poster presentation with powerpoint oulu 19.1.2016 jouko miettunen

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MS Office –software –Different versions! Internet Explorer Adobe Acrobat Statistical software (e.g. SPSS) Compatibility


Poster presentation with PowerPoint Oulu Jouko Miettunen MS Office -software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) have similar functions Same things can be done with various ways Mouse (menu, toolbar) or keyboard Mouse / right click options Microsoft Office software MS Office software Different versions! Internet Explorer Adobe Acrobat Statistical software (e.g. SPSS) Compatibility Can be done in PowerPoint SmartArt, Shapes, Chart, etc. Can be done also with other software Import using Insert option or Clipboard (Copy/Paste) Figures and Graphs Presentations Posters PowerPoint -software Poster size and orientation See instructions of the conference! In Science days: The maximum size of the poster is 100 cm (width) x 140 cm (height). Other instructions (e.g. layout) Printing (e.g. Kulmakuvaamo) Handouts E-posters (e.g. pdf) General Create a new presentation Design Slide size Design Background, Themes Writing Use text boxes (Insert Text box) Text boxes can be aligned (Home Arrange, Paragraph) Fonts can be modified (Home Font) Starting Not too much text! E.g. based on the abstract 2-3 font sizes and colours Font size at least pt Use columns Instructions I Title Authors, affiliations Subheadings E.g. based on the abstract Contact information (etc.) Acknowledgements Funding etc. References Handout can be used for more specific references and other information Instructions II Include Pictures, Figures and Tables! Possible to include also video links! Instructions III - See Picture tools Options: Prepare in PowerPoint Copy from Word/Excel -table Edit in Word or in PowerPoint Mouse right click gives Paste options Insert / Paste as a picture E.g. from a pdf-file Inserting the table Non-participants N = 40 Participants N = 61 TotalN%N%ORPWeight Disability pension No Yes Antipsychotic medication No Yes Hospital treatment days Up to 75 days to 350 days Onset age years years years years See Table tools


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