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  • 2 February 2016 Point of Vue Magazine

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  • 4 February 2016 Point of Vue Magazine

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  • ContentsFEBRUARY 2016 VOLUME 10 ISSUE 2

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    On the Cover:

    Jose Delgado

    Josh LaJaunie seeks to inspire others by sharing his weight loss journey.

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    10 Editors Note Its Carnival Time

    12 PoV Picks Expert picks to enhance your life

    14 DIY Valentine Glitter Votives & More

    16 Paws Why is Chocolate So Bad for Animals?

    18 Intervue Say what?

    20 Smarty Pants For when your thinking cap fails

    22 The Vuefinder Everyday Miracles

    24 The Observer Love the Ones Youre With

    26 Volunteer Spotlight Chase Toups

    28 Oh Snap How the Turns Have Tabled

    30 Then & Now St. Joseph Co-Cathedral

    32 Under the Scope The El Nio Blues

    34 Rendezvous Where you need to be around town

    36 The Spoon Hungry? Ground Pati.

    38 Bon Apptit Sweet and Savory Applesauce

    40 A Vue from the Vine Traverse the Globe by Pinot Noir

    41 Behind the Brew 2016: The Year of the Canned Mudbug

    42 Chateau Chic Home tour

    72 Scene In Look at ol so n so!

    75 Look Twice Sponsored by Synergy Bank


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  • ContentsFEBRUARY 2016 VOLUME 10 ISSUE 2


    48 Pro Bono PublicoCarnival season treats the kids.

    52 Enduring LoveDouglas and Genevieve Acosta 58 G is for GratitudeCasey Cases for foster children


    FitLife seeks to encourage, educate, and motivate readers to achieve their health and fitness goals


    66 We Support a Healthier FuturePeripheral Artery Disease 101

    68 Killin ItJosh LaJaunie spreads the word.

    71 FitMindThe Importance of Listening

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  • 10 February 2016 Point of Vue Magazine

    SHELL ARMSTRONG is the editor of Point of Vue magazine.

    PublisherBrian Rushing


    Editor-in-chiefShell Armstrong


    Creative DirectorGavin Stevens


    Graphic DesignersMariella Brochard

    Todd Rowan

    Sales ManagerDeanne Ratliff


    Circulation ManagerMichelle Ortego


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    Subscriptions are available for $36 for 12 issues. For more information, email


    Copyright 2016 Rushing Media, LLC. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part of editorial and/or graphic content is strictly prohibited.

    Business address: 6160 West Park Ave., Houma, LA 70364 985.868.7515

    Point of Vue magazine cannot be responsible for the return of unsolicited material such as manuscripts or photographs, with or without the inclusion of a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Information in this publication is gathered from sources considered to be reliable, but the accuracy and completeness of the information cannot be guaranteed. The opinions expressed in Point of Vue magazine are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Rushing Media, our employees or any of our advertisers. No employee or family member(s) of employees of Rushing Media are permitted to partake in any contests, giveaways or sweepstakes.

    February is about Mardi Gras and Valentines. Beads and hearts. Purple, green and gold and red. And south Louisiana wears its heart on its sleeve for both. I still remember seeing my first Rex parade. My Mom packed sandwiches, my Dad packed up the car and my brothers and I packed into the family Chevrolet for the trip to New Orleans. Wed seen the newscasts of Mardi Gras Day in the Big Easy, but black and white TV just never did the greatest free show on Earth justice. With a prime spot right on Canal Street, the spectacle was underway by the time we parked and made our way toward the crowd. King Zulu was passing. Beads by the hundreds were flying through the sky. And everyone was pleading for glittery coconuts. The Slidell parades Id enjoyed the first six years of my life had nothing on Zulu. By the time Rex arrived, I was feeling less skittish about the crowd. Still within my parents sightline, I burrowed to the front of the crowd and thats when I

    Its CarnivalTime

    This issues contributors

    PhotographyShell Armstrong, Channing Candies,

    Jose Delgado, Cherie Holton, Misty Leigh McElroy, Erica Seely

    WritersDwayne Andras, Lane Bates, Jaime Dishman,

    Mary Downer Ditch, John Doucet, Melissa Duet, Dr. J. Michael Flynn, Casey Gisclair,

    Cherie Holton, Bonnie Rushing, Becca Weingard

    saw it. The clouds seemed to open, making way for the sun spotlight to shine on the king. Dressed all in white, the sun illuminated his scepter and crown, and it was like discover-ing nirvana. We never made it to the truck parade party animals all, we snaked back to the car for lunch, which turned into a nap since we had left Slidell in the pre-dawn hours to ensure a good seat for Zulu. As Dad steered back toward home, I glimpsed down from the interstate to catch one more look. On the street below, throngs of people, arms out-stretched reaching to Rex riders. And I fell in love with Mardi Gras. Enjoy the parades this year. And if you see me on the route, throw me something, mister! POV

    Shell Armstrong

    Editors Note

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  • 12 February 2016 Point of Vue Magazine


    Buggy Benchamazon.comParents with multiple toddlers know all too well the struggles that go along with trying to put two babies in a shopping cart that only accommodates one. This portable add-on solves that problem by snapping right onto the sides of any standard-size buggy, creating an additional safe space for your little one. The design is so compact, it still leaves space for your purchases without hampering the movability of your child.

    Ruggieruggie.coThereve been a million different alarms over the years designed to take the dread out of rising early. This, however, might be the most painless one yet. Place the rug near the side of your bed and simply stand up. Dont worry about fall-ing back to sleep, either. Ruggie sounds an alarm if you dont stand on it long enough, forcing you up and out the door with the sounds of running water or chirping birds instead of brain-rattling sirens.

    King Cake SodaArea Grocery StoresIt was only a matter of time before our beloved dough-and-sugar concoction found its way to our cup. Although everyones favorite Carnival treat tastes a little different, this sippable version is sweet like a cream soda with a hint of cinnamon to create a lightly carbon-ated beverage. True to Abitas mission of honoring local products, the drink is sweetened with Louisiana cane sugar for a taste thats both festive and familiar. POV

    Gaston Goes to Mardi GrasBayou Country Childrens Museum, Thibodaux, 985.446.2200Introduce your children to this classic from beloved Southern childrens author James Rice. This story follows Gaston the Green-Nosed Alligator, developed through Rices nationally acclaimed holiday tale, Cajun Night Before Christmas, as he navigates all the excitement of Carnival like snagging a coconut from Krewe of Zulu and sneaking a peak at how those im-pressive floats come toge her. Its an oldie but a goodie this time of year no matter your age.

    Ekster Walletseksterwallets.comIn todays world, you can never be too careful and this New York-based company has thought of just about everything to keep your money secure. This smart wallet, complete with wireless theft-blocking technology, syncs with your smart phone for constant contact, alerting you when the wallet goes out of range, say, when you leave it on the table at a restaurant. The app also allows you to set off an alarm to find your wa let between the sofa cush-ions. It also features a reverse finder hat activates your camera to sneak a peak at the person who swiped your phone in the parking lot.

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  • 14 February 2016 Point of Vue Magazine


    What you need:

    8 oz. regular mouth mason jar Scissors Foam heart piece (at most craft stores) Painters tape

    Valentine Glitter Votives

    Visit pinterest.com/povmag to find these DIY projects and more!

    Bottle OpenerShow off our handiwork with this proj-ect that makes the perfect gift for the special man in your life. A few pieces of wood and a steady hand are all it takes to create this household must-have complete with a catch-all for bottle caps.

    Dip-Dyed Frosted TumblersPut a modern, fresh feel on those stem-less wine glasses with this simple, chic DIY. Perfect for parties or backyard get-togethers, the glasses bring a pop of color to the bash and are sure to be a conversation starter. POV

    Light up your love by getting your lit-tle ones involved with this sparkling votive craft