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<p>Tindell &amp; Bohlander, 2012 </p> <p>Pros Cons </p> <p> No,ers of emergencies Useful as dic,onaries and </p> <p>thesauruses (when these resources are unavailable) </p> <p> Data collectors </p> <p> Ringing is a distrac,on Distrac,on, proven to deter </p> <p>learning, demonstrated through test performance between those who used cell phones in class and those who didnt </p> <p> Used for chea,ng during tests/exams </p> <p> About 40% of students indicated that they used their cell phones during class, and this ac,vity caused a distrac,on for about 85% of the students. </p> <p> One problem stems from the allowance to use cell phones in class by one faculty member, and another member reprimanding students for doing so. </p> <p>Tindell &amp; Bohlander, 2012 </p> <p> 91% of student respondents set phones to vibrate while in class </p> <p> 9% of respondents shut their phones o 97% send and receive messages while wai</p> <p> 97% of the class no,ce others doing this daily Tindell &amp; Bohlander, 2012 </p> <p> Students do not want to risk a confronta,on with the [instructor], and so are less likely to text in class if the instructor has a set policy and seems to care whether the students are tex,ng, but if the instructor turns his or her back to the class, or focuses too much on his or her own lecture, students indicate that it is easier to text in class. </p> <p>Tindell &amp; Bohlander, 2012 </p> <p>Tindell &amp; Bohlander, 2012 </p> <p>Other sources specied the following informa4on. </p> <p> although students uniformly believe that overt prejudice requires interven</p> <p> students report no</p> <p>Boysen, 2012 </p> <p> Students perceived ignoring [incivili</p> <p> most students want teachers to take swiA, decisive ac</p> <p>Boysen, 2012 </p> <p> immediate responses are advisable when incivility is interrup</p> <p> Students recognize classroom incivility as inappropriate and want teachers to take direct ac</p> <p> Direct and private confronta</p> <p>Boysen, 2012 </p> <p>References Boysen, B. A. (2012). Teacher responses to classroom incivility: Student perceptions of effectiveness. Teaching of Psychology, 39(4), 276-279. Tindell, D. R., &amp; Bohlander, R. W. (2012). The use and abuse of cell phones and text messaging in the classroom: A survey of college students. College Teaching, 60(1), 1-9. </p>