postharvest factors affecting postharvest quality

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Preharvest factors affecting postharvest quality

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  • Preharvest factors affecting postharvest quality

  • Preharvest factors affecting postharvest qualityCultivar and rootstock genotypesMineral nutritionIrrigationCanopy manipulationCrop rotations

  • Cultivar and rootstock genotypes Affects taste, yield, nutrient composition and postharvest lifeAntioxidant activity (Potato)Ascorbic acid (Peppers)-carotene (Sweet potato)

  • Mineral nutritionNitrogen

    Higher N level stimulate vegetative growth causing shading and ultimately death of lower fruity woodDelays fruit maturity in stone fruitPoor red colourInhibits ground colour change (green to yellow in peach)Fruit disorders (

  • CalciumDeficiency of calcium leads to physiological disorders

    Bitter pit in appleCorkspot in pearBlackheart in celeryBlossom end rot in tomatoCavity spot in carrotTipburn of lettuce

  • IrrigationAmount of waterTime of water application

    Under water stress lower fruit size and higher soluble solid contentsDeep suture and double-fruit formation

  • Canopy manipulationCrop loadFruit canopy positionLeaf removalGirdling

  • Crop RotationReduce decay inoculum in a production field

    Soilborne fungi Bacteria Nematodes