cold cup of water that will be handed to you the second you are finished.

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Kisar Dhillon A Personal Fitness Trainer in Portland, Oregon. Need to get toned, lose weight, lose body fat, and increase lean muscle. If you need fitness trainer in Portland, then Kisar is the one. He is a personal trainer Portland OR with 25 years of experience and has expertise in health & fitness industry.For more information visit us today :

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