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This is a great newborn photography guide with tips and ideas for your session.


<ul><li><p>Newborn Photography</p><p>C R E A T I V E N E W B O R N P H O T O G R A P H Y F R O M P O T T I N G E R P H O T O G R A P H Y</p></li><li><p>Pretty much anything can happen during your newborns session. Its just one of </p><p>those things that we cant predict. But, we can share some things with you that might </p><p>help to put you at ease! If you have any questions just give us a call here at Pottinger</p><p>Photography and we will be glad to help.</p><p>What to expect</p><p>Its our hope that your baby will sleep </p><p>through their session. But, maybe they </p><p>wont. Dont worry! Well take our time and we </p><p>have lots of tricks to help get them calm and </p><p>relaxed. Keep the home warm so your baby is </p><p>snug as a bug!</p><p>You dont have to pack any diapers</p><p>because we come to you! Yes, chances </p><p>are that your wee one will wee on our blan-</p><p>kets. Its really okay. Were used to it. We wash </p><p>everything after each session.</p><p>Baby will probably get hungry, and this </p><p>is normal. I mean, its so much work </p><p>being cute and posing! Well let you </p><p>know if we think you should feed them in </p><p>hopes that it will help get them back to sleep </p><p>again.</p><p>We may ask you to step in to help us </p><p>for a few poses. You see, some of those </p><p>amazing shots are composites. The safety of </p><p>your baby is important to us. </p><p>We will photograph baby before we do </p><p>any of our family portraits. So, we just </p><p>ask that you sit and relax. Heck, even take a </p><p>nap if you want! You deserve it! Grap a drink of </p><p>water and put your feet up. Then, when were </p><p>ready well have you change clothes or step in </p><p>for some family portraits.</p><p>When were all done you can bundle </p><p>up sweet pea and expect to get an e-</p><p>mail from us with a link to your online gallery </p><p>in about two weeks. But, check our Facebook! </p><p>You might see a few sneak peeks there, too.</p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>4</p><p>5</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>productsQuality</p><p>Wall ArtThese images need to hang on your walls. They are </p><p>art! Our gorgeous canvas wraps are the perfect way </p><p>to showcase your newborn. We can create a grouping </p><p>to work with any area in your home. Canvases are </p><p>coated and come ready to hang.</p><p> 20 x 30 .........................................$400</p><p> 24 x 30 .........................................$300</p><p> 16x 20...........................................$200</p><p> 11x 14............................................ $180</p><p>Any combination of three or more for a wall grouping </p><p>design is discounted by 20%.</p><p>AlbumsYour baby is beautiful, and you are having the hardest </p><p>time choosing the poses for your home and o ce. </p><p>May we suggest one of our gorgeous, archival qual-</p><p>ity co ee table albums? Each album has a beautiful, </p><p>custom designed cover featuring your favorite photo. </p><p>Inside, we include 25-30 of your favorite poses, laid </p><p>out in a modern and classy way. The pages are thick </p><p>and unlike anything youve seen. We also o er smaller </p><p>grandparent gift albums because we all know how </p><p>much grandparents want to brag about baby!</p><p> 8x 8 (20 sides) ..........................$300</p><p> 6 x 6 (20 sides) .........................$200</p><p> Set of 3 Mini Accordions ..... $125</p><p>Prices are subject to change without notice. Does not include sales tax of 6%. Session fees are non-refundable.</p></li><li><p>At Pottinger Photography we carry the highest quality archival products for your fi ne art </p><p>we just created of your newborn. While we have a large selection of items that we can </p><p>o er, the following items are our most popular. Clients appreciate beautiful wall canvases, </p><p>gorgeous co ee table albums, and custom birth announcements that they can send to </p><p>friends and family. We will carefully work with you to create the most perfect package </p><p>based on your needs.</p><p>ANNOUNCEMENTSWe know that you cant wait to show o your little </p><p>one to friends and family. Let us create a custom birth </p><p>announcement using our creative sources. Well make </p><p>sure the colors coordinate with your images and say </p><p>just what you want them to say. No need for cook-</p><p>ie-cutter, store-bought announcements. Announce-</p><p>ments are sold in quantities of 25 and come with en-</p><p>velopes and a matching mailing address label.</p><p>5 x 7 Flat Designs</p><p> 25 ............$50</p><p> 50 ............ $75</p><p> 75 ......... $100</p><p> 100 .......$125</p><p>5 x 7 Folded Designs</p><p> 25 ............ $75</p><p> 50 ......... $100</p><p> 75 ..........$125</p><p> 100 ...... $150</p><p>Prints &amp; FILESYour photos deserve to be seen. Whether its in your </p><p>o ce or a gift to grandma, we o er traditional prints </p><p>of your session. Each print is printed with archival</p><p>paper and ink. Or if you want to do your own print-</p><p>ing that is great too. The digital fi les are free with</p><p>purchases of $600 or more. </p><p>Gift Prints</p><p> 5 x 7 ....... $13</p><p> 8 x 10 .....$20</p><p> 11 x 14 ...$40</p><p>Wall Prints</p><p> 16 x 20 .......... $50</p><p> 20 x 24 .......... $100</p><p>Frames with Print</p><p> 16 x 20 ..... $225</p><p> 20 x 24 ..... $250</p><p> 24 x 36 ..... $350</p><p>Digital Files</p><p> 1 fi le .......... $30</p><p> all fi les ...... $350</p></li><li><p>One of the things we en-joy more than anything atPottinger Photography is seeing your baby grow. Therefore, we invite you to take advantage of our Grow With Me plan. Let us photograph your baby dur-ing their fi rst year of life. It all starts with their newborn session. Then, we will see you again at 6 mos and 12 mos. These are perfect opportunities to see changes in growth of your newborn. At the very end, well have a fun cake-smash session to celebrate their one year birthday. </p><p>Grow With Me Package $350 for three sessions.</p><p> $200 print minimum required with each session.</p><p> Add on a Maternity session for just $100.</p><p>with me!Grow</p></li><li><p>We really appreciate referrals. Word of Mouth is the best to grow our business. But, it also </p><p>means that weve been sent the best customers by you. Your testimonials to our business </p><p>are important to us. When you send us a client and they book their newborn session, we </p><p>will send you a complimentary 8 x 12 print from one of your sessions with us in the past 12 </p><p>months. Its our way of saying thank you to you!</p><p>Thank you.</p><p>You are so patient with babies and understand when they </p><p>need a break. I smile at the images you captured every day </p><p>when I walk down our stairs </p><p>-Tori &amp; Brad</p><p>You were so amazing with Finlay - you knew just how to calm </p><p>him. The pictures were absolutely gorgeous!! You perfectly cap-</p><p>tured our his sweet little personality.</p><p>-Ginger &amp; Jamie</p><p>We were thrilled with the pictures you took of Sam! Every </p><p>picture was beautiful. It was so hard to choose our favor-</p><p>ites because there were literally hundreds of amazing shots! </p><p>Thank you so much!!</p><p>-Jamie &amp; Brian </p><p>We loved our newborn photos of Cam! You were great about </p><p>everything, even though we we were so nervous with him be-</p><p>ing a preemie and newly home from him stay in the NICU. His </p><p>photos are priceless!! Thank you!</p><p>-Megan &amp;Chris</p><p>We were thrilled with the pictures you took of Sam! Every </p><p>picture was beautiful. It was so hard to choose our favor-</p><p>ites because there were literally hundreds of amazing shots! </p><p>Thank you so much!!</p><p>-Jamie &amp; Brian </p></li><li><p>We used Brenda to photograph our wedding in 2010. I knew just who to call when our </p><p>fi rst child was born. Brenda has been there to capture all our special moments from infant </p><p>photos to fi rst birthdays. She always seems to fi nd just the right shot to show the love we </p><p>have for our children. Brenda is very patient and professional. We feel like she is part of </p><p>our family. I treasure all my pictures she has taken of my family over the years.</p><p>-Alicia &amp; Todd</p><p>We have known the Pottingers since they photographed our wedding in 2005. They </p><p>have been there since the beginning of our family, so it only seemed fi t to have them </p><p>there when we brought our fi rst born, son home. Then again two years later when we </p><p>welcomed our daughter. Brendas professionalism and trust is what drew us to her to be-</p><p>gin with. Her compassion and charm is what always has us coming back. She comes to </p><p>our home every time so warm and understanding. We will continue to use the Pottingers </p><p>and suggest if you want quality pics and photo shoo,t you should too!</p><p>-Ashley &amp; Paul</p></li><li><p>Book Your Baby!Dont delay! Be sure to call us at least 2 months</p><p>before your due date to guarantee your newborns </p><p>portrait session with Pottinger Photography.</p><p>513.484.9709 | wwwpottingerphoto.com</p><p>Book Your Baby!</p></li><li><p>Newborn Photography</p><p>5 1 3 . 4 8 4 . 9 7 0 9 | P O T T I N G E R P H O T O G R A P H Y | W W W . P O T T I N G E R P H O T O . C O M</p></li></ul>