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<ul><li>1.Microsoft PowerPoint 2010Microsoft OfficePowerPoint 2010Lesson 5: Enhancing PresentationsCourseware #: 3246</li></ul> <p>2. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Lesson Objectives animate slide elements edit a slide master apply slide transitions enter presenter notes adjust animation timing CCI Learning Solutions Inc.2 3. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Using Animation a way of moving text and objects around on slides e.g. make a set of bullet points fly in from the left, one at a time use to capture the audiences interest or lead them through important points however, must avoid over-use can distract audience from content CCI Learning Solutions Inc.3 4. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Using Animation 4 types of animations: entrance effects: animate objects as they appear on slide emphasis effects: animate objects already on slide exit effects: animate objects as they leave slide motion paths: objects move around slide CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 4 5. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Applying, Changing, or Removing Animations To apply animation, select a placeholder or object and on the Animations tab, in the Animation group, click the animation style required. To remove animation, select the placeholder, on the Animations tab, in the Animation group, click More and then click None. Add additional animation to a selected object with Add Animation button CCI Learning Solutions Inc.5 6. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Effect Options Effect options vary depending on animation Can use to add variety when same animation used on many slides On Animations tab, in Animation group, click Effect Options; or in Animation Pane, right-click animation and choose CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 6 7. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Changing the Timing Most animations have a default Start (On Click) and default duration Slow down an animation by increasing Duration Start animations when slide starts or after other animations Change options on Animations tab, in Timing group CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 7 8. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Reorder Animations Multiple animations on one slide can occur in sequence or simultaneously Can change sequence by selecting object, then on Animations tab, in Timing group, under Reorder Animation, Move Earlier or Move Later; or View the Animation Pane and use the Reorder buttons at the bottom. CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 8 9. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Changing Additional Settings Click the object with animation, then under Drawing Tools, on the Format tab, in the Animation group, click the Dialog box launcher; or in the Animation Pane, right-click the animation and select Timing or Effect Options. CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 9 10. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Adding Sound use sparingly to grab audiences attention at key moments e.g. as bullet points appear, or as a picture fades in In the Animation Pane, right-click the animation Effect Options, then choose a Sound. CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 10 11. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Animating Text Animate appearance of individual letters or words In the Animation Pane, right-click the animation Effect Options, then the Text Animation tab. CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 11 12. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Using the Animation Painter Quickly copy animations from one object to another Select the object with the animations that you want to copy, then on the Animations tab, in the Advanced Animation group, click Animation Painter, then click the destination object to apply the animation to it. CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 12 13. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Removing Animations Click the object, then on the Animation tab, in the Animation group, click None; or click the animation in the Animation pane and press Delete; or right-click the animated item in the Animation pane and click Remove. CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 13 14. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Previewing the Animation On the Animations tab, in the Preview group, click Preview; or click Play at the top of the Animation pane; or run the slide show: on the Slide Show tab, click From Current Slide, or press Shift+F5 CCI Learning Solutions Inc.14 15. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Inserting and Modifying Action Buttons quickly navigate within a slide show activate hyperlinks to websites, another presentation or an Office file To add an action button: select an object and on the Insert tab, in the Links group,click Action; or On the Insert tab, click Shapes, then select one of theshapes under Action Buttons. CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 15 16. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Using Slide Transitions control how each slide replaces the previous one as show runs Use different ones or same for all slides Adjust timing To apply a transition, on the Transitions tab, click the desired transition CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 16 17. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Using Slide Masters establish a common look throughout a presentation Place elements on all slides Create different slide layouts CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 17 18. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Adding Presenter Notes Notes to remind presenter of content not on slide Add notes at bottom of each slide in Normal view or in Notes view Print notes or use Presenter View to view as slide show runs CCI Learning Solutions Inc.18 19. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Lesson Summary animate slide elements edit a slide master apply slide transitions enter presenter notes adjust animation timing CCI Learning Solutions Inc.19 20. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Review Questions 1. How do you add an animation? 2. What are the four types of custom animation effects you can add to an object? 3. How do you add an Emphasis animation? 4. What is a motion path? 5. How do you remove an animation? 6. How do you add a sound file to an animation? 7. How do you change the direction of an animation? 8. How do you change the speed of an animation? 9. How do you start an animation immediately after the previous animation? CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 20 21. MicrosoftPowerPoint 2010Review Questions 10.How do you rearrange the animation order? 11.What is an action button? 12.What is a slide transition? 13.How do you apply a slide transition to all slides in a presentation? 14.What is a slide master? 15.How do you format a slide master? 16.What are presenter notes? 17.How do you add presenter notes? CCI Learning Solutions Inc.21 </p>