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Free printable activities for teaching prayer in sunday school and VBS


<ul><li> 1. Click the outside arrows at the bottom of a slide or either edge of a slide to turn the page. Click the links for even more Coloring Projects. When clicking a link run your mouse over the entire code until the finger points UP. If it points sideways it will take you to the next or previous page instead of following the link. Prayer Activities and Crafts for weeknights and Parent take homes. </li></ul> <p> 2. Nothing is more important for a child to grasp than The two halves of A Prayer. One prayer at a time is placed in the jar until the childs prayer is completeuntil he can write an answer on the back. Our dream is that every Sunday School classroom in the world would make room for a row of prayer jars one for each child in the class. One side says The other side saysClick either image to print a full set of labels. Cut them out yourself or print on gummed mailing lables (formatted to print on any label compatible with Avery 5162). Click here to print teachers/parents guide for making and using a prayer jar. If this is a take home project send a copy of the guide home with each child. 3. The facing prayer is meant to be a child friendly mirror of Gods command in Ephesians 6: 10-17 Put on the full Armor of God. The theme of this scripture and the prayer is being prepared. The goal is to pray in the MORNING ,.. every MORNING before you sin, BEFORE you get hurt. Click the image to print a free bulletin insert 4. A gift any child can be proud to make and give. Takes about fifteen minutes classroom time. The only materials needed are a bit of yarn, a hole punch and a stapler. An army of Sunday School children could put one of these on every desktop in America just by making them for friends and relatives. Click the image for a scripture flipper about prayer. The four great secrets to prayer are: Practice, practice, practice and more practice. This little desktop friend could give us all the one thing we need most... a daily reminder. Click here for scripture flippers on other themes. 5. These pocket scriptures are quick and easy Make one for each child in your class and ask them to snip off a verse a day and tuck it in their pocket when they get dressed. Click Here to sign up for a free weekly strip or visit We invite you to visit for more Pocket Scriptures. Click any scripture strip to print a full page. Choose strips from the King James or a collection of child friendly translastions. In the center is an optional strip of questions to be printed on the back of the verses. King James King James Optional Back Optional Back Child Friendly Child Friendly Week One Click any strip to print a page of verses. Encourage parents to snip off a verse a day. Week Two Click any strip to print a page of verses. Encourage parents to snip off a verse a day. 6. This marble game features ten scriptures God gives about praying. When children AIM at a verse they will eventually hit the spot. In real life we try until we get it right and when we do God DELIGHTS to rewards us. This game is very easy to make and very inexpensive. Every family/classroom should have one. Tip for teachers/parents with competitive children: God rewards us when we are seeking him giving it our best shotbut we please him most when we are encouraging others. To print our prayer game click the image. For more free marble games Click here or visit rbles.asp For other free weeknight and VBS activities visit 7. Our Coloring Pages First steps for Parent and Child alike. 24 Lords Prayer Coloring pages in English (Young Children) 24 Lords Prayer Coloring pages in Spanish (Young Children) Single Lords Prayer Coloring project in French Chinese Spanish Brazilian Portuguese and English Coloring Pages for Older Children (English Only) Quick Coloring for when you have little time (Older Children) Keep some by the door of your Sunday School Classrooms They make great Parent Take homes. They also make a great evangelism project for your Sunday School. Put your churches address or phone on the back and put the pages out in jails, hospitals, auto repair shops etc. 8. The Lords Prayer Puzzle for 4-8 year olds (A great start for memorizing) The puzzle pieces are easy to cut out even for very young children. Put them in an envelope with the blank guide. Learning the Lords Prayer just one or two pieces at a time is a GREAT learning tool. Keep a few copies in your Sunday School Classroom?? They make great take home gifts? Click either image to download/print the puzzle complete with parents guide. 9. Jesus is a magnet Click here to print article. The least expensive Sunday School/VBS craft ever. A gift any child can be proud to make and give. Thirty inches of magnetic tape costs just $1 at Hobby Lobby and many other craft stores. For more magnets click here or visit Click the image to print magnets With verses from the King James. For verses from the NET Bible Click here. 10. We will be adding to this slide show very soon. Hope you are able to visit us again at Click this image for full color church bulletin insert with seven Pocket Scriptures Click this image for a full set of twelve church bulletin inserts each with two Lords Prayer coloring pages. 11. May these free prayer activities Help your church/family Establish the children you serve In a lifelong habit of prayer. Click here for free monthly online Coloring book And free weekly Pocket Scriptures Click here to purchase a 3 CD set with over 4,000 Coloring Pages. For $30 you get all the pages from all our sites. A great gift for your church. For free Lords prayer coloring pages visit </p>


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