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PowDeal Deals Platform for Malls Jagadish Channagiri, Founder & CTO

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In this presentation, a deals platform for Malls is presented where they can offer their own deals-of-the-day and local deals. They can create and distribute their deals on all channels - social media, mobile, web, affiliates. They can compete effectively with other deal sites - Groupon, LivingSocial, etc. And more important they can put money back in mall merchants for PowDeal offers an affordable Cost Plus model.


  • 1. PowDeal Deals Platform for Malls Jagadish Channagiri, Founder & CTO
  • 2. Why Incentives, Offers, and Deals? Incentives, Deals, and Offers form the cornerstone of modern life Deals have always driven traffic to Stores example: Black Friday Worldwide recession has changed the human behavior look for the best deals Groupon has created a huge market for local deals
  • 3. How can Malls generate more revenue? Engage customers stores, web, mobile, and social media Deals Platform like Groupon and copycats taking away deals from Malls and their stores Malls can offer their own deals platform Compete effectively with existing deal sites Drive more traffic online and foot traffic
  • 4. How can PowDeal Help? PowDeal can run a deals platform with Malls branding Easy to use Platform to create deals-of-the day and local deals for all merchants in the mall Consumers can search for deals on Mall website, deals sites, Twitter, Facebook, and on mobile phones Consumers can sign up for deals using email personalized offers
  • 5. How does Powdeal work?For Malls merchants Step 1 Step 2Powdeal enters deals for PowDeal broadcasts deal to websites, Merchants social media and mobile networksFor Consumers Step 2 Step 3 Step 1 Consumers in Mall Guests enjoy Checks for deals the deal!
  • 6. Powdeal Platform Online and Mobile Component Admin And iPhone User Support BlackBerry Management Android Merchant Interface Core PowDeal Engine Analytics - Facebook Integration LBS Component Keyword - Twitter Integration Restaurant DB - Yellow Pages Widget - Deals Component Messaging - SMS, Email Search, Loyalty Engine Merchant Core Component Component Comprehensive and scalable technology platform
  • 7. PowDeal Features Platform Features Deals app on iPhone, blackberry,Create unlimited Deals anytime and androidExport deals to web, mobile, and Deals anywhere and anytime Social MediaFacebook and Twitter Integration Deals by Neighbourhood Widget for WorldNow and its Location Based Services Customer Web property IntegrationBranding and Flexible easy to Invite Friends and Family change the look and feel Search Engine Integration Deals by deals-type and time Cloud Platform As a Service 24x7 Technical Support
  • 8. Powdeal Advantages For Malls/Merchants For Consumers Keep local revenue Find mall deals on local, mall, and deal sites Single Interface to broadcast deals on all Local personalized deal channels- web, mobile, Find deals and social media anywhere/anytime Enjoy deals with Drive traffic to Mall friends, family, and merchants neighbours Generate revenue for all Support local malls and mall tenants local economy
  • 9. Business Model PowDeal runs the entire platform for the Malls Malls pays a fixed amount every month for Powdeal services PowDeal can offer a Cloud Solution IT and technical support included Malls responsible for bringing in merchant and their deals
  • 10. Conclusion Powdeal can help Malls generate revenue and keep local dollars within the community Drive more traffic to malls Powdeal is a complete service offering will run a branded platform for the Mall and its merchants Local citizens can find all the deals and incentives locally and help local economy Build community!
  • 11. For more Powdeal InformationPlease Contact:Jagadish ChannagiriFounder & CTO, Powdeal.comEmail: [email protected]: 408 743 4449 (O) 650 245 1884 (C)