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Group Members:

Jawad Ur Rahman Kifayat Ullah Zakria khan khattak Mubasser khan

Engr. M.Irfan khanADVISOR:

Fabrication of indigenous potato peeling and dicing machine

TitleGroup Members Introduction Aim and ObjectiveProject progress a) Literature survey b) Design analysis c) Material selection d) CAD modeling Response to previous comments ConclusionsFuture work References Questions



Potato the third most important staple crop in the world, is a widely consumed vegetable in Pakistan.The production of potatoes in Pakistan was 1.8 Million tones in 2010- 2011 from a total area of 1893.90 thousand hectare.The potato chip is a very popular snack food in Pakistan. For making chips, the important preparatory operations are washing and peeling. Hand peeling is traditional in Pakistan and is tedious and time consuming. Moreover, the loss of flesh is very high.


For the processing of potatoes, removal of the peel is an important unit operation. Hence, an integrated potato peeler and slicer is being designed and developed. The main parts of the integrated machine are:Peeling container.Water spraying unit.Dicing unit.4 Objective To fabricate low cost small potato peeler. To evaluate the performance of fabricated potato slicer.


Literature review and survey1. Slicing machines forvarious fruits and vegetables. (1988)

2. Peeling machines for various fruitsand vegetables. (1992)

3.Cutting and trimming machines for various fruits and vegetables. (2007) Gamble et al(1988) studied Potato tubers of cv. Record UK, which were use toproducecrisps(chips)ofdifferentslice thickness(40-70)ofaninch.

Srivastava et al(1992) designed an onion peeling machine and tested for pungent Michiganonions.

Jarimopas et al(2007) researched for the purpose to design, construct, and evaluate a prototype machine for opening young coconut fruit.5

Exploded viewUnexploded view6


Design analysis Circular disc with abrasives: A solid circular rotating abrasive disc is placed at the bottom of the container. Abrasive material are also pasted on the inner side of the container, in such a way that potatoes got peeled by impact shearing when disc is rotated . Dimensions of solid disc are: Diameter of disc = 14 in Thickness of disc = 0.5 in7

Design analysis8Motor Drives Nd= PDm Nm/PDd whereNd=driven pulley speed (in rpm)PDm=drive pulley diameter (in in.)Nm=drive pulley speed (in rpm)PDd=driven pulley diameter (in in.)

Belt LengthL= 2C+1.57(D+d)+ (D-d)2 4 CWhereL=belt length (in in.)2=constantC=distance between pulley center (in in.)1.57=constantD=large pulley diameter (in in.)d=small pulley diameter (in in.)4=constantTORQUET=1/2 D(F+Wg)(N.m) D:Diameter of roll (m)W:Mass of load (kg)g:Gravitational accelaration(m/s2) :Friction coefficient F:External force (N)

ForceF=ma Power Required for Selecting MotorPower = 2..N.T/60selection of V Belt


Motor Drives

Driven Pulley Speed:- the speed of an 4 driven pulley if the diameter of the drive pulley is 8 and a speed of 850 RPM?

Nd= PDm Nm/PDdNd= 8 850 / 4Nd=1700 rpm

Drive Pulley Diameter:- the diameter of a driven pulley rotating at 1700 rpm if the diameter of the drive is 8 and its speed is 850 rpm. PDd = PDm Nm/ Nd PDd = 8 850 /1700 PDd = 4


850 rpm?48

Belt LengthBelt length can be determined by using the pulley diameters and the proper formula.

The belt length for two pulleys 4 and 8inchiii diameter and 6 apart at center?

L= 2C+1.57(D+d)+ (D-d)2 4 CL= 2(6)+1.57(8+4)+ (8-4)2 4 6L= 12+ 18.84 + 16 24L= 12+18.84+0.66

L= 31.5




FORCE ON DISC FORCE = ?Mass of potatoes: m = 8 kgSpeed: v =4.5 m/sAcceleration: a = 4.5 m/s per second = 4.5 m/s2Force = m x a = 8 kg x 4.5 m/s2 = 36 NForce from each wheel: F = 36 N / 2 = 18 NPower: P = F x v = 18 N x 4.5 m/s = 80 Watt11

Feeding arrangementPeeler: Potatoes are fed directly to the container. The disc rotating peels the potatoes away.Dicer: Peeled potatoes are fed to the dicer. The belt pulley mechanism drives the dicer.12

Drive mechanismA 50 Hz 1/4hp A.C. single phase motor is used for giving the drive to the machine with the help of motor shaft and bush arrangement. Specifications of motor are Power = 80-100 watts.13 Frame A rectangular frame of mild steel is fabricated. Motor is fitted at the bottom of the frame using clamp. A hole is made at the bottom to allow the motor shaft to pass through it. Dimensions of frame(ft) are Length x Breadth x Height = 3 x 2 x 1.5(ft)

Material selection and its properties14MaterialYield strengthTensile strengthDensityElastic modulus

Stainless steel205Mpa515Mpa8000kg/m3193Gpa

Angle iron247MPa841MPa7850 kg/m3210Gpa

Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)15.4Gpa(single crystal)0.2607GPa4000kg/m30.90345Gpa(modulus of rupture)


Front viewTop ViewSide ViewCAD modeling

Response to previous comments Force on Abrasive disc Abrasive material selection(Aluminum oxide)Design analysis (solve)16

ConclusionAn indigenous potato machine having an affordable price is a demand of the local fast food chains that could bring a considerable decrease in the price of per kg potato peeling.Market survey reveal that using local manufacturing resource we can fabricate a potato peeling machine that is affordable and that reduces the cost of peeling. 17

Future Work Material collection Assembling Testing of prototype Progress in CAD Thesis18


4. www.memsnet.org/material/aluminumoxideal2o3bulk/http://www.orientalmotor.com/products/pdfs/2012-2013/G/usa_tech_calculation.pdfhttp://www.meadinfo.org/2009/05/calculating-power-required-to-select.htmlhttp://www.cnc.info.pl//files/tecmtrsiz_155.pdf19

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