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The main star of the film. Simple yet professional.What we see is a bunch of people piling on top of a helicopter this suggests that there is chaos.Background we see a City burning which could suggest problems and trouble as it looks like there was a war.We see a glimpse of the sun which gives the audience hope but zombies seem to be blocking half of it which could mean hopelessness. A huge red Z in the middle which could connotes blood. As War involves blood. In addition the Z could suggest Zombies however this is left for the audience so that they dont give much information away.


The Tag Line is also seen and seems to be a Rhetorical question. That involves the reader and gives the audience a hint on what the film could be.The title is all white except 'House' that is in red which connotes blood and death. The droplets around the word suggest someone's bleeding out or torture.This also follows majority of horror posters where there is no characters or lead actors and shows a house that looks abandoned as it looks dark inside suggesting danger. The poster focuses on dark mise en scene which is following the typical conventions of horror.A credits block is also seen giving the audience an idea on who might be involved


We see the Famous Saw TitleScratches in the background giving the audience that sense that there will be torture.We see a date on when it will be out, a big distribution company letting the audience know that it will be near them and a website which allows the audience to find out moreThe 'I AM STILL AMONG YOU' is a tag line which scares the audience as people will be scared as there still in danger.Chain in a V sign which in roman means 5. Therefor it is a sequel.

The hands seem chained giving the sense of torture and death as the colour of the hands is pale and purple.