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  • 1. Point of SaleDigital Promotion Opportunities October 2012

2. The StudyVenue X sells similar quantities of beer and spiritsSales by Category: London SiteUnits Q1 2012 Draught Beer Spirits Bottled beer Shots Cocktails Wine Beer Non-Alcoholic 2 3. The StudyAmong spirits, most leading brands perform poorly in terms of share of sales VODKA IMPERIUM JAGERMEISTERSales by Spirit Band: Venue X SCHNAPPSUnits Q1 2012 MAVERICK COCKSPUR RUM MOORLAND JACK DANIELS CHRISTOPHER GIN WHYTE&MACKAY DBL IMPERIUM VODKA SAMBUCA WHITE SOURZ MALIBU BACARDI SOUTHERN COMFORT BUNDABERG RUM CORKYS -APPLE SOUR JIM BEAM AMARETTO OLMECA DBL MOORLAND WHISKY BAILEYS CAPTAIN MORGAN ABSINTHE 3 4. The StudyAmong beers, Heineken supplies all draft, but only a small portion of bottlesSales by Beer Band: Venue XUnits Q1 2012DRAFT BOTTLES otherotherTIGER AMSTELBECKS 1664 KRONENBOURGVK VODKA ORANGE MURPHYBULMERS HEINEKENHEINEKEN BOTTLE DBL McEWANSSTELLA ARTOIS FOSTERSSMIRNOFF REDVK VODKA ORANGE STRONGBOWPROMOCORONA Mc EWANS4 5. The Medium CM Ident 5From June, Venue X will feature the Captive Media system1015 The system comprises screens PTV Content20located above the urinals in themens washroom, and beside mirror 25or hand-drier in the ladies washroom30 Each of Captive Medias units plays3rd Party Ad 35a 90-second loop of visual40material, (see timeline, right)Sponsors45consisting of:Promo(i) PTV entertainment content 50(ii) Sponsors or venues promotions55(iii) Third Party advertisingPTV Content60 Sponsors promotions occupy 10 65second slots in each 90-second loop70 Watch a video clip of a sampleSponsors75Promocampaign showing in this loop at:80http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWl9CC3G2rc85 PTV Content905 6. Sales Impact 1Trial campaigns show the medium to be highly effective in boosting brandshare. Example 1: Doubling share for Tiger beerTigers Sales Share at VenueWeekly Tiger unit sales as % of total weekly bottledbeer unit sales 12% 10%Tiger Weekly % of sales8%6%Jan Feb 2011Oct 20119.57% Jan Feb 20124% 5.01%2%4.24%0%Jan Feb 2011Oct 2011 Jan Feb 2012Source: Venues EPOS data 6 7. Sales Impact 2 Example 2: Driving brand switching from Peroni (venue leader) to Corona Uplift in Weekly Corona Unit Sales Weekly unit sales volumes of Corona and Peroni before and during the trial period7-Week Trial Period1000 Corona 900 Peroni 800Weekly Unit Sales 700 600 + 46.3% 500 Stockout 400 Trial Weekly AveragePre-Trial Weekly Average641 units 300438 units 200 04-Jun11-Jun 18-Jun25-Jun 02-Jul 09-Jul16-Jul23-Jul30-Jul06-Aug 13-Aug 20-Aug 27-Aug Date (w/e) Source Venues EPOS data4 8. ProposalThis provides a compelling sponsorship opportunity for your suppliers Proposal and TermsBenefits Sales uplifts. Similar uplifts to thoseExclusive category sponsorship lasting xachieved in trials would mean, for monthsexample: [Site-specific EPOS stats]x000 + VAT covers, for x months Sponsors message carried on all Promote new brand introductions, eg Captive Media screens in the venue 10 second slot as part of a 90 second Change copy quickly over secure loop in the mens room, 150 seconds ininternet, no paper printing and distribution the ladies room, playing throughout barcosts opening hours Estimated x,000 impressions per month Huge Buzz, talkability and earned media Reporting of actual not estimated 90% of people who see the screens tell impact numbers as recorded by thetheir friends Captive Media system For an example of PR potential, visit Free content creation or adaptation (ifwww.captive-media.co.uk/media- required) and upload by Captive Mediacentre/world-press-coverage/ for two sets of creativeOptional extras not included above Sponsorship of game itself Third and additional copy creations Detailed EPOS analysis of sales impact of specific ad copy 8 9. Captive Media LtdSurprising. Shocking. Amazing. www.captive-media.co.ukhttps://twitter.com/#%21/Captive_Mediahttp://www.youtube.com/user/captivevideos9


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