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<ul><li> 1. My Coaching JourneyWhat the voices have taught me Barbara A. YoungApril 30, 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. Master Voice Master of Ceremonies Keeps sessions on task Creates atmosphere conducive for the othervoices to do their part Allows each voice a share of the stage does notallow any one voice to monopolize 3. What I learned from the Master Voice Establish a blueprint that is needed to set thestage for a positive coaching experience In personal life have begun to pull lessons Ihave learned, an example Listen as a coach All of the voices have need to be present inorder to grow in professional and personalrelationships Encourage an atmosphere of learning byallowing several ways of looking at a situation 4. Master Voice continued Allow silence for self exploration of topicbeing discussed or evaluated Challenge in a non-threatening manner Open the field for application of tools thathave been learned Realize that I do not always have the answerbut will travel the journey to discover theanswers with all of my professional andpersonal relationships 5. Partner Voice Constructs a trusting atmosphere Develops a strategy with the input of client toachieve stated goals As client moves forward partner falls backallowing client to take responsibility for endresult in a positive manner 6. What I learned from the Partner Voice Working jointly toward a goal involves give and take.want to give each other the chance to do their bestwork Share of the workload will vary through out the courseof the project. Realize that we all have talents andweaknesses and let each other give what they do best Always keeping the stated goals in front of us. Partnersare not competitors and both need to feel that theircontributions are important 7. Investigator Voice To ask questions in such a way that they provokethoughtful responses Question for the gain of the client not personalcuriosity Question to help promote self-discovery Question in such a way to create a variety ofalternatives 8. What I learned from the InvestigatorVoice Inquire only when it is helpful not harmful Question when it will result in development ofself-discovery for another Question to gain information that will help megrow as an individual both professionally andpersonally. 9. Reflector Voice Increase awareness of clients perception of asituation Encourages client to view a situation fromanother point of view 10. Teacher Voice Provide distinctions to help client visualize andidentify options Challenge thinking process 11. Guide Voice Provide alternatives Encourage action 12. Reflector, Teacher, Guide What I have learned As a coach I have used all three of these voicesinterchangeably. As a coach I did not teach a specific skill set Guiding and allowing for reflection has allowedmyself and my client to reach inside ourselves forthe answer Allow others the opportunity to reflect on whatthey have learned and where they have beenguided to achieve their stated goals. 13. Contractor Voice Used to re-state goals and agreements Holds client accountable for action plan andfollow through Keeps client on track through changes neededto reach goals. 14. What I learned from Contractor Voice Holding myself accountable for actions isdisplaying my commitment to attainment ofgoals that I set for myself. 15. Thanks for your attention Wrap up to Power Point Question to allow growth for both parties Reflect on learning Allow questions and reflection to guidetoward completion of set goals </p>