power point of different representations

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PowerPoint of different representations.

PowerPoint of different representations. Luke

What is representation? Understanding representation is all about understanding the choices that are made when it comes to portraying something or someone in a mass media text. It's impossible to portray every aspect of an individual in a photograph, or even in a feature film, so certain features of their personality and appearance get highlighted, and are often enhanced, when it comes to constructing the representation that the audience will see. When representing a person, media texts often focus on their:AgeGenderRace/EthnicityFinancial StatusJobCulture/nationalitySigns and symbols are used as a kind of visual shorthand to represent these attributes. When we decode these signs we make assumptions about who the character is (usually by comparing them to similar characters we have encountered before), and this allows us to put them in a category and "read" them in context.

Bullet Boy

Intro Bullet Boy The opening seconds of the movie the screen is pitch black and then white titles appear and slowly fade in and out as another one comes up. The idea of the white titles is so they contrast with the black to make the opening more eye catching. The main title of the film is the opposite, the background is white and the title is black it also takes up most of the screen unlike the others.

The music of the intro has a slow pace and is very repetertive. The movie opens with a blured long shot of a young black man in prison laying on the bench then the camera starts to focus and thats when the police officer comes in allowing the prisoner to leave because his time is up. The lighting is fairly dark to give the audience an element of mystery.

In This scene we find out more about the character due to the formal questions that he is asked by a police officer, such as his name and date of birth. To which the prisoner reply's Rickie James Gordon, born 1984

Lock stock & two smoking barrels

IntroThe movie opens with a shifty looking white tall male on a street corner selling stolen items for 10 pound each. Because people are cautious of buying of stolen goods the man who is selling gets one of his friends to say thats a bargain, ill take one! pretending to be an ordinary customer and once one person buys there is instantly a huge crowd around him throwing money at the criminal for his stolen products. Suddenly after 9 or 10 sails he sees the police running towards him, therefore him and his friend both run away down alley ways to fast paced up beat popular music. They both sprint away throwing away the stolen items because if they are found with it it will be used as evidence therefore clearly this isnt the first time they have committed a crime like this. The clothes the actors ear can tell a lot about a person for example in the opening the criminal is wearing all black black over coat and scarf he is also fairly well dressed because the smarter he is dressed the more appealing he seems to his customers.

Dirty pretty things

IntroThe film opens with a black middle age man outside an airport who is from a small illegal Taxi company and offers to give people a lift when the taxi they have already booked does not show up I know this because he says to a customer I give lifts when the system fails. This man is an illegal immigrant currently living in New York and works in various places just to get a small amount of money. Such as being a Taxi driver and the front desk man of a cheap Hotel. He is wearing very beat up old clothes which consist of a leather brown old jacket and a shirt as well as a jumper in his best attempt to look smart for tourists who come to the country. The opening scene is just a mid shot of him asking if people need a car ride. After this the title sequence comes in, it is white and the background is black this is because it wants to be contrasting and eye catching, furthermore behind the white title is says the name of the film in a dark red colour almost like blood and in a very medieval font, this is to show people the type of film that they are watching and in this case they are watching a crime thriller that potentially contains a lot of graphic scenes .