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Innovative ways in using Powerpoint for the perfect business presentation by Prasena's Lukas Ritzel lritzel@prasena.com


  • Rockn Roll with PowerPoint or PowerPoint a bit more than simple bullet listings A workshop by Lukas Ritzel, Jan 2007, DCT
  • Action Buttons on objects Links to other slides in same presentation Links to other slides from different presentation Links to any other document Links to any URL Text design Sounds Music Movies Animations Click on a stone to jump To a different slide and back
  • Action Buttons with (hidden) squares Hidden link to another slide Just add a drawing object Add the action setting and Format the drawing object invisible
  • HyperLinks http://www.pinkfloyd.com Hidden link to a URL Just add a drawing object Add the action setting and Format the drawing object invisible This one is not yet done
  • Text Design Ideas by Lukas Ritzel
  • Text Design Ideas by Lukas Ritzel
  • Ideas by Lukas Ritzel Text Design Text Design
  • Ideas by Lukas Ritzel T e x t De s ign
  • Ideas by Lukas Ritzel T e x t De s ign
  • Ideas by Lukas Ritzel T e x t De s ign
  • ICT / DCT AC/DC Rockn Roll Font Do you know this tune? Long live rockn roll Attention,some fonts you can download and use But they have a licence restriction so you cannot Embedd them to your presentation, the one used Here is one of them, you must download the AC/DC Squeler font from: http:// www.rockmoonity.net /media/fonts/ and then Install it locally Music in MP3 format Is never embedded In your file, you must Add it always on and Keep it in the same Folder. ACDC - Highway to Hell - Highway to Hell.mp3
  • F o n t s Find- download-install-use- embed
  • Find
    • http://www.1001freefonts.com/
    • http://www.highfonts.com/
    • http://fonts.katgyrl.com/
    • http://simplythebest.net/fonts/index.html
    • http://www.creamundo.com
    • http://www.getfreefonts.info/free_fonts.a.html
    • http://www.rockmoonity.net/media/fonts/
    Attention, some fonts are Free and can be used But cannot be embedded When saving the file
  • Choose-Download-Install http://www.myfonts.com/support/help_install_win.html
  • Animations I want to move, to move it
  • Simple Animations
    • GIF animations
    • Custom Animations
    Entrance Emphasis Exit Motion Path
  • Sounds
  • Add Sounds to effects/animations
    • Add simple sound effects to objects (needs custom animation)
    • Type of sound: Wave
    • How to find:
      • www.findsounds.com
      • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/pir/PIRsfx.shtml
      • http://www.ilovewavs.com/
  • Music Read more about the legendary rock guitar Fender Stratocaster at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fender_Stratocaster Eruption is a song by Van Halen from their first album Van Halen (1978 now often called "Van Halen I" by fans). Written and performed by Eddie Van Halen, this electric guitar solo is considered one of the most influential instrumentals of all time, appearing on many 'greatest guitar solos' lists, including a recent Guitar World poll. It is 1 minute 42 seconds long. The Music file is not embedded You must add it to the same folder As the slides itself eruption.mp3
  • Add Music to your slides
    • Continuous music for your slideshow or kiosk
    • Type of file: MP3 or from CD
    • How to find:
      • www.singingfish.com
      • http://www.g2p.org/
      • P2P like www.morpheus.com
      • Rip it from CD with iTunes/ Media player
      • Run it directly from your audio CD
    Attention on copyrights P2P
  • How to know if file can be downloaded or streaming
    • Move with mouse over link
    • And check in the taskbar
    • Down left if link leads to
    • mp3 file > download ok
    • If anything else, NOT ok
  • never the bride Of course only works if 1 you have a CD inside 2 if this CD has a song no6 CD Music Link This specific link comes from The life CD from never the Bride, the song is: The Wishing Tree Order it at http://www.cede.ch Knock-Em-Dead STUNNING Vocals from ICON Dame Shirley Bassey! Bassey performs Never The Brides "The Living Tree" at the November 2005 Royal Variety . Watch it here
  • Movies Click the images to experience Some movies on those so Influencial rockn roll movies From youtube.com
  • Add movies
    • Embedded
      • Download
      • Insert movie to slide
    • Linked
      • Find streaming link
      • www.youtube.com superb site
      • http://video.google.com/ great site
      • www.singingfish.com how to know which movie can be downloaded
  • Embedded movie Evanescence This movie is not part of the Powerpoint file and must Be safed separately in the Same folder Evanesence - Bring Me to Life - music video.mpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuLGU_Qd37U link to same movie on youtube Bring Me To Life was the debut single for the band Evanescence off their multi-platinum debut album Fallen. True to Evanescence's style, the meaning of the song is hidden beneath somewhat cryptic writing. A MUST HAVE!
  • (hyper-)Linked movie Your attention please. Thank you for choosing earth as your planetary vehicle. We hope you enjoy the many wonderful features of this ... all planet, as you hurtle through the cosmos. Please note, that in the event of continued inaction in the face of global warming - your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device. Please take a moment to locate this planet's emergency exits. As you can see, there aren't any! Any object can be hyperlinked To a URL, of course your computer Must be online when doing the Actual presentation. Such hyperlinks Do not need any space. Attention this Specific online movie from youtube Needs you to register for a free Account before you can enjoy
  • PowerPoint Plugins
  • Perspector
  • Insert Flash in PP Free download Flash in PowerPoint Plugin http:// www.globfx.com/products/swfpoint /
  • More to come PowerPoint 2007 Evaluate the next release of Microsoft Office products for testing and planning purposes with 2007 Microsoft Office system Beta 2. The beta release contains all the functionality of the regular release, but is not the final product. PLEASE NOT ONTO REGULAR DCT COMPUTERS YET; TOO MANY BUGS http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/beta/getthebeta.mspx
  • Outlook for PP 2007
  • Show Presenter View
  • Smart Art
  • Using Smart Art
  • T hanks And never forget, long live Rockn Roll The Music files are not embedded You must add it to the same folder As the slides itself Kieth Richards2.mp3 rolling stones.mp3