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<ul><li><p>972 Items-IFSSH </p><p>The Journal of HAND SURGERY </p><p>Hand Therapists Day Hand Therapists Day will be Wednesday, April 12, 1989. There </p><p>will be a day of lectures, workshops, and symposia. </p><p>For further information, please contact: The Secretariat, P.O.B. </p><p>50006, Tel Aviv 61500, Israel. </p><p>Third International Hispano-Italian Congress on Hand Surgery The Thiid International Hispano-ltalian Congress on Hand Surgery </p><p>will be. held May 25-27, 1989, at Platja DAro, Girona (Spain). </p><p>For details contact: Dr. F. Fonseca Manez, Vilanova, 21, 17800 </p><p>Olot (Girona), Spain. </p><p>Singapore Society for Hand Surgery </p><p>Annual Meeting of the Belgian Hand Group The annual meeting of the Belgian Hand Group will be December </p><p>2-3, 1988. For information contact: Dr. F. Schuind, Secretary, Bel- </p><p>gian Hand Group, Service dorthopedie-Traumatologie, Hopital </p><p>Erasme, Cliniuues Universitaires de Bruxelles, 808, route de Lennik, </p><p>1070 Brussels, Belgium. </p><p>The combined meeting of the Singapore Society for Hand Surgery and Australian Hand Club will be held April 6-8, 1989. </p><p>Correspondence should be addressed to Dr. K. Soin, Grthopaedic </p><p>Surgery PTE LTD, 3 Mount Elizabeth #03-01, Mount Elizabeth </p><p>Medical Centre, Singapore 0922. </p><p>Institut Francais de la Main Symposium of the Wrist The meeting on difficult problems and current solutions will be </p><p>Annual Meeting of Societe Francaise de Chirurgie de la Main </p><p>(G.E.M.) The annual meeting will be held December 7-10, 1988, Palais Des </p><p>Congres, Paris. For information contact: Y. Allieu (Secretary), 1133 </p><p>me des Bouisses, 34100 Montpellier, France. </p><p>held in Paris, April 6-8, 1989, at the Palais de Chaillot (Salle Gemier). </p><p>The official premeeting IFFSH (April 9-14, 1989). There will be </p><p>simultaneous translation. </p><p>Chairman:Ph Saffar (Paris), Guests of honour:R. Linscheid </p><p>(Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.) and J. Taleisnik (Orange, Calif.), </p><p>with the participation of: J. Dobyns (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Mime.), </p><p>A. Palmer (N.Y. State University, Syracuse, N.Y.), L. Gilula (Wash- </p><p>ington University, St. Louis, MO.). </p><p>Pre-Congress tour in Egypt The pre-Congress tour (Cairo and Nile tour) will be held April 2- </p><p>-Registration: I.F.M.: 15 rue Franklin 75116 Paris, France. </p><p>Telephone : 42 88 88 88. </p><p>8, 1989. For information contact: Dr. Wael Fahmy, 13 Messaha St. </p><p>Dokki-Giza-A.R., Egypt. </p><p>Autumn Meeting-French Society for Surgery of the Hand (G.E.M.) </p><p>The Autumn Meeting will be November 29 to December 2, 1989, Paris. November 29, Day on Hand Rehabilitation. </p><p>President is Hemy Bureau. The Scientific Secretary is Yves Allieu, </p><p>1133 rue des Bouisses, 34070 Montpellier, France. Telephone, </p><p> </p><p>The Seventh Congress: International Update on Hand Iujuries The Seventh Congress-International Update on Hand Injuries will </p><p>be held April 17-19, 1989, in Brescia, Italy. </p><p>For further details, please contact: Prof. G. Brunelli, Universita </p><p>degli Studi di Brescia, Pizzale Ospedale Civile 2, 20124 Brescia, </p><p>Italy. </p><p>Conference on Hand Surgery The Conference on Hand Surgery will be held April 1-8, 1989. </p><p>For further information contact: Prof. Wael M. Fahmy, 13 Messaha </p><p>St., Dokki-Giza, Cairo, Egypt. </p></li></ul>