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Prayer for the New Evangelization. Lord Jesus Christ , You have given your Church the mission to proclaim the Gospel to all the nations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Rediscover: Nativity So Far

Prayer for the New EvangelizationLord Jesus Christ,

You have given your Church the mission to proclaim the Gospel to all the nations.

May our efforts to fulfill this mission be guided by the Holy Spirit so that we might be a leaven of new life, salt of the earth and a light of the world, worthy missionaries and faithful to You.Make us valiant witnesses to the Faith of the Church and inspire us to speak the truth with love.

Help us to communicate to others the joy that we have received.

11Prayer for the New EvangelizationPermit us to be united, but not closed; humble, but not fearful,simple, but not nave; thoughtful, but not overbearingcontemporary, but not superficial;respectful of others, but boldly Your disciples.May we bear into the world the hope of God, which is Christ the Lord,who rose from the dead and lives and reigns with the Father and theHoly Spirit, one God forever and ever.Amen.Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us!St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, Pray for us!St. Peter and St. Paul, Pray for us!St. Thrse, Patroness of Missionaries, Pray for us!St Thomas Aquinas, Pray for us!

22Be Ready Sharing Our FaithOur personal story introduces people to Jesus

Go home to your friends, and tell them how much the Lord has done for you. Mark 5:19even the finest witness will prove ineffective in the long run if it is not explained, justified... proclaimed by the word of life. Paul VI - Evangelii Nuntiandi 22Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope 1 Peter 3:15

3Has anyone had an experience of sharing your faith youd like to quickly share?

Im not an expert, gap in my life of discipleshipFr Laird to Rediscover parish teams, Mike Maslow, my small groupTestimony, witness, martyrMatthew Kellys book, he talked about our story, in the large, eg salvation history; story of Jesus, gospel or kerygma; story of saints, our stories, what Christ has done in my lifeI know some athiests who are pretty good, caring, generous people; we may need to explain the difference3Sharing Our FaithTelling a Story

Before people are willing to hear the Good News of Jesus, the kerygma, they probably need to hear the example of his good news in our lifeWe are Christ-bearers; people can encounter Christ by encountering usPeople can argue with us about the truths of the Catholic faith and the content of the Good News But its hard to argue with our own experience of how Jesus changed our life

4God is spirit, and hes chosen to make us his body and act through us, all we really have to offer is to love another as he has loved us, and introduce them to the one we loveEncounterWe live in subjective culture; they may well say its not for me; but at least theyre made aware of possibility; later discover its for them too4ObstaclesWhat holds me back?Common obstacles to sharing our faith Lack of confidence (self-perception)Lack of courage (fear)Lack of love (self focus vs. open myself up)Lack of know-how and preparation (Im Catholic!)Lack of thankfulness (ingratitude)Lack of commitment (Its Fathers job!)Lack of opportunity (Have I prayed for opportunities?)

5Does anything hold you back from sharing your faith?

Dont know enough, not holy enough, havent reflected on our relationship with LordIf we cant point to ways Christ has loved and changed us, we dont have much to offerme 2nd politically correct; consultant, paid to provide solution, not evangelize3rd open ourselves up4th - Were trying to flex our faith story muscles hereMe last, for Lent5Essence of Sharing Our FaithOpening my relationship with Christ to anotherLoveAm I in a loving relationship with Christ?Am I opening myself to a relationship with the other person?ConversationAm I also listening?Is sharing my life in Christ helping the person to discover their story?Holy SpiritAm I aware of God working in my life in real time?Am I attentive to his promptings for the sake of the other?

6Not about keeping score, is a person loved by God, that I am called to loveEnter into relationship with another, however fleeting, open up my relationship with Lord, allowing another to also encounter Christ in their storyI become a bridge to Christ by opening myself and revealing my life with Christ, like introducing a friendNot giving them something, not saving, certain not manipulating them or dumping my story on themWe can use our history with Christ, but awareness of what hes doing now or has done recently is even more compelling to a generation that doesnt see their need for God

6Ways to Share Our FaithAdapt to the situationChronological my salvation history or story My conversion my decision(s) to respond to Christs invitationSmaller storiesHow have I encountered Christ in a personal way?An example of how Christ has made a difference in my lifeA reason I love being CatholicOther large or small conversions in my lifeA (personal) reason why I am a ChristianA way Christ has revealed a calling, gift or vocation to meA way I have experienced new life, freedom or resurrection

7Good to reflect on and have our whole story of salvation availableWe will likely only be able to share a part of it in a particular situationCould be something large like a major life turn-around, or something smaller, like I realized my selfishness was a bad example for my familyTrigger phrases in my head that I use?

7Blind Man PatternA biblical exampleA scriptural pattern for sharing my faith story

I was blind [Jesus healed me] Now I can see!John 9

8Another approachEvery story has a beginning, a middle and an endMight not be blind but just in the shadows8Blind Man PatternBefore - Relate I was blindDescribe my spiritual life before committing myself more deeply to Christ. How did that impact me my priorities, feelings, attitudes, actions, and relationships?How did that work for me?

99Blind Man PatternDuring - Reveal Jesus healed meWhat circumstances led me to want Jesus Christ to be more a part of my life?What did Jesus do?How did I make a deeper commitment to Christ?

1010Blind Man PatternAfter - Rejoice Now I can seeHow did my life begin to change after I committed myself to Christ? Am I approaching my life differently now than before? How has Gods role in my life changed?

1111TipsShare your life with JOY!Avoid negative statements about peopleShare my story in a conversation, not at someoneBe aware of exceptionalism ordinary is OKShare my life Out of my sinfulness, poverty, pain, doubt, fear, sorrow and weakness Out of my, riches, healing, trust, hope, joy and strength in The Lord What I most love about the gift of my faith speaks to people where they are. Trust in the power of the Holy Spirit who is the principle cause of conversion

12For those of us who are converts, our stories can sound more exciting or significant; but there are many more cradle Catholics than converts; all our stories point to Gods love in Jesus Christ; Pope Francis, joy, not sourpuss or judgemental12Sharing Our FaithOpening my relationship with Christ to anotherLove - Relationships with Christ and anotherStories - Reflect, refine, refresh ConversationHoly Spirit Aware of his action in my life and his prompting me when and how to share

13Summing upNot just my story; the other person has one too, they just may not pay attention to it13Closing PrayerFrom Psalm 116:How shall I make a return to the Lord for all the good he has done for me?The cup of salvation I will take up, and I will call upon the name of the Lord

Thank you!