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  • 1. ThePOWERofMASKS

2. The use of power hasconsequences thataffect relationships andaccess toopportunities. 3. Masks have the power to disguise to hide the identity or mood of a person to transform the wearing into anotherbeing to change the identity of the wearer to give a sense of continuity betweenthe present and past to empower to protect 4. Masks are used forwarfare and asprotective devices incertain sports.http://silini4.s3ra.comhttp://thisisnodeclaration.blogspot.com/2009/02/from-canadian-design-resource.htmlto Protect 5. Horned MaskA Poro society mask.It projects power throughits horns to summonsthe power of the forest. 6. CongoMulandwa MaskEmpowers warriors withenergy and fierceness. 7. Masks protects against theunknown forces of the universe.Masks have played an importantpart in religious rites to preventand to cure disease.myorbit.tv johnnydepp-zone.com 8. the Plague 1347Doctors dressed to protectthemselves from the virusand from the rotten stench ofdeath and the plague. 9. IndonesiaSkull MaskIt scares off evil whileenhancing the spiritual andhealing powersof the shamanwho wears it. 10. Papau New GuineaGable MaskThis mask is hung overthe door of meeting placesfor men. It protects againstevil spirits for the maleelders. 11. TibetGompo MaskHas the power to protect. 12. Burkina FasoFemale Koba Antelope MaskProtects ancestor spirits. 13. CongoFemale Kifwebe Hut MaskProtects against diseaseand evil spirits.CongoMale Kifwebe MaskIt has the power to healand protect. 14. NepalHanuman MaskSymbolizing themonkey god whoprotects againstmalicious spirits. 15. Pay TributeMontreal Canadians goaltender Carey Prices mask willhave many believing theyre looking at legendary Habsgoalie Jacques Plante. 16. CanadaPortrait MaskHaida maskrepresentinga relative. 17. Nigeria - Mba MaskUsed in plays for portraying self-admiringgirls.Maiden Spirit MaskRepresents the spirits of maidensreturning from the afterworld. 18. Totems Believing that the human spirit couldtake animal form and vice versa, themakers of these masks fused manand bird or man and animal into onemask.www.costalart.com 19. In secret societiesonly the memberscan view the Totemworn by the elders atinitiation ceremoniesHaida Secret Society Maskhttp://www.civilization.ca/cmc/exhibitions/tresors/treasure/images/240_1b.gif 20. Some African tribes believe that theanimal masks can help themcommunicate with the spirits who live inforests or open savannas.http://www.artyfactory.com/africanmasks/context/artist.htmhttp://cti.itc.virginia.edu/~bcr/African_Mask.html 21. Angola MukandaMens Initiation MaskIt symbolizes a female ancestorand used during male initiationrituals. 22. Day of the Dead Celebrated in Mexico Nov 2ndtohonour dead ancestors masks are made to look likeskeletons with the deceasedname written on the forehead. These are brought to thegraveyard as offerings. 23. photoblog.statesman.compostmodernobody.org 24. Death Maskshttp://www.egyptiandreams.co.uk/images/rulers/tut-death-mask.jpgThe funerary mask servedto guide the spirit of thedeceased back to its finalresting place in the body.They were commonlymade of cloth covered withstucco or plaster, whichwas then painted.For more importantpersonages, silver and goldwere used. 25. NigeriaBush Cow Helmet MaskUsed in funeral ceremoniesto lead the dead to thenext world. 26. Sri LankaKolam Sanniya MaskHas the power to healcontagious diseases likecholera. 27. To Empower 28. Milwaukee Public Museumhttp://www.mpm.edu/collect/mask.htmlSome masksrepresent evil, orpotentially harmfulspirits and are used tokeep a requiredbalance of powerwithin a culture. 29. Discipline/Punish to discipline andadmonish women,children, andcriminals. 30. Secret African societies use masks to escaperecognition while punishing marauders.http://www.johnnydepp-zone.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=46102&p=1177617 31. In many cultures, a judgewears a mask to protecthim from futurerecriminations. the mask represents atraditionally sanctionedspirit from the past whoassumes responsibilityfor the decision levied onthe culprit. 32. NigeriaBishop MaskGives the wearerauthority in religiousmatters. 33. TibetBhairava MaskIt has the powerto defendlaws. 34. NigeriaEkpo Society MaskUsed by male societymembers to honour the deadby enforcing the laws. 35. CongoKifwebe Association MaskExercises social controland seeks contributions, andredistributes wealth. 36. CameroonBekorn Helmet MaskShows respect to aking and is worn tosymbolize bowing. 37. to Transform 38. to Transform Masks to transform areimportant for Halloween,Mardi Gras, or maskedballs Give the wearer thepower to experiencebeing someone orsomething they are not. Gives the wearer a newidentity and the freedomto act differently. 39. Venice 1268 - 1797 Masks concealed identities sopeople could do sinful acts orbreak the law with impunity. The mask was an outlet to escapeeveryday life that didnt allow forprivacy. A few times a year (usually duringreligious festivals) masks werebanned From Dec 26 Shrove Tuesday,masks are encouraged andcontinue to this day VenetianCarnival. 40. Masks served an important social purpose ofkeeping every citizen on an equal playing field. On October 17, 1797 Venice became part ofAustria and masked celebrations were outlawed. Now masks are worn during the week longcelebration of Mardi Gras.http://touritaly.org/tours/venice/venice07.htm 41. to Disguisehttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v123/apennyworth/greenhornet/props/ghornetkato.jpg 42. Masks have long beenused in militaryconnections. A war maskwill have a malevolentexpression or hideouslyfantastic features to instillfear in the enemy.The ancient Greeks andRomans used battleshields with grotesquemasks or attachedterrifying masks to theirarmor, as did the Chinesewarrior. 43. Grimacing menpo, or mask helmets,were used by Japanese samurai. 44. Greek Comedy Tragedy MasksIn Ancient Greece, masks depicted an extensive variety ofpersonalities, ages, ranks, and occupations.Greek mask were designed to throw the voice with a built-inmegaphone device.thatwoman.wordpress.comIt was possible for the Greek to impersonate a number of differentcharacters during the play simply by changing masks and costumes. 45. 1. Create a mask that givesthe wearer special powers whenworn.2. The mask must embody this powerin its appearance. Write a reflection that explainshow the decision to wear thismask could have consequencesthat affect relationships andaccess to opportunities. Explain the elements andprinciples of design you used tocreate your mask.TASK 46. Learning outcomes: become increasingly independentin the realization of the creative process utilize a broad range of waysto make meaning develop an awareness of theirpersonal preferences.Examples of student work.try to determine what power is being expressed in each. 47. References:http://www.anymask.com/maskstore/historyofmask.htmlhttp://bun.i.hosei.ac.jp/~engl/cfs/single/maskfethr.htmlwww.getimmediate.com/ cooling-collar/Masks.htmlwww.thecostumer.com/ store/subcat.cfm?subcatID=223http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/15965662/http://www.deviantart.com/view/15556785/http://www.deviantart.com/view/15556696/http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/16785183/ise.uvic.ca/.../Rom/ UVic1998/ByScene/Rom1.5.htmlhttp://theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,18245417-16947,00.htmlwww.thecostumeshop.netMasks of the worldStudent examples courtesy of Mrs Catherine Ho