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  • 1. Spain

2. Madrid Madrid is the capitalof Spain. There is a populationof 3,187,062 It is a beautiful citywith many colors andmany touristattractions. 3. Spains Flag The yellow strip in themiddle of the flag is twiceas big as the two redstrips on the outer layer. The symbol in the middleis PLUS ULTRA whichmeans More Beyond The flag was officiallyadopted on December19, 1981. 4. Bull Fighting Bull fighting is the most traditional Spanish fiestas. It is considered an art to many Spaniards. Today Spanish Matadors earn almost the same as an American soccer player or, rock idol. 5. Juan Carlos Juan Carols Is the ruler of Spain. Carlos is ruler but not head of government. Married to princess Sophia of Green 6. Spains Soccer Team Spains soccer team is the number one team in the country There are 21 players on the national team The U.S.A team beat Spain in 2009 with the score of 1-0 7. Flamenco Dancing Flamenco meansto Flemish soldiersfrom Belgium. The clothing wornin Flamencodancing is oftenbright, vibrantcolors. The dance ofAndalusia. 8. Spains Most Popular Dish CochinilloAsado is the #1dish in Spain. Its roast babypig. The outside iscrisp while themeat is tenderand juicy. 9. Languages Many people who live in Spain speak many languages. Many cities speak different languages. Some are Spanish, English, etc. 10. Traditional Spanish Clothing for Women The traditional dress is called, Trajes de faraleas. It has many bright colors Lots of ruffles. 11. Traditional Clothing For Men Single men usually wear bright colors. A sash or belt is also worn with the outfit. The end of the shirts are fringed or have pom-poms. 12. Music Flamenco is not only a dance it is also a very popular type of music. It is far more complex then American music. Many song lyrics have to do with traditions and religion 13. Euro The money in Spainare called Euros. The bills go all theway up to 500 Euro. The coins star with 1cent piece and endwith 2 euro piece.