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1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Selection of final images & review (P4, M4, D4) Image One Image Two 2. Image Three Image Four 3. Image Five Image Six 4. Image Seven Image Eight 5. Image Nine Image Ten Theme or focus of image & reasons for choice The main focus of the images I captured was the model within the image due to the fact that the aim of this project was to produce images suitable for a music magazine, therefore I captured all of these images with the intentions of promoting a new upcoming solo artist capturing images which would be suitable to accompany an article relating to this artist. I decided that the artist would be that of the indie/pop genre therefore I chose specifically to shoot against walls full of graffiti as well as a couple more locations which i felt anchored this particular genre. In image four, eight nine and ten, I decided to capture close ups of the artist with the intentions of creating an up close and personal image, for a music magazine, some of which I chose specifically to have direct mode of address with the model staring directly into 6. the camera with the intentions of creating a more up close and personal image which would feature within a music magazine article relating to this particular artist. I chose specifically to capture image five and six because simply because I liked the composition with the tree branch coming in from the right hand side, the green background and the crate on the bottom right hand corner. I wanted to capture a more personal image (Image Five), therefore I had the model sit on the grass using direct mode of address, with the intentions that it would be suitable for an article relating to the artist. I then had the model lie on the branch, simply because I felt this not only creates a relaxed feeling for the person viewing it but I also felt it created a sense of freedom therefore anchoring the indie genre. Techniques used In terms of techniques I used the manual mode when capturing these images therefore I had to select the shutter speed, ISO and aperture in order to produce good quality images. Strengths & suggested improvements I feel that the images I produced were good in terms of clarity and composition and capturing what I wanted to achieve when producing these images, however I feel that I could have improved these images by making it more clear through the images that they were intended for a music magazine, for example by including an instrument, I also feel that if I was to do this type of project again I would take a much wider variety of images in terms of camera shots and composition due to the fact that I feel my final ten images are very similar, just with a change in background or a slight change in composition. I would also use a larger variety of editing techniques in terms of post production. Editing details In terms of editing I increased the vibrancy in all of the images with the intentions of producing more vibrant and colourful images therefore portraying the solo artist and the music produced by her in a more vibrant and positive light. I also cropped a number of the images in order to reduce any negative space. I also added a more orange colour tone into image five and six with the intentions of creating a more warm feeling. Capture Log Setting Shutter Speed ISO Aperture Image One: Manual Image Two: Manual Image Three: Manual Image Four: Manual 1/20 sec 1/20 sec 1/50 sec 1/125 sec 100 100 160 400 f/5 f/5 f/4.5 f/5.6 f/5 7. Image Five: Manual Image Six: Manual Image Seven: Manual Image Eight: Manual Image Nine: Manual Image Ten: Manual 1/60 sec 1/80 sec 1/60 sec 1/200 sec 1/60 sec 1/50 sec 100 100 200 250 100 160 f/5.6 f/4.5 f/5.6 f/5 f/4.5