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Pre-emptive Peace mission:Finding peace with each other by making peace with the planet.


  • Pre-emptive Peace

    Mission:Finding peace with each other by making peace with the planet.

    Strategic plan:Integrating what you and others are doing, into an economic framework forachieving Human Dignity and Environmental Restoration.

  • Pre-emptive Peace

    WHAT:Is the Pre-emptive framework?See: the 2 minute video

  • Pre-emptive Peace

    No time in history have so many problemscombined to test our civilization.

    Poverty & population growth Economics of greed & waste Pollution of air, water, & soil Global warming & endangered species

    Previous generations did not set out to create theseproblems, but it falls upon ours to create a new vision, which harmonizes Human Nature & Mother Nature.

    The concept: Pre-emptive Peace is a humble offering

    planet. This is a comprehensive framework for environ-mental and human sustainability, which must work for any geographical location and 100% of humanity. It consist of four basic platforms:

    The Green Transformer Zone The Academy The Global Citizenship Program The e-network

    The Challenge what

  • Pre-emptive Peace

    The GTZ is the bio-ecomonic identity of the Pre-emptive Peace framework. It may look like a park, but if fact it is a functional, ecological infrastructure focusing on:

    Regional, renewable energy sources Waterconservationandpurification Soil and food crop stabilization Conversion of waste to resources Localized Sustainability

    Each GTZ has the other 3 platforms embedded with the characteristic of each shaped by the local people andregional ecology.

    platform #1Green Transformer Zones

  • The Academy

    to provide health care & education for the children. The second is to create & train the people for sustainable jobs. The Academy will continue research and development of regional bio-economic system.


    Global Citizenship

    This is a degree/fellowship program designed to capture the energy and idealism of youth. The students are the seeds for future global leadership and will assist with GTZ

    Program requirements: have studied outside of ones own country mastered three languages worked in three underdeveloped countries worked for a minimum of one year in a GTZ learning and experiencing bio-economics.

    Upon completion, the participants will also receive a lifetime passport and work visa recognizing theirexperience, creativity and compassion to deal with issues without borders.

    Platform #2

    Platform #3

    Platform #4

    Two Minute Video Jerry E. Allan

    For decades, all stock and commodity markets are

    globally, yet, there is no equivalent for the biosphere.

    GNP - (Gross national product) to GSP - (Gross sustainable progress) As part of the academy, all GTZ are networked together for problem solving, idea exchange, appropriate proven tech-nologies, new business and venture capital opportunities. As the E-Networks knowledge base grows, each Transformer Zone can achieve sustainability faster.


  • Pre-emptive Peace

    WHY:The economics of sustainability must be achieved at the intersection of human nature & mother nature.

  • $$$$$$$




    The Challenge

    Economics =

    The world is currently struggling with the consequences of over - valuing its

    crisis looms ahead - an ecological great crunch caused by undervaluing the envi-ronmental assets that are the basis of all life and prosperity.

    -James LeapeDirector General of world wildlife federation

    If You Cant Measure It, Your Cant Change

    A $100,000 Bomb = 100 wells


    planetary biosphere

    human choices


  • Poverty Is Not For Free









    e is



    s In




    Mother Nature Air - Water - Food - Life Bio-economics

  • Rain forest and cities are natures and humanities most complex, interdependent habitats for 50% of all species, and 50% of all people. Each occupies only 3% of land area.

    The rain forest however, creates pure water and air with no waste, while cities pollute the air, contaminate water and generate massive waste. These are clearly two different economies operating here.

    Classic economics is focused on supply and demand, tempered by the cost of labor and capital. We have always subsidized this economy by assuming that the environment was free, and pass-ing problems on to the future generations. Now the cost has come due with melting ice caps, ocean dead zone, soil depletion and global warming. The price will continue to rise until the restoration bill is paid.









    what are the odds that an economist not trained in ecology, will independently design projects that build an economy that is environmentally sustainable. Lester Brown Author - Plan B 4.0

    Two Competing Economic Systems

  • Pre-emptive Peace

    HOW:An Invitation to the Universities Around the World.See : the E-network

  • Mutual


    The Challenge

    Poor villages and deteriorating urban areas...

    could be rescued, but not by themselves. Survival depends on addressing a series of challenges, all of which can be met with known, technologies and co-operative planning, and a sustained community.

    They are impoverished, but they are capable and resourceful. Though struggling to survive, they are not dispirited, but are determined to improve their situation. They know well how

    they could get back to high ground.

    -Jeffery D. Sachs The End of Poverty


  • Energy and optimism of youth l

    Multi - Disciplinary global studies l

    Internships that can make a difference l Seeking partnerships for sustainability

    Learning beyond theory l Resourceful people and local leadership



    University Resources

    University Needs

    Community Needs

    Community Resources

    Outreach programs and energetic faculty l Education and appropriate technology

    Support to get started

    Interlocking problems from medical to jobs

  • Universities around the world are uniquely poised with knowledgeable faculty and energetic students wanting to make a difference. When combining global citizenship with communities desiring to create a better life for themselves you have a basic component for implementing the Pre-emptive Peace framework.

    In order to achieve social & environmentalsustainability, an initial commitment of not less than 10 years, is required to evolve plans and actions integrating the college, the com-munity and the regional ecology to grow from poverty to productivity.

    The survival of the poor as well as our own, is dependent on addressing converging global problems. All of which can be met using existing institutions and proven technologies.

    Many colleges and organizations make positive contributions to the world community. They are important, but often scattered and disconnected; falling short of resolving interlocking global is-sues of education, disease, poverty, population and environmental deterioration.

    These issues are no longer localized, or in the future. They are urgent, requiring a multi-faceted and sustaining commitment. The Pre-emptive Peace framework is designed to provide a com-prehensive strategy for integrating these efforts.

    To get Started:See E-network

    University of MinnesotaGlobal engineering, Institute of technology students use skills to make the world a better place.

  • Pre-emptive Peace

    Mission:Finding peace with each other by making peace with the planet.

    Strategic plan:Integrating what you and others are doing, into an economic framework forachieving Human Dignity and Environmental Restoration.

    Pre-emptive Peace. org is under construction The website will be up shortly.