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Information regarding Practicus including benefits etc


  • 1. Outcome Delivery PartnerHonesty Passion IntegrityCommunication EthicsEmpathy Positivity Goals More FocusDesire For Change SucessAttitudeTenacity TogetherGoing the Extra Mile First Mutually Beneficial WonThe Right One Not Just AnyComing Together BeginningUnique People Matter FunTogether Progress Open
  • 2. Coming together is a BeginningKeeping Together is ProgressAnd Working Together is Success
  • 3. Incentives and BenefitsOn top of a generous basic salary, car allowance scheme and industry-leading commissionstructure, we offer over 25 different benefits and incentives to help you succeed, some of whichare listed below: Monthly Quarterly Annual Cross Fert -250 to Charity 5 Star Trip: Annual com- pany holiday for the Core Values Cup highest billing consultant, best newcomer, Cross Fert 100 vouchers for your Champion and each em- first placement ployee reaching 5 years of service Contributory Pension Scheme BMW M3 and Mercedes SL for a year for top billers Childcare Vouchers Summer and Christmas Healthcare/Dental Plan Conference Life Assurance 2K Lunch Club 2 days off each year for charity work/volunteering Cycle to Work Scheme Quarterly Incentive Extra day off after reach- Free Parking ing 3 years of service One of your 5-a-day fresh Increasing by one day per fruit year up to 28 days Day off on your Birthday Summer Family Day
  • 4. Awards & Awards HistoryPracticus was founded in March 2004 by three directors. We now employ a team of 50+ staff based inHenley-on-Thames, London and Bristol. In 2010 we opened offices in Sydney and Melbourne with globalexpansion planned in the coming years. Recruiter Magazine Institute of Directors - Young Director 2005 - shortlisted, Best of the Year S/E 2008 - first place, Newcomer Practicus CEO Jason Luckhurst 2006 - shortlisted, Best UK Commercial Recruitment Thames Valley Business Awards - Company Best Company 2008 - second place London & South East 2009 - third place Recruitment Awards 2007 - shortlisted, Best Recruitment Company Virgin Fast Track - Fastest growing companies in the UK The Sunday Times / 2008 - 15th Royal Bank of Scotland 2009 - 52nd Entrepreneurial Challenge 2007 - regional finalist Investors in People The Sunday Times 100 best companies 2007 - accredited to work for 2010 - 13th 2010 - received the 3 star outstanding award on re-accreditation
  • 5. Values & Culture Everything we do is built on two sets of founding principles; our values and our culture. They define who we are and how we approach our work without them, we would be just another business. Culture ValuesPragmatism Empathy seeing thingspragmatic (prg-mtk)adj. 1. Dealing or concerned withfacts or actual occurrences; practical. from our clients and candi- dates perspectiveOpen communicationcommunication (k-myn-kshn)n. a. The exchange Being passionate aboutof thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, what we dosignals, writing, or behavior.Non-hierarchical Going the extra mile tohierarchy (h-rrk, hrr-)n. pl. hierarchies 1. A body of deliverpersons having authority. Acting with integrity andStrong work ethic honestyn. A set of values based on the moral virtues of hard workand diligence.Fast movingadj.1. moving or capable of moving at high speed.Meritocraticmeritocracy (mr-tkr-s)n. pl. meritocracies 1. Asystem in which advancement is based on individualability or achievement.Having fun(fn)n.1. A source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure.
  • 6. What We Do Practicus works with organisations to deliver business, HR and IT change initiatives. We have a unique approach to assisting our clients. We focus on the outcomes: the benefits they want us to realise. By structuring the way we work around their outcomes, we lower risk and improve speed to value. NHS Financial Services Energy and UtilitiesHealthcare Products & Service Education Local Government Leisure & Services Pharmaceutical Transport and Travel
  • 7. Testimonials Rather than hear from management what its like to work here, the best way to convey the atmosphere and feeling of our sales floor is to give you the opinion of the people that matter the most; the sales staff:Ive described the atmos- It was a big move from wherephere and culture to my I had previously worked for 10friends like this: You walk into years. The GMs talked a gooda room and everyone says Practicus is a place which game at interview about howhello or good morning, high encourages you to grow as successful I could become,fives you or hugs and kisses a business professional and regarding the training & qual-you. Its like walking into a challenge the status quo of ity model. Im happy to say thatpub on an evening and being our industry. everything they said was truesurrounded by friends. It feels and its all working out a family. Its a real envi- What I also like is that everyoneronment - everyone working here is a serious consultant andtowards the same goal highly focused. I had no consultant experience before joining Practicus and I found the vibrant, driven atmos- phere, true focus on relation- ships refreshing. We work very hard but we also have fun and genuinely support each other - a real team atmosphere. I am an ex-Project Manager and have be- come a high performing consult- ant who prides himself on having some of the best relationships in