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MI-EK002__20180830_V1.1Precautions Specifications Product Diagram
Before Using 1. When using the kettle for the first time, wash the carafe interior and wipe dry the exterior before putting it back onto the power base. 2. To deodorize the kettle for the initial use, follow instructions in the manual to boil the water in it. 3. Drain water. So now it is ready for use.
Please read this manual thoroughly before use and keep it properly for future reference.
Danger! · Do not immense any part of the kettle, power base, or cord and plug in water or any other liquid to avoid electrical hazards. · Do not fill above the MAX mark on the kettle carafe in case of any danger caused by possible ejected hot water.
Warnings! · Before connecting the product to power, make sure the voltage marked at the bottom complies with the local situation and that it’s grounded. · This product is not for children under 8 years old and physically and mentally disabled persons, as well as those who lack the knowledge or experience to use, unless they are well instructed by others, monitored when using it, and warned of related dangers. · When the kettle is powered on or cooling down, keep it and the cord out of reach of children. · Keep your eyes open if children are around when you’re using the kettle. · If the cord is broken, in case of dangers, return it to the nearest authorized maintenance locations for further test, maintenance, change, and adjustment. Never try to fix it by yourself to avoid an electric shock. · If the kettle is not in use or you want to clean it, remember to remove the plug from the socket. Place it back to or remove it from the power base for cleaning after the carafe cools down. · Before switching on the kettle, make sure the lid is kept closed in case of ejected hot water. · Pour boiling water out of the kettle slowly for your safety. · Before switching the kettle on, make sure the water level is above the MIN mark. · Use the kettle only on even and stable surfaces. · Before filling water or pouring it out, remove the kettle from the power base and make sure it is powered off. · When the water is or has just been boiling, pay attention to the escaping steam to avoid scalding.
· When the water is boiling, do not press the Lid Release button to avoid steam escaping from the gap between the lid and body, which may damage the auto shut-off mechanism. · Only use the kettle to boil water instead of anything else. · Always exercise caution in carrying the kettle when it’s full of boiling water and when pouring. · This electric kettle is not designed to be controlled using extra timer switch or remote control. · Use the included power base only. · Make sure the kettle is powered off before removing it from the power base. · Try to avoid using the kettle with a power strip in case of fire caused by possible overheat, electric shock, or short circuit. · Do not use other accessories than those compliant to avoid any fires, electric shock and/or personal injury. · Do not use the kettle outdoors. · Do not hang the cord at corners of the table; keep it away from any hot surfaces. · Do not leave the kettle beside to a hot gas burner, electric stove, oven, etc. · Do not clean the kettle with corrosive cleaner to protect the surface from corrosion. · Do not try to dismantle the carafe, power base, or the power part to reduce the risk of fire and/or electric shock. There are no internal parts that can be used otherwise. If there’s any needs of maintenance, please contact our after-sale service center. · Do not allow children to use the kettle without supervision. · Do not use the kettle on the work table or near children. · Do not open the lid when the kettle is working. · Do not share the socket with other appliances since it may cause a melted fuss due to insufficient capacity.
23 x 16 x 26 cm / 9.05 x 6.30 x 10.24 in
1.35 kg MAX 1.7L
Using the Kettle 1. Press the Lid Release Button and the lid will open automatically. 2. Fill the kettle with water to no higher than the MAX water level line.
3. Press the Lid to close it. 4. Place the power base on an even table and connect the power plug to the socket. 5. Put the kettle back to the power base.
6. Press down the switch. It will start working and the LED Strip will light up blue.
7. After the water is boiled, the kettle will shut off automatically and the light goes out. (During boiling, push the switch up to stop the process if needed) 8. Lift the kettle to pour water out.
MAX 1.7L
MIN 0.5L
Warning: During or right after the boiling, do not touch the carafe or be exposed to the escaping steam in case of scalding.
Boil-dry Protection In the event that the kettle boils dry, it is protected by a boil dry fail-safe mechanism. It will switch the kettle off automatically when sensing a boil dry situation and keep it switched off until the kettle is refilled with at least the minimum amount of water. Always allow the kettle to cool for half an hour before reuse if the kettle has boiled dry.
Cleaning & Maintenance
Warning: Always unplug the kettle from the socket and allow it to cool completely before cleaning or descaling it.
Attention · Regularly remove water scale deposits from inside the kettle based on how frequently the kettle is used, especially in areas with hard and very hard water. · Abrasion of the kettle may cause malfunction or damage to the parts.
Notes · Wipe dry the exterior of the kettle with a soft cloth if necessary. · Do not immerse the kettle or power base in water. · Before use, make sure the power cord, power base and the carafe are all dry. · This device is FOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY.
Please take the following steps to clean the kettle: 1. Fill the water to about 3/4 of the MAX water level and press down the switch to boil it. 2. After the water is boiled, remove the kettle from the power base. 3. Add cleaning agents and leave it overnight or for 8-12 hours. Do not use condensed detergents. 4. Empty the kettle and rinse 4-5 times. 5. Fill water to the MAX water level mark and bring to the boil. 6. Empty the kettle again. 7. Now the interior of the kettle should be cleaned thoroughly and it’s available for use.
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