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Please join us as we pray daily for our Christian literature ministries around the world. Your prayers make a huge difference to our teams and their service!


<ul><li><p>1 Sun. UK Holiday SeasonAs UK CLC bookshops increas-ingly look for opportunities to sell beyond the shop, the approaching summer holiday season gives many shops the chance to provide books for youth and childrens camps. Pray for wisdom as stock is selected and orders are placed. Pray that Godwill use the Bibles and books displayed to extend His kingdom.</p><p>2 Mon. Italy - Conference (photo above)CLC Italy are currently holding their Annual Conference (June 30th-July 5th). Please pray for them in their times of fellowship and in the planning sessions where they will be looking to ways of developing the work in the future. Director Andreas Bader writes: We are looking for renewed inspiration so we can serve the Church even better, and be a blessing to our nation. </p><p>3 Tue. Australia CairnsAs part of the phased closure of the CLC bookshops in Australia, CLC Cairns re-opens today under new ownership and a new name - LifeStore. The location and the staff remain the same and the future of the shop looks secure. Praise the Lord! </p><p>4 Wed. Barbados Unusual Book Table Venue! Every July, teachers both local and from the wider Caribbean gather here to evaluate papers submitted to the Caribbean Examination Council. For the last few years CLC has been invited to provide a booktable at this event. Please pray that this opportunity will continue, that we will be wise in choosing appropriate books to take and that we will be blessed with good sales. </p><p>5 Thu. France - Summer BookstallWe will be holding bookstalls over three weeks (July 8th-20th and August 10th-18th) at Gagnires Christian Convention again this summer. Heidi Lauber and Herv Lessous will be taking turns to run the bookstall. 6 Fri. Colombia Miami (see back cover)The new CLC warehouse in Miami opened officially two months ago. We hope the warehouse will improve the distribution of CLC Spanish publications in Latin America and among Spanish speaking communities in USA. Pray for Ruben Reyes, the manager, as he oversees the orders and shipping and also promotes sales. </p><p>7-8 Sat/Sun UK AdministrationDuring the next couple of months Tim Bloomfield, the current Administrator, will be travelling around the UK visiting quite a number of the bookshops and CLC owned properties. Please pray for safe travel and wise use of time to get everything done that needs attending to on these visits. </p><p>9 Mon. Hungary DebrecenFrom today until Saturday, CLC Debrecen will be holding a bookstall at the Debrecen Summer Worship School. It is a great opportunity to make contacts, mainly with </p><p> July 2012</p><p>CLC Italy Team</p></li><li><p>2young people, from all around the country. We attended the event last year and sales were very good we trust it will be the same this year. Zsolt Karpati, Director </p><p>10 Tue. USA - ICRSPlease pray for the CLC USA team as they will have a booth at the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) in Orlando, July 15th-18th. Their desire is to effectively promote the many new titles available from authors like Michael Catt, Stuart Briscoe and Warren Wiersbe, and to have a number of divine appointments with buyers from all over the world.</p><p>11 Wed. Cyprus - CampsWe have been asked again this year to hold booktables at three Christian camps: a childrens camp in July and family camps in July and August. We thank the Lord for these opportunities, especially as sales have been low recently, but also because it means that the bookshop ministry will become more widely known among the Christian community. Sotos and Eva Photiadou </p><p>12 Thu. Mozambique Conference in MaputuThe annual Pastors Conference organised by Editora Fiel, a Brazilian supplier, will be held in Maputo for the first time this year (13th-15th July) and CLC has been asked to attend with a booktable. Please pray that this new opportunity will be an encouragement for Alexandre Bila, the shop manager. Editora Fiel would like to partner with us in other ways and Liz Patten, the Regional Director for CLC Africa, hopes to be present at the conference to meet with Fiels representative. The AGM of CLCs Board will also be held during that week. 13 Fri. Russia CLC ConferenceA Conference for our Russian speaking staff (from various countries) will be held near Moscow from July 14-18. Neil Wardrope, </p><p>CLC International Director and Gary Chamberlin, Europe Regional Director, will also be at the conference. Neil will be bringing the morning devotions. Pray that the participants will be encouraged by the devotions, the training and the fellowship.</p><p>14-15 Sat/Sun UK StockportA fire broke out in the building next to the CLC Stockport bookshop seven weeks ago. The damage caused was significant; the next door building had to be demolished and we had to vacate our premises indefinitely because of the extent of the damage, which included the roof over our shop. At the time of writing, we are looking for a suitable temporary property to use as it could be several months before we can return. Please pray for John Watkins, the manager and his team at this time.</p><p>16 Mon. Swaziland VAT MattersPlease pray that the registration for VAT (this is new to Swaziland) will enable the shop to expand their range of gifts and music from suppliers in the Republic of South Africa. This is needed to help with the continued re-growth of the business. </p><p>17 Tue. Panama - RelocationThe main CLC bookshop in Panama City relocated at the end of May. The new building is smaller, but it is brand new and more affordable. It is strategically located on a main street and just a block away from an underground station that will be opened next year. Pray also for the plans to buy a property specifically for the CLC offices and warehouse. 18 Wed. Panama Meetings for Booksellers Today and tomorrow, CLC Panama is hosting its 4th National Meeting for booksellers. Ten publishing houses will be participating in this event. Please pray for Gods blessing on the time spent together, and that all the hard work put in to this venture will be rewarding for everyone. </p><p>19 Thu. Kenya Location, LocationCLC Kenya needs to find a suitable site for their next Shop-in-a-Box project so that they can get on with purchasing and converting</p><p>Photo of Hungary Book Table 2011</p></li><li><p>3a shipping container to be used as a bookshop. They also need to re-locate their Warehouse and HQ and plan to move much further out of the city to find somewhere affordable. At the same time they would like a downtown retail outlet that customers can also use as a showroom for ordering from the warehouse. Please pray.</p><p>20 Fri. Colombia - TunjaCLC Colombia opened a bookshop in the town of Tunja last month. Jairo Nieves and Shirley Santos, who married recently, have moved from the HQ in Bogota to manage the bookshop. Pray that they will settle well into married life and, with the Lords strength, adapt to all the changes they are facing. Pray that this new shop will be a blessing to many. </p><p>21-22 Sat/Sun UK - CanterburyWe give thanks for our two student helpers, David and Nancy, who have been faithful workers for the past three years. We shall miss them, and pray Gods blessing on their future, as they return to Malaysia. Also Imon, an intern from India who has been with us since February, has to go back to India to renew his visa. Please pray for him as he wants to return to live in the UK.</p><p>23 Mon. Paraguay Slow ProgressPlease keep praying for the opening of a CLC bookshop in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. The process of taking over an existing bookshop is taking much longer than we originally thought. The couple who own the shop are now back in their home country, New Zealand. Almost every legal paper has to pass through a legalization and certification process that means progress is much slower and more expensive than expected. </p><p>24 Tue. Canada Future LeadershipRod Fowler has been the National Director of CLC Canada for about 15 years. After the first six years of service in this capacity, he took a break from the job but returned to do a further year or two but this has extended to nine years already! Please pray as Rod feels it is time to step down. Over the next few months we need to find the person of Gods choice for this role. </p><p>25 Wed. Tanzania - Container ShopAt the start of the year, the CLC ministry in Tanzania was seriously struggling. We were down to just two staff, Organ and Salome Mapinda, and our last few Tanzanian shillings. The rent for the shop in Dar es Salaam had recently doubled and we needed to move out. Praise the Lord that with help from CLC UK, and Organs hard work, a shipping container was purchased and converted into a CLC bookshop. At the time of writing however, the future is still uncertain. Organ feels the time is right for him to leave CLC (his wife plans to continue with CLC for the time being) and the offer of a location for the shop is in doubt. Hopefully by the time you read this, the shop will be in the right location, adequately staffed and operating. Please pray. (Shop photo below)</p><p>26 Thu. USA ContainersAt the time of writing, CLC USA is preparing a container of materials needed for the remodeling of the bookshop in Freetown, and stock ordered from US based suppliers for CLC Sierra Leone. A container of stock also left CLC USA at the end of May for the re-launch of a CLC in Liberia. Please pray that it arrives safely and on time. It should be in Liberia by the beginning of August. </p><p>Container leaving CLC USA for Liberia.</p></li><li><p> August 2012</p><p>4</p><p>27 Fri. Sierra Leone - ContainerBook Aid, in the UK, is preparing a container for shipment to CLC Sierra Leone. As well as stock and other useful items, there will be a number of shop fittings donated by CLC UK. Please pray for the safe arrival of this container (probably estimated to be in August) and for smooth clearance from customs in Freetown. A mission team organised by CLC USA will be travelling to Freetown in October in order to work on a major re-fit of our HQ shop in Circular Road.</p><p>28-29 Sat/Sun UK Ipswich Karen Markwell has worked part time in the bookshop since January 2011. Prompted by the Lord, she applied to become a full- </p><p>time worker and has been accepted. Pray for Karen and her family in this new phase. Pray that Karen is able to balance home and work life wisely and that her role in the book-shop brings her much challenge, encouragement, satisfaction and blessing.. </p><p>30 Mon. Romania For PraiseWe praise the Lord for His constant blessing and help. It is a miracle that in the midst of all the financial uncertainty in our country, we can still keep going, and even growing. With Gods help, our sales have been fairly good and we have already published a number of new books and reprints this year. We plan to do more publishing in the second part of the year. Ronela Micula, Director</p><p>31 Tue. Romania - AccountsWe need to make changes in our accounts department both to the system and in the personnel. We are looking for Gods guidance in this matter. Praise the Lord for voluntary assistance recently from Ligia, an accountant. She has really helped me to have a better understanding of our financial situation and the steps required in order to increase our profitability. We hope to be able to involve her more in future. Ronela Micula, Director.</p><p>1 Wed. Kenya Busy MonthsThe months of August and September are usually busy months as far as book tables at conferences and meetings are concerned. We desire that we would have the opportunity to attend as many of these events as possible, and that we would movea level higher in how we display stock, present ourselves and interact with the participants. Edith Wamalwa</p><p>2 Thu. Papua New Guinea ImportsPraise the Lord that two delayed shipments of books finally cleared customs earlier this year, however it was more expensive than expected as our regular customs agent no longer takes on this kind of work. We have now found a new and reliable agent for future orders. Romualdo Macinas, Regional Director for Asia, plans to visit CLC PNG this month. Please pray for wisdom in planning for the future of the ministry. </p><p>3 Fri. Romania Shop AccessDevelopment work is being carried out to the old town in Brasov and the town square, which is very close to the CLC shop, is being turned into a pedestrian area with access to tourist buses only. It is not so easy for customers to access the shop and there are problems with parking and road diversions. Added to this, sales are normally lower at this time of year as it is the holiday season. Please pray that the shop would have good sales despite these difficulties.</p><p>4-5 Sat/Sun. UK Need for StaffThere is always a need for more staff on the UK Team. Please pray in particular for the right person to take on the role of Administrator when Tim Bloomfield, the current Administrator, leaves and moves to New Zealand later this year.</p><p>6 Mon. Italy - Publishing Praise the Lord for the four new titles produced recently by CLC Italy; a revised and renamed version of a Biblical Guide for Evangelists by Billy Graham, a book written </p></li><li><p>5by a missionary who has served for many years in Italy, a book for teenagers and CLCs first Manga in Italian.(Photo above)</p><p>7 Tue. Myanmar PublishingPraise the Lord the country is settling down both politically and economically and there is great hope for the future. Please pray that the Lord will give the CLC team strengthand courage in their publishing work. They are currently working on several titles that need to be completed. Earlier in the year, CLC Myanmar was able to provide some training for the Director of a publishing house in Cambodia. Praise the Lord for this opportunity to help others in similar ministries. (Shop photo below)</p><p>8 Wed. France Computer SystemWe had planned to install the new system </p><p>at our HQ on the 2nd July at the latest, but our computer software supplier is still working on our software at the time of writing. Please pray that by the end of August - at the very latest - we will be able to go over to the new system so as to have time to adjust, synchronize with the shops (they are already using it) and resolve all teething problems before the run-up to Christmas!</p><p>9 Thu. Liberia Re-launchPraise God for the progress made towards the re-launch of CLC Liberia. We are now re-registered in Monrovia, and there is a container full of stock on its way from the USA. Please pray for its safe arrival (estimated to be around the beginning of August so it may have arrived already!) and smooth clearance from customs. Also pray for the practical preparations of the bookshop, and for someone to help our CLC worker Isaac Dweh with this. </p><p>10 Fri. Panama Josh McDowell ConferencesThis weekend, August 11th and 12th, CLC Panama will be attending conferences with Josh McDowell and co-ordinating the sale of his books. Please pray for our ministry and also for the ministry of Josh McDowell and his team. Between April and September this year they are visiting many towns and cities all around Latin America with their Ba...</p></li></ul>