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  • Updated on: 10/10/2017

    Portland, Oregon Flight Standards District Office Located at:

    3180 NE Century Blvd, Hillsboro, OR 97124 Extensions use the following format: 503-615-xxxx; directory assistance can be reached at 503-615-3200; FAX 503-615-3300

    Effective 10/10/2017

    Management Staff

    Name Title Phone #

    Bill McKibbon Acting Office Manager 3235

    Curt Cowley FAAST Team Manager 3279

    Bill OBrien Administrative Officer 3317

    GAO - Operations

    Name Title Phone #

    Tom Beach Frontline Manager 3264

    Vacant Aviation Safety Assistant

    Dee Rice Principal Operations Inspector 3255

    Jason Lawver Principal Operations Inspector 3234

    Joe Mollahan Principal Operations Inspector 3276

    Kevin Marpert Principal Operations Inspector 3208

    Mary Salazar Aviation Safety Technician 3243

    GAA - Airworthiness

    Name Title Phone #

    Cathy Kurtz Frontline Manager 3225

    Charles Sutton Aviation Safety Assistant 3250

    Barbara Campbell Aviation Safety Technician 3253

    Bruce Stephanson Principal Maintenance Inspector 3254

    Dave Montalvo Principal Avionics Inspector 3261

    Keith Ruconich Principal Maintenance Inspector 3258

    Tony Moore Principal Maintenance Inspector 3213

    Tim Gunther Aviation Safety Inspector 3251

  • Updated on: 10/10/2017

    GAV Mixed w/ Variable Focus

    Name Title Phone #

    Rich Davis Frontline Manager 3214

    Cory Martin Aviation Safety Assistant 3306

    Chris Mazurkiewicz Principal Maintenance Inspector 3227

    Chuck Wright Principal Maintenance Inspector 3316

    Darren Vaughn Principal Avionics Inspector 3244

    Gene Hahn Aviation Safety Inspector 3274

    Jim Holden Principal Avionics Inspector 3265

    Kelly Soule Principal Operations Inspector 3257

    Shawn Kellar Principal Maintenance Inspector 3313

    GAH Mixed w/ Helicopter Focus

    Name Title Phone #

    Rey Madrid Frontline Manager 3260

    Todd Boyd Aviation Safety Assistant 3246

    Dave Long Principal Operations Inspector 3215

    Erik Ramseyer Principal Maintenance Inspector 3219

    John Fisher Principal Avionics Inspector 3242

    Ken Bradshaw Principal Maintenance Inspector 3206

    Lance Johnson Assistant Principal Maintenance Inspector 3262

    Marty Conroy Principal Operations Inspector 3240

    Rick Chagnon Principal Operations Inspector 3249


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