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  • About Vibe American based magazineIncludes artists like Lil Wayne, Eminem, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dog and Mariah Carey Published every 2 months, only bought as subscription $9.95 for a yearFounded by Quincy Jones, now invested by Intermedia Partners

  • InstitutionIntermedia Partners own other companies:-cine Latino -control room-intermedia outdoors Inc-uptown media groupCommercial magazine Uses synergy by advertising vibe on cine Latino and control room

  • Target audience Aimed at younger audience 15-34 who are interested in hip hop, urban music and both genders.Socio economic category- c1,c2,D and E Reader profile- over 19million users per month and the psychographics were aimed for aspirers (people who wanted to succeed)

  • LanguageNot much writing large photos with small extracts of writing on website, however in magazine large amounts of writingWriting is informal e.g. "Swagga"Addresses audience direct "you decide"Positive language used "amazing singing skillsMagazine informs and inspires audience.

  • Digital technology Fully functional website includes blogs, news, music photos, videos etc.Other business's advertise on it e.g.HTC Offer there top stories on the side informing the main things via sold show.Photos and links on how to subscribe to magazine.

  • The masthead is at the top of the magazine this particular one is in bright red but the colour of it changes sometimes depending if it goes with what the story is about. The red make it very striking but also because of this particular layout and font it make the magazine easily recognisable. The masthead is always a neutral colour, this is so the magazine appeals to both genres and there for has a bigger target audience.The primary image of Eminem a famous rapper who was born in America. The photo is a mid shot of him with his arms folded and a tank top on, this makes him look more stronger and tougher giving himself a better image. They have used a mid shot so his face is very clear and easily identified but also giving the impression of the whole subject.The unique selling point of the magazine is the story about Eminem this is also the primary lead as well. By having the photo there an pd then the writing next to it, it allows the reader to find some information about the story first and hopefully attracting them to buy it. On this particular one it is about Eminem and how is almost died doing drugs. They have shown it to be e most important thing because the font is much bigger than the rest, it is also in bold red striking writing just like the masthead, it has "Eminem" in the biggest writing because his very famous and people are more likely to read it knowing that it has effected him. The house style is quite basic but effective, they always have the huge bold masthead with a plain background, this also helps to emphasise the masthead on a plain background. The isn't a particular colour for it because on different issues they tend to change it.The font is very basic and really easy to read due to it's simpleness. It also makes it more striking because it's bold thick lettering and also large text, they use this to emphasise some f the stories or what there saying on the front page.The language used is very informal uses words like "swagga" this ties in with the target audience because that's the type of language they have started using now. The magazine contains interviews, photos, reviews, news on upcoming events and adverts.

  • The image on the front of the contents page is a single image on it's own, it has used this to make it more striking or to just blend it more in with the theme. They can emphasize the USP by having another photo of what it is about. They have used the image and then have put the text around her is is a very effective.The contents font, this again has been done in a very good effect they have used it to link in with the photo and again the theme they are using. By having a dark background and then using bold white font it makes it stand out and really grab the readers attention. The effect they have used by mixing up the letters by having "co" on one line "nten" on the next line and then "ts" on the next line makes it really effective and appealing but it's also still very easy to read.The contents have been broken up into different sections by using different headings, one of the headings is "features" this includes some of the stories that are in the magazine starting with the most popular having the USP being on the first page and usually being on a double page or even more depending how much information and photos they have on the subject. There is then another heading which reads "fashion" this is just another heading about a completely different subject, it ado means the magazine is not just about music but also has something else inside it can offer other readers. The background, the way they have done the lighting for the background again is also very effective they have used the lighting to make it dark at the top so they can make the contents font more catching by having it white with a dark background, they then made it lighter in the centre where they have wrote all the contents information and the way they have done the two tone makes the whole contents page look really effective and eye catching.

  • Headings, there isn't really one heading which tells us what the whole story is about however what we do have is a quote from the story about the most important the artist has said, as a reader we can then identify what the story is about. The is quite an effective way thing because it could grab the readers attention if the quote is something important which the reader will then want to read more about. They have also made it stand out by putting it in a completely different clout to all the other text bright red where as all the other text in black. They have then used this same technique to do it for subheadings to split apart the different stories The image is very large which takes up about a quarter of the page, the image is also very eye catching considering all the text and the background is in black and white whereas the photo is all in colour. The photo shows the reader what the story is going to be about, this photo is of the famous singer in his gang with a kid, this article is then about a song/album he is releasing and some the interviewer asking him if he thinks he can beat the rival who is also releasing a new album. They have used a lot of writing in the double page spread they have used it all to include as much information as they could which is why they don't have more pictures, where some magazines have used lots of pictures ti split the ithe text up because they haven't got as much information to add into the article. Some of the writing is set out like an interview where they ask questions on the top of the headings and then all the back writing is where he is answering the questions.