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Shooting a human body is one of the most difficult things in photography. How do you make a man masculine, and a female feminine looking, how do you make a couple look in love and a family look happy? First of all it's achieved by the pose. For a normal photo session you have to have a plan. This guide will help you to make this plan.


To make it easier for you to read this book, it is divided into two parts; these parts are advice for a photographer and popular poses for taking pictures. Use these parts separately or together, whatever is easier for you. It might be more convenient for you to print out separate pages and consult them during shooting. Sometimes it might be necessary to show the information to the model to demonstrate the way the model has to position himself/herself at the moment. And the advice that is given, can be printed out and posted above your working table it definitely deserves it!


2. A decent model should almost always transfer the weight on one of the feet. Such photography poses look much more natural.

1. Everyone knows the position for a typical beginner photographer the model is standing facing the camera holding the body vertically. It's not advisable to use this pose. It doesn't have any life, and it's plain boring. In general it can suit some models if those models have ideal figures. You can have an effect of a split between the legs, if the legs have a classical shape. But in general this pose should be used with caution.

5. Pay more attention to the photography poses when the model is positioned side-ways or is standing half-turned, but not facing the camera.

6. Legs are a part of a woman's body that attracts attention of most men. A girl that has long legs is considered by any man as a more beautiful girl, than the one with short legs. If you would like to give your model longer legs visually, you can do it through raising her feet to seem taller (shoes on high heels, Photography-poses.net

4. The easiest way to accentuate the feminine features of a model is to take a picture of her secretly when she is trying to make herself look better fixing her makeup, her hair or her clothes.

3. In order for the girl in the picture to stay feminine, you have to avoid straight angles and straight lines. Try to create the poses, that are smooth; create the curves, that accentuate softness and feminine characteristics for the model. Straight angles, strength, roughness should be used when you are taking a shot of a man.

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8. If the model looks up, and not in the camera, then the eyes look bigger and more expressive. You can ask the model to tilt the face forward and look in the camera, then the eyes will look bigger as well. 10. During the photo shoot the model moves in front of the camera, taking various poses. Encourage smooth movement avoiding brisk moves, this will allow you to keep the proper emotional attitude, calmness and relaxation to go through the whole session smoothly. 9. Make sure to have the correct framing of the shot, so if the model is being shot in full height, then the distance between the head and the top corner of the picture should be larger than the distance between the legs and the bottom corner of the picture.

7. Another simple method to make legs longer is to take a picture of the model from below and to shoot mainly from bottom up during the photo shoot.

standing on tip toes). If you are taking a picture of a woman in her bathing suit, you can shoot from the back and visually make the length of the legs longer because of the buttocks.

13. If you are taking pictures of a model with one light source, place it in the left top position. That is related to the psychological characteristics of perception.

11. Make sure that the model doesn't stretch the arms or the legs towards the camera, this will make gross distortion from the correct proportions (unless that was meant to be that way).

17. Sometimes photographers use hats that make the model look more feminine. Do not put a small hat on a model with a large head it will visually make her head even larger (think about the queen of hearts).

16. If you are taking a picture of a girl sitting down looking straight at you, remember, that her proportions will be distorted, and her legs will turn out too short.

14. To make the smile brilliant turn away from the photographer. Turn towards him only for one second before taking a shot, depending on his signal, and smile. The smile will appear colourful and natural to its maximum potential. 15. A model in simple clothes like jeans, a sweater, and so on, will look younger in the photograph, as well as fresher and more spontaneous, than in a business suit.

12. Another tip about the legs. Remember that socks make legs look shorter visually, don't forget to ask the model to take them off.

18. For plus size models it's better to stand with their back towards the camera, turning their head sideways.


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1. A model's hair is a very important detail and can become the central point of your composition. You can make very beautiful poses for photo sessions with the help of long, wellkept hair of the model. The hair attracts attention and distract the viewer from body imperfections. Look at the famous photographers' works they always use models with long beautiful hair during their photo shoots. The classical pose is to make the model lie down and spread her hair around, which can make any girl a beauty. Remember that beautiful hair always accentuates the beauty and the expressiveness of the face and the eyes of the girl its the main photography tip for a female photo session. 2. If the photograph has a girl with her long hair loose, where she is doing something with her hair, for example, when she is brushing her hair, the girl's charm, and femininity increase a lot. The main thing here is to spread the elbows to the sides, other than point them towards the photographer.

4. Too much wax or spray in the hair can make the hair shimmer from the flash, so you have to take that into consideration during the photo shoot.

5. The hair style can easily compensate for the face being asymmetric you just need to cover half of the model's face with the hair.

3. The hair can create the dynamics, if the model allows the hair to be blown around in the wind, be shaken or waved around. You can use wet hair, and the model would have to throw the hair on the back, while the photographer would be making the shot.

6. The hair, that the model has in the picture, forms the attitude of the viewer towards the model and creates its image for the viewer. In reality, of course, this image has nothing to do with the real intellect and the character of the model but who cares? Our task is to create a beautiful image, a work of art that everyone can love and admire. 7. If the forehead of the model is completely open, the majority of the viewers will perceive the model as intellectual or intelligent. That is, of course, not always necessary for a girl (more often otherwise). 8. If the hair style is covering the forehead of the model half way, this photograph will be perceived neutrally. That is the safest hair style for most of the purposes. 9. A completely covered forehead with the hair will attract the attention of the viewer towards the forehead. This will make the model daring and strong in the mind of the viewer. This is usually completely inappropriate for an image of a woman (unless you are taking a picture of an athlete, for example, who needs this type of an image).


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3. If the male model has naturally noticeable eyebrows, that are thick, broken or triangular, for example, it's better not to cover them up in the picture. To the opposite, they will become dominant for your photo, accentuating the individuality of the model. 5. When the man is standing up, he can divide his weight proportionately between his legs, or transfer the weight on one leg. It is possible to use any of those standing positions. But transfering the weight on one leg usually makes better photography poses. 4. Good, masculine positions of the arms are having the arms criss-crossed on the chest or holding the hands in the pockets showing thumbs.

2. It's better to turn the model with his chest towards the camera, especially when the model is well-built and has a wide chest. The classical photography pose here is having the thighs half way open, and having the chest straight forward. This will also accentuate the masculinity of the model.

1. It's easy to accentuate the masculinity of the model by creating straight angles in the picture, and creating overall roughness and coarseness. They are very well accepted by the viewers. The proportions of the model don't make a difference.

6. It is better to have the model lower his chin a little during taking the proper position for the shoot sticking the chin out does not look good for either men or women.

7. Rippling muscles, a short neck and narrow thighs are the advantages of a male model, so they have to be accentuated during the photo shoot. Only if the male model has them, of course. 8. A bent, crooked back should be avoided when either a man or a woman are being shot on camera. This creates an impression of a tired sick person and an overall repulsive impression for the viewer. It is advisable for the model to keep the back straight during the photo session. 9. If you are taking a picture of a man in a business suit, it's better not to use a completely new suit, never worn before. It will not look natural. You should take the one that has been already worn a little.


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1. Not everyone can look good in the picture, not everybody's body is beautiful. Try to figure out what looks best in the photo for your model and choose those poses that will accentuate the beauty of the model for your photo shoot. The other parts of the body that are not as beautiful, can be shot at different angles, where they can be presented better.

2. The chin is not always perfect for either men or women. A double, triple (so on) chin can be hidden if the angles of photos are not done from below, and place more significance on the shots from above the model. The chin will be much less noticeable and the attention of the viewers will be on all the other parts of the woman. 3. And something else about the chin when you are taking a picture of it, try to avoid having your model tilt her head forward, this can visually create a double chin for her on the picture. 5. The optimal face shape is an oval. Accentuate the face shaped like an oval can be done through various ways with the help of a collar, a hair style or headwear. 4. On the other hand, if the chin is too small, you can accentuate it from shooting it from below, and making the model tilt her head a little.

6. If the face of the model is elongated, it will make a disproportion, and to smooth it out your would have to tilt the head of the model forward, and move the body to the side. You could use a wide-rimmed hat. Though, to the contrary, a horse type face is considered as an additional sign of beauty by many men.

7. If the model has a round face, and you are trying to smoothen out this irregularity, you have to photograph the model turned three fourth of the way, or sideways. You could try to use a tall hat. Again, not for every model a round face is a bad thing in such a way that you would have to cover it or hide it. Sometimes it's better to show the natural beauty of the model without hiding it.

8. One of the basic definitions of photography when you are evaluating the body are the axes, or in other words nominal lines along which different body parts are located. Pay attention to the way the axes of the mouth and the eyes are going. If they are not parallel, it is not always a bad thing, and often gives the model a special charm. If you think that this face feature is a disadvantage, and you would like to hide it, avoid taking pictures with the face forward, moreover, do not take a picture of the model's smile in this pose. You should allow the to photograph face forward or half way toward having a face forward picture, the imperfections of the face in this position will not be noticeable. 9. You could hide protruding ears avoiding taking face forward pictures, and taking pictures of the model sideways. You could cover them with hair or with a hat. You cannot use back lighting because the ears will be seen through, and the picture will come out ugly with red and see through ears. 10. A big nose can be hidden through two ways you could take a photograph mainly face forward from a spot a little below the face. You could also use a hair style by brushing the hair on the forehead and the


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14. You should not use sleek hair styles for a low forehead; stress tall, lush, large hair styles and asymmetric fringe. 16. Legs that are too muscular can spoil the appearance on the picture, making the woman too masculine. Use the poses where the legs of the model are relaxed, and the model is either sitting or lying down. The muscles that are developed too much will be hidden in that case. 18. If the model is slouching, you should not take a sideways picture of her. Mostly take the pictures face forward, or shooting from below.

15. Rare hair should mainly be the trouble for the hair-dresser, and not the photographer. However, this flaw can be hidden by providing back lighting. Then the head will have a halo around it, that will visually increase the volume of hair. 17. If the woman is middle-aged and has wrinkles, and is trying to hide them in the photo, you should not completely rely on the retouching of the finished photograph. The wrinkles can be easily hidden with the help of soft lighting.

13. For a very high forehead you could use either straight or brushed to the side fringe, such a forehead should not be completely covered up.

12. For a short nose you could use a round hair style.

11. If a long nose is a disadvantage for a model, it is easy to hide it. Accentuate face forward pictures. You could brush the hair so that it falls on the cheeks. It's not advisable to use sleek hair style, or hair brushed to the back. It's not a good idea to bend the head down, then the nose will be much longer.

cheeks, or you could leave the hair loose. It's not advisable for the models with a big nose to have hair styles with a parting, small curls or thin curls.


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Besides the poses that you will be choosing when you are photographing plus size models (of different sizes), the clothing, that you dress your model in for the photo session, plays a great role. It's not obligatory to hide the weight, especially since sometimes it's not possible at all. In many cultures female corpulence, as it is widely known, is considered a sign of beauty and many men are not trying to approach standard beauty women. It is known, that historically more corpulent women were considered beautiful, but it's just that not long ago the standard reference for female body beauty has changed. There are a few simple rules that will allow you to choose the colours and the fashion style in a way that the clothing will help to dress the model in the picture by accentuating her positive features. 1. You cannot use separate clothing in too many contrasting colours for plus size models for example, black and white colours, or blue and yellow colours. If the bottom and the top parts of the model's body are dressed in very contrasting colours, then the model's figure will visually be divided into parts and the corpulence will not be accentuated in the advantageous way.

3. It is not recommended to use clothing with short fitted sleeves for plus size models. Voluminous and dimensionless things are also going to look unfavourably. 4. Avoid tight-fitting around folds of fat.

2. Fabric with large prints or pictures is not suitable either.

6. White colour is not suitable for a plus size model. Although it is possible to use shades of white and grey. 7. If the model is short, it's better not to wear hair styles with long hair. It's better to have short hair. 8. For these types of ladies it's better to use clothing made of smooth fabric, one colour clothing or with very small print, not very tight-fitting and not very loose. Small contrast print looks much better (but remember do not dress with contrasting colours below and above the waist, it's okay to have contrasting pictures as prints on the fabric only!) It's good to use black and shimmering colours and patterns.

5. Wide belts look ugly on a plus size model, it's better to accentuate the waist with a narrow or medium width belt of the same tone as the clothing.

9. If you have to make the height taller visually, you can use a long scarf of the same type of fabric and the same colour as outer clothing. Photography-poses.net 10. You could use large jewelry, deep collar neckline, and undo the top buttons as if by accident. Page 8


1. When you are shooting outside your studio you have to choose your photo angles taking into account the shades. During the day the shades change, and the sun stays up as high as possible and creates very short shades. With this sort of lighting it's possible to use the angles from above, and shoot from above, then the person will look shorter than he is in reality.

2. Bright sun will give very sharp light, and due to that the eyes will stay in the shadows of the brows and will not look very beautiful in the pictures. You can get rid of this effect by raising the head up during the shooting. But the higher the sun is above the horizon, the more you will have to raise your head. That is why it's preferable to use evening or morning lights. Naturally a cloudy weather or diffused light don't matter here.

equally into two parts.

3. Pay most of the attention to the horizon when you are shooting outside. It's clear that the horizon should not be overwhelmed, when the horizon line is curved, and that's the first sign of an amateur photo. The second and less widely known rule is that the horizon line should not divide the picture


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4. Place the people in the group picture closer to each other than you would in real life. The group is perceived differently in the picture if you keep usual distances that people normally have in real life. In the picture the group will look very disjointed like that. 5. Try to use mirror like poses when people are standing in the same pose, but mirror each other. Such positioning is unusual and looks excellent in the picture.

3. The maximum number of people for perception on one picture is seven people. If there are more people, you will not get a work of art but a document. That is, judging by the picture you will be able to say that you have gathered together on that date and took a picture, which looks very boring.

2. If you are taking pictures of a family, you don't have to put everybody sitting together. This will make a classical boring picture. Be more creative and make a pyramid out of people, or place their heads together in a way, almost like a flower. Within reason, of course.

1. The figures that are placed at the same level are going to look boring. You have to place the people differently, you can put someone sitting down, and someone lying down, and you'll see that the result will look much more interesting.

6. If you are making a photo of a group of three people, for example, two adults and one child, avoid a triangular composition, where the heads in the picture make a triangle with the corner down. This type of shot composition creates a subconscious wish from the viewer to switch the position of the triangle, and place it into a more stable position. 7. If the group is large and people are standing on different levels, then the chins of the models in the top row should not go to the level of the bottom row people. If this is allowed, the picture will come out broken up


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Human body can take a million poses, but to have an interesting photo session or for a model portfolio, not every pose is suitable. Each pose expresses an emotion, an inner state of the model, and each pose symbolizes something. Using correct positioning of the photograph and the model can assist in creating a certain effect and to show the model in a more advantageous light. You can accentuate strong sides of the model and hide her weak sides, you can show her character, and make a woman look more feminine and a man more masculine, you can show strong feelings between two people and their relationship in their family. At the same time the poses that are suitable for one model will not be suitable for another model at all.


As a result the majority of photographers and the majority of models arrive to a certain number of limited poses that they have for every photo session with every model. Try to make up your own number of poses to take your pictures like a professional does. Of course, we are not listing all the poses here, not even all the main ones, but almost all the photographers use them.


It's the easiest and most popular pose when shooting a woman. Her whole weight is transferred onto the leg at the back. The woman demonstrates modesty, femininity and elegance. Her legs are visually made longer. You can take a photo of this model either sideways or straight forward. Her arms can take different positions and be placed either along the body, behind the head, be fixing the hair, or she can embrace herself with the arms regardless of what you are trying to show. It's important to note that the front leg is bent a little, it can be raised on the toes, but it should not be lifted off the ground, because then the model might be looking vulgar. If this pose is shot from the back, then one of the buttocks should be placed a bit higher than the other, and it will increase attractiveness and will attract attention.


This pose also accentuates romantic nature and femininity of the model. Due to the fact that the eyes are focusing on the point where the legs are criss-crossed, more attention is attracted to that point. However, the legs are made visually shorter then, so the pose is not recommended for the models with short or large legs. This pose is more suitable for the models with long legs, and the thinner are the legs, the more criss-crossed they can be. The impression from this pose will be intensified, if the front or the back legs are placed on the toes, or the model is just wearing high heeled shoes. Photography-poses.net

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It's a stable and a strong pose. It's more suitable for male than female models. When you are shooting a female in this pose, you should remember that the weight of the model should not be placed equally on both legs, it's better to transfer it on one of the legs. The model can stretch the leg out and bend it a little, this way she will demonstrate her figure. If the model is holding her hands on the waist, the pose becomes too aggressive. If the model bends her thigh a little and stretches the leg out too much, it looks as if the model is doing it on purpose to demonstrate the body of hers, and the aggressive nature of the pose is still present. One variation of this pose is interesting when the legs are stretched out and one leg is moved to the back, it is fashionable to place the leg on the toes or to place it on a pedestal, and make the model go down the stairs, for example. Then the good features of the body will be demonstrated. LEGS TOGETHER, FEET APART

This is a relaxed, but not a very noticeable pose. Generally, it's good for practically any model. However, you have to see whether the legs are short or stout, then you should not show them in your picture at all. It's better to cover them with a dress or a skirt, and to hide them to your maximum ability. LEGS SHOULDER-WIDTH APART


In its core this pose is made for teenagers, but it is also suitable for women, who look younger that their age. This pose is not recommended for mature women, because it will not fit their age or appearance. It gives the model features of innocence and it accentuates the youth. The easiest way to attract attention to the main points of knees, buttocks, and breasts. The lower the model is curtseying, the better it will be perceived by the viewers. Unfortunately, this largely depends on the physical fitness of the model. A MODEL CURTSEYING A LITTLE


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Having placed your model in this position you can visually change the proportions of the model, and you can make it a bit better from making the legs longer. Besides, such poses have colourful erotic character, especially if you angle your camera from the back. The main thing is that the poses are universal and they are applicable for practically any model. Pay attention to the hands don't let them hang down (a walking gorilla) or be placed on the back (Oh, man, my back). Set the hands on the knees or embrace the breasts. Do not forget the back has to be straight or inclined, but do not make it round at any point! This pose will give your model a happy, not serious look. It's suitable mostly for young models. It can make you think about a pole in a strip bar, so it's not always usable. POSES HOLDING ONTO AN OBJECT HANGING DOWN POSE


When a model is standing in this position, the picture has a certain level of calmness about it. With that, if the object is located in front of the model, then the viewer is perceiving the position as a forced stop, and the model is ready to continue moving. If the object that the model is holding onto is located behind her, it's a relaxed pose, and the model is clearly resting.


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It's the easiest and a widely used pose. The attention of the viewer is placed on the legs of the model. The pose has a strong emotional message, the higher the leg of the model, the more optimistic, but at the same time less modest the pose will seem to the viewer. The variation of this pose, when the model is pressing the knee to herself with her hands can show that she is trying to defend herself from the world around, it makes the model seem defenceless or needing defence. You can correct the flaws of the figure of the model in this pose by taking your photo straight forward with the toes stretched forward. This pose is somewhat vulgar and is mostly suitable for teenager girls. It's better to show pants or shorts, or to cover the crotch of the model with some sort of obstacle or an object. ONE KNEE IS RAISED ABOVE THE OTHER WIDELY SPREAD LEGS



This pose has many variations. In any case, if one knee of the model is higher than the other, it shows her activeness, wish to act and uninhibited nature. You can curve the waist, band the head on the side, and then the pose will become more demonstrative, but will not lose its dynamic qualities.

In this pose it's not recommended to criss-cross the legs, this is not harmonious and it visually shortens the legs length. It is not recommended for short-legged models. If you bend the leg more, it will tell us about a good physical form of the model. The classical pose is for a beach scene.



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This pose allows us to hide the flaws of the figure and is perfect for shortlegged models or models with stout legs. The attention of the viewer is not concentrated on the figure of the model due to the composition of the pose. It is suitable for practically any models. This is one of the most photogenic and flirty poses. You can criss-cross the legs, and the model can be sitting on the floor or on the chair, the lower leg can be lowered down, and the legs can be criss-crossed. ONE KNEE OVER THE OTHER


If you take a picture of the model in this pose straight forward or from an angle a little bit high above, the legs will be made visually very long. Another way to do it is to make the model sit on her legs. In this way the model will demonstrate modesty and shyness.


This pose overall expresses modesty and the romantic nature of the model. If the model is holding on to the legs with the arms, this is usually perceived as a sign that the model is completely into herself, and is led by the power of emotions. It's an excellent position to demonstrate the legs. Standing in this pose it's better to turn sideways towards the photographer, this will help to avoid a visual distortion of the legs proportions. If the arms are placed on the knees, the viewer will perceive the model as a perfectionist. You can make the pose strained, making the model sit on the end of the chair. LEGS ARE TOGETHER, AND BENT IN THE KNEES



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This is a playful and a silly pose, where the model is led by emotions and feelings. This pose might not be suitable for the model, and it might look unnaturally, so you should be using it with caution.



This gives the model a playful, not serious character, and it reminds you of a child, who is playing with his legs in the air. You could make successful photos that are built on the conflict of playfulness of the pose and a serious task, where a woman in a business suit is having this pose, and at the same time is working on her laptop. The pose looks better when the legs are criss-crossed in the ankles or if the toes are joint. THE LEGS ARE RAISED UP AND ARE HOLDING ONTO AN OBJECT

The main purpose of this pose is when the model is just lying down on the back, or on the stomach, and it demonstrates a well-build model. Here you have to accentuate the length of the legs. When you are taking pictures of this model, it's better to choose such an angle, where the whole model can be seen completely. BOTH LEGS ARE RAISED UP


The model in this pose is perceived as a resting optimist, probably, knowing what she is worth or too ambitious. Naturally it demonstrates the most sexual part of the female body (for many men) her legs. It is recommended for models with good looks.


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If a lying down model inclines her body, it's naturally either made purposefully to look over the top, or it could be a sort of fashion to hide the imperfections of the model's body and to accentuate her advantageous sides. The pose is clearly seducing and flirtatious, and it's suitable for almost any model.

The pose that becomes dynamic because of the body turning and imitating movement is always photogenic. The figure of the model becomes whole, because it has one axis, around which there is an imaginary rotation. INCLINED BODY


The model in this pose is perceived as she is resting, and having this rest that she deserves. Another meaning of this pose is seduction, so this pose is quite erotic.


The poses where the knees are put together and raised up transfer the feeling of comfort, self-sufficiency and cosiness. The element of seduction is very strong here, that is brought in by the raised legs. The body is demonstrated from its best angles. The higher the legs are raised, the stronger is the reason to seduce and attract.



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The second thing is to perform actions! Any actions, make it dramatic, emotional and moving. For example, - imagine that you are walking on a tight rope try to keep your balance! - cover some parts of your body as if ashamed - imagine that you are cold and show it! - cover a part of your body with an object - fix your hair style and makeup - look out from something - show that you are running away from something - play on an imaginary violin. Or a trombone. Or another instrument. - demonstrate undone buttons or fallen down shoulder-straps by accident - turn around - push or pull something imaginary - show an animal a cat, a tigress, or a gopher - fix, pull, or take off the clothing, shoes, and accessories Show a natural movement and don't strain it, and the pose will work out on its own!

A photographer or a model might get one main issue when they are doing a photo shoot. It's not clear what to do, and how to stand in general, and what to take pictures of. In this case you have to try to make up your own poses by using the following approaches. Of course, every pose has to be natural, so don't lose the natural character of the pose, no matter what you are trying to do. - bend what can be bent! - stretch out your arms, legs and head to the maximum - hold your body with your arms in different combinations - stretch your thigh to the side - rotate your arms back and forth - stretch the leg far to the side or to the back - bend the knees a little - stretch one leg down or to the side - place the legs and the arms on different levels - while sitting raise one of the knees way up - hang your body to the front - make a closed outline with your legs or arms - hang your body backwards - connect different parts of the body in any possible combination - place your arms on one of the parts of the body or an object - criss-cross your legs and arms - try to stretch the legs and the arms in different sides - bend in your waste to the maximum - bend your leg while standing and from the back - unbend your fingers - push your breasts to the front to the maximum - hang off a support - hold part of your body hanging - hold yourself or something big with your hands



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This version of the pose is much more suitable, when the man is standing with the weight on one of his legs. His arms can be shot in various ways they can be placed on his waist, criss-crossed on the chest, the thumbs could be placed behind the belt, or he could be fixing his tie; his looks will usually be very masculine. If the arms are nowhere to put, the model can be talking on a cell phone. STANDING STRAIGHT, WHERE THE WEIGHT IS EQUALLY SPREAD BETWEEN THE LEGS


You can place the legs together or spread them wide apart. You could equally distribute weight among the legs or transfer it on one of the legs. If the legs are spread and the weight is equally spread around them, you will get a clearly masculine pose, but the model will look like there is another meaning to it, and as if the model is hiding an uncertainty in it behind a front of strength. It's better to avoid this pose when you are shooting a male model, unless you are going to change it in some way. This pose shows the man's chest the best way, it also accentuates the positive features of the model. Naturally, it's better to use the models that have a well-developed figure and a wide chest here, otherwise the view will be quite pathetic. If the model does not have a wide chest, he will be better off standing sideways. This pose is as suitable for male models as for female models. It gives a relaxed impression. But it also may create a dynamic where the man is sort of pushing himself away from the support object and is going to move on from there. Another way to do it is to place a bent leg on the support. STANDING AND HOLDING ONTO AN OBJECT STANDING AND ROTATING THE THIGHS HALF-WAY, AND ROTATING THE CHEST TOWARDS THE CAMERA


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Sit your model squatting. Depending on the position of the legs and the arms this pose will make the person look either tired or aggressive, depending on the result that you are trying to achieve by your photo session. SITTING WITH THE LEGS SPREAD WIDELY

Try to place the man in a female or a child position and sometimes it brings unusual results. For example, the way we are talking in the picture with the legs raised in the air. Here the orientation is supposed to be a bit different, it will mostly show your character as a funny and ironic man with a good sense of humour. SQUATTING

This is a typical male pose. The model can either be resting, sitting back on the back of the chair, or working, or making gestures and showing aggression, but in any way nobody will ever question its masculine character. Another idea here is to criss-cross the legs if the model is sitting on the floor. This pose is showing a waiting, resting character and accentuates the romantic side of the model. It will look great in the Make your model busy with something/ For example, he can be tying the show laces on the shoes. Or he can be brushing hair. He could be flipping papers in the folder. He could be observing or studying something. This will make a great dynamic photo. IN MOVEMENT SITTING DOWN WITH THE LEGS TOGETHER

pictures with nature.


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The main idea here that should be used to express the feelings between the couple in photography is to show the relationship between the people in the picture. Love, sex, deep feelings can be expressed if the people take the correct pose or create a corresponding emotion. The latter is the easiest thing to do. Couples rarely take pictures together if there is no relationship among them, it is enough for them to relax, and to remember how much they love each other and smile. It doesn't matter if you are photographing a wedding, an engagement, or just people who love each other these poses will help you to transfer their relationship feelings into your shots. This pose has several variations. You could make the models stand face to face with each other or place the male at the back (he is usually taller and this positioning looks better), and place the female behind him. The male can be embracing the female. Overall this will make a very romantic and sensual pose. The models can stand with their backs to each other in a mirror-like way. This is, by the way, an excellent approach to place the man and the woman as if STANDING WITH THEIR BACKS TO EACH OTHER FACING THE CAMERA AND EMBRACING EACH OTHER


reflecting each other.

This is an unusual pose to have one person facing sideways and the other one facing straight forward. You can imitate a conversation, where the woman is telling something to the man. This is another unusual pose for your photo session you have to place one person with the back to the camera and it will attract the attention to the photograph right away. Try both ways, when the man is facing the camera or the woman facing the camera. It's better to have the person facing the camera having some sort of emotion on the face, at least smiling. Photography-poses.net Page 21 ONE PERSON IS STANDING WITH THE BACK TO THE CAMERA


This is a very unusual portrait. Just place the couple with their faces up looking at each other and take a picture from above. This picture will be embellish any photo album. THE MAN HOLDING THE WOMAN IN THE ARMS


This is another way to show the relationship between the couple. The people in the photo can be standing close to each other or otherwise at the distance of stretched arms. This is, by the way, one of the ways to picture a wedding. If the woman is embracing the man on his neck, this is going to look very photogenical. Either zoomed or wider shoots will do.


This pose is a bit trite and typical, but you can make it a bit varied, by adding an unusual facial expression. Maybe in this picture the couple could show not love but perplexity.

The easiest way to show sex or a very strong passion is to make the couple lie down and let them kiss each other


And, finally, a standard piece of advice offer your couple to do something together, this will give you an opportunity to make the most unusual and lively pictures. Photography-poses.net Page 22


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