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Pilkington Ratiu Business School: MBA Program, Fellowship Program, Short Executive Programs


  • 1. PILKINGTON RATIU BUSINESS SCHOOLWhere YOU make the dierence!
  • 2. Contentwhy PRBS 5our programs 6international faculty 8business speakers 9become a PRBS partner 10 Money is really only interesting for what you can do with it. In my case it gives me the freedom to do what I really want to do. Ion Ratiu
  • 3. Pilkington Ratiu Business School seeks to bring together a broad spectrum of ideas, cultures and people to develop thoughtful, respectful, articulate and eective leaders equipped for positions of responsibility in business and society in South East Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.
  • 4. why PRBSAdding value to educationPilkington Ratiu Business School is about international managementeducation of the highest quality: the knowledge, attitudes, values and skillsthat foster professionalism, social engagement, prosperity and excellence inleadership.Pilkington Ratiu Business School is a tribute to the lives of Ion and ElisabethRatiu (ne Pilkington), successful international, for-prot and socialentrepreneurs. Looking at the bigger picture A rich and rewarding life usually combines varied platforms and interests. Our model of management education applies to all management arenas - public, private and social. When our lives are richly involved in many dierent aspects of society, our commitments feed o and complement each other, creating valuable synergy.A unique learning experiencePRBS puts a strong emphasis on demonstrated excellence, academic abilityand leadership potential. Our international faculty, representing topbusiness schools such as Harvard, INSEAD, IMD, Craneld and Ashridge,is committed to delivering a unique teaching/learning experience. Shaping the future We aim to provide rst-rate international management education for future business, NGO and public sector leaders wishing to work in the region. PRBS will contribute signicantly to the areas economic development, prosperity and civic engagement, as well as the consolidation of democracy. Business activity has proven to be more eective than donor-aid programs alone in stimulating development and enriching the quality of life. Pilkington Ratiu Business School 5
  • 5. Keen to play your own special role in the world?Pilkington Ratiu Business School is the place to acquire the higher education youneed to become a part of the future. Through our programs and unique teaching/learning environment, students absorb a real understanding of the key functionalareas of management activity, while developing the attitudes, values, skills andbroader vision needed in todays real world.All courses require a high level of both individual and group-based preparationfor every session (readings, internet research, case studies and project preparation).PRBS uses a variety of teaching methods, including the case method of teachingpioneered by Harvard Business School, project work, simulations, eld trips, andthe completion of a thesis.MBA Program 10 months, 18 modules, 12 professors ... a lifetime experienceThe PRBS MBA program is the opportunity toexperience a world of dierent background, cultures,beliefs and talents. Sharing, learning, achieving andapplying ... all in just ten months of intensive work,while forging friends for a lifetime.The MBA curriculum is designed for rapid learningand preparing students for international businesscareers. This aim is reected in the ten-month, com-pressed time-frame, by focusing on study ve days aweek and avoiding down-time.PRBS also oers a range of subjects that have onlyrecently entered MBA curricula: corporate gover-nance, corporate social responsibility, cross-culturalunderstanding, ethics and, above all, sustainability -subjects of vital importance for future leaders.
  • 6. our programsFellowship Program exible-duration, international environment ... boosting your futureThe Pilkington Ratiu Fellowship Program addresses experienced managers embarkingon the next phase of their career. Current practices will be challenged, boundaries willbe crossed, beliefs will be shaken as, together, we develop a more integrated view ofmanagement. Expect to share ideas, best practices and viewpoints with your fellows.Diversity and networking is encouraged for personal and career development. Treat theprogram as the launching pad to your future.The Fellowship Program curriculum consists of eighteen two-day weekend modules. Acandidate who opts to take every module will be able to complete the program in lessthan one year. Others may decide to spread their course of study over a longer period,up to a maximum of three full years. Short Executive Programs knowledge, attitude, professionalism, social engagementPRBS Short Executive Programs (SEPs) for top-management are designed to inform,provoke and inspire business leaders and their partners. These exclusive weekendsoer plentiful opportunities to compare notes with fellow guests and faculty memberson how best to navigate present-day challenges in the company of leading managementpractitioners.The format of each weekend combines business with pleasure in a timetable thatallows freedom and exibilty for individual preferences as well as informal privatediscussions with fellow guests and faculty. Sessions are participative, combining work-shops, lectures, round-tables, case-studies and debates. Guests are encouraged to submitquestions and their own case studies beforehand, to bring even greater immediacy andrelevance to the weekends discussions. Pilkington Ratiu Business School 7
  • 7. international faculty Dr. John Heptonstall Dean, PRBS Dr. John Heptonstall is one of Europes most distinguished management educa- tors and practitioners. He has designed, conducted and/or lectured on tailored executive programmes in nance and in corporate strategy for numerous inter- national organisations, including: American Management Association; The Bank of Montreal; ANZ Bank; Alcan Aluminium; SKF Bearings; Coutts Private Bank- ing; Raja Garuda; Commonwealth Bank of Australia; Kone; Electricit de France; Swiss Central Bank; UBS - Union de Banques Suisses; Coopers & Lybrand; Price- WaterhouseCoopers; Ernst & Young; Sinopec.Dr. Sham L. BathijaSenior Economic Advisor to the President, AfghanistanDr. Bathijas academic credentials link him to New York University, HarvardUniversity, Stanford University and Columbia University. Formerly he was theoutset, he was UNCTAD/United Nations Special Representative to OperationSalaam for Afghanistan, working closely with HRH Prince Sadruddin AghaKhan, the UN Secretary-Generals Special Representative for Afghanistan. Mr.Bathija is an experienced, development economist with recognized leadershipand management qualities and decades of knowledge and expertise in nationaleconomic development with multilateral institutions including the UN. Dr. Farid Muna Chairman of Meirc Training & Consulting. Dr. Farid Muna holds an MBA in Finance from the University of California at Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from London Business School. He was the Managing Director of Meirc, where he participated in consulting, research, and management training assignments in North Africa, Japan, USA, the Middle East, and the Gulf. Dr. Munas training and consulting interests concentrate on leadership, negotiation skills, creativity, strategic thinking, planning, and human resources management.Dr. Bob BolandDr. Boland was responsible for the establishment of the rst EngineeringManagement Programme at Craneld. At the University of Cape Town, hewas instrumental in the founding of the Graduate School of Business, anddevelopment of the MBA and Executive Programs. Subsequently, heconsulted, taught and researched accelerated learning systems and educationaltechnology at INSEAD. From 1983, Dr. Boland worked in Africa and LatinAmerica as a consultant to the International Labour Oce in Geneva. Dr. Bo-land is currently with the French Geneva Campus of Thunderbird - The Ameri-can Graduate School of International Management - and t


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