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2. The things I like about my poster include the general idea of something inhuman (such as God or Aliens) needing a boost on occasion. I also like how the tin of Irn Bru is hovering and also on a slant to make it look like it is being pulled up in a more realistic hands free way. Another thing I like about the light beam and tin is the fact that I placed the tins layer behind the lights so that it looks like the tin is actually inside the beam of light and thats what is pulling it up. The improvements I would make to this poster include using my own design of the tin instead of Irn Brus. I would also figure out how to make the light beam more realistic by using effects such as inner glow etc. Right now the only effect on it is an outer glow which adds a bit of realism to it but it needs to look more realistic. I may change the font as well to one where its easier to read the f and t in lift. Another thing that I may change is the web address. Mainly the font and size but I will also take off the http:// as it is not needed. 3. In my second draft of this poster, I have changed the font of the main piece of text to Edwardian Script ITC so that it is easier to tell the difference between characters. I like the way this looks however, upon asking my peers, they said they preferred the other font (Admiration Pains)so I may have to consider changing the font again. Another thing that I have changed is the effects on the light beam. I have added an inner glow to make the light look a bit more 3D. I think I will try and get rid of the line separating both the inner glow and outer glow so that it looks more smooth and flows well. Also, I changed the size and positioning of the Irn Bru URL and also deleted the http://. I prefer it this way as it is more compact and doesnt take up much space. Something else I like about the poster is the Irn Bru logo in the bottom right hand of the poster as it fills some space and stands out to represent the company. 4. I changed the font back to Admiration Pains as this is what my target audience preferred. To over come the problem of the f and t being too close I used a tool on Photoshop to spread the letters out a bit more. Another change that I made was the line separating the inner and outer glow settings that I used. However, there is still a distinguishable line from the edge of the shape. In my next draft I will try and change this to make it a softer edge. In my final copy of this poster I will use an image of my own tin design so that the poster is more of my own original ideas. The more I look at the light beam, the more unrealistic it looks. I dont want this to happen with my audience since the advert needs to be really widely spread so I will have to change this. 5. I have deleted the shape that was the light beam and just added a yellow and black gradient so the light looks more natural and believable. One thing that I may tweak about this is the wideness as I think it needs to be wider at the bottom than the top. Another slight adjustment I will try I to bring the tins layer to the front so that the colour isnt bleached out. However, if I do this, I dont think it will have the illusion that its actually being lifted by the beam since its outside the colour. I will try lowering the opacity of the tin to keep this illusion though. Also, I have changed the colour of the URL to white to make it fit into the poster more. Another reason I have done this is so that its easier to read against the black instead of being a dark colour. 6. Final draft. This is the final draft of my poster. It includes my own design of an Irn Bru 32 tin so that all the ideas on the poster are my own and everything is original. I like how the beam of light is more natural looking than on the rest of my drafts. I also like the tagline as it opens out to everyone as the target audience claiming that everyone needs an energy boost at times. If I were to do this poster again I would make the beam of light wider at the bottom and thinner at the top. I would also play with the text a bit more for example, make the word lift rise up above the other words to look like its actually being lifted. 7. Advert 2 8. For the first draft, there is not many improvements I want to make as I want to keep this poster simple and I feel like it looks good anyway, there is just a few tweaks I want to make. The only real improvements I want to make would be for the text to make it look more in motion just like the tin of Irn Bru. I could achieve this by lining the two words up differently and then by making it italic. The main motion effect will be achieved by the italics used and this will also make the words jump off the page more. I really like the way that the tin looks like its shaking like an alarm clock. I achieved this by layering 3 tins of Irn Bru 32, putting one central, one rotated to the left and finally one rotated to the right. I then lowered the opacity to around 60% so it wasnt a solid shape and just elements of the background. Obviously, when it comes to my final draft I will use my own tin design. 9. The improvements I have made to this poster are all on the text. First of all, I have put the lettering in italics as it makes the text seem more energized. This is appropriate since it is an advert for an energy drink. Another thing I did to the text was that I aligned it differently. I did this to fill more space on the poster so that there was less white space on the sides. On the third draft, I have added the Irn Bru name and logo alongside the newly added URL at the bottom. This makes the poster look more like an advert as it says what it is advertising whereas before it was just a poster. I think the only thing that needs changing now is that I need to put a picture of my actual tin design in and do the same effect as the ones on the advert. However, I may have to relocate the motion lines to fit with the tins if they dont fit into the same positions as the translucent tins. 10. Final draft This is the final draft of my second poster. It includes my own design of an Irn Bru 32 tin so that all the ideas on the poster are my own and everything is original. This one is simpler by design but was slightly more complex to make with changing the opacities and making sure that all the motion lines looked good and were placed in the right position. I like the effect of the translucent tins on an angle to make it look like the tin is shaking. I also like the bold text in italics as it makes it look more in motion and interesting. If I were to do this advert again, the only thing I would change is the motion lines. I would do this so that they fit better with the image and so that the tin looked more in motion. 11. Advert 3 12. My first draft of this poster came out pretty good, however there are still improvements to be made. I like this design as it is in your face with the bold font and colours. This is a good example of an Irn Bru advert because of the boldness and confidence radiating from the tone of the advert. Also, this design is very eye catching with the colours and brightness of the explosion. Also, the bold text catches the eye and seems to be jumping off of the page. This is because of the drop shadow on the words. To improve the poster, I will add Irn Brus URL at the bottom of the poster. I will also add the social networking icons, to indicate that you can communicate with the company online.This is the second draft of my third poster. I have improved it by adding the Irn Bru website URL and some social networking icons that indicate how you can communicate with the company. To make these stand out from the background I added a drop shadow to boost them off the screen. Further improvements that I could make include putting my own design of the tin in to the poster instead of the preexisting tin design. 13. Final draft The final draft of my poster has no real improvements. The only difference is the fact that I have used my own tin design in it. This makes it so that all the ideas on the poster are my own and everything is original. The main bit of the poster that I like is how the text and explosion contrast from each other and just generally jump out of the screen at the audience as it gives a very energetic feel. This is good since its advertising an energy drink. If I was to go back and redo this poster, I would probably reposition the social networking icons to the far right and put the Irn Bru logo where the icons were. I would also make the tin a bit smaller to fit it into the main explosion cloud.