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A pwerpoint of my original ideas, preliminary task sketches and photos I didnt use in my magazine.


  • 1. Preliminary TaskChloe Baker

2. Firstly I did some sketches with my ideas for the front cover.I have a sketch of the headshot for my student on thefront cover.The school badge isto represent theschoolDate and price foradditional informationAnother picture togo with the textBig bold box to makethe text stand out. 3. Contents page sketch.The title is as bold as theone on the front page tostand out.The school badge is repeated again a bit below thetext however when I did it on the computer I madeit in the same place it was on the front page to showconsistency.The actual menu is in an order down in a lineto be neat.The Haydon values go with the school andare nice colours in real life even though Ididnt colour them in on the sketch 4. Some pictures I didnt use.I didnt use this photobecause firstly it was takenthe other way up on thecamera and I preferred theother photo I took of thestudent.I didnt use this photo ofthe bin because it didntreally fit in with what I hadon my magazine cover andI had other photos I coulduse.I didnt use this photo ofthe directions found inthe main buildingbecause I didnt haveanywhere for it to goand it wasnt a greatquality photo.I was going to use thisphoto of the studentsmoving from class toclass. I didnt because ofthe back drop, themagazine is meant tosell the school not showthe construction goingon. 5. Original ideas.What I couldcall mymagazineHaydonweeklyH NewsUpdate HaydonHaydon MagazineMag of HaydonHaydon School M