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<ul><li><p>Updated on: 10/10/2017 </p><p>Portland, Oregon Flight Standards District Office Located at: </p><p>3180 NE Century Blvd, Hillsboro, OR 97124 Extensions use the following format: 503-615-xxxx; directory assistance can be reached at 503-615-3200; FAX 503-615-3300 </p><p>Effective 10/10/2017 </p><p>Management Staff </p><p>Name Title Phone # </p><p>Bill McKibbon Acting Office Manager 3235 </p><p>Curt Cowley FAAST Team Manager 3279 </p><p>Bill OBrien Administrative Officer 3317 </p><p>GAO - Operations </p><p>Name Title Phone # </p><p>Tom Beach Frontline Manager 3264 </p><p>Vacant Aviation Safety Assistant </p><p>Dee Rice Principal Operations Inspector 3255 </p><p>Jason Lawver Principal Operations Inspector 3234 </p><p>Joe Mollahan Principal Operations Inspector 3276 </p><p>Kevin Marpert Principal Operations Inspector 3208 </p><p>Mary Salazar Aviation Safety Technician 3243 </p><p> GAA - Airworthiness </p><p>Name Title Phone # </p><p>Cathy Kurtz Frontline Manager 3225 </p><p>Charles Sutton Aviation Safety Assistant 3250 </p><p>Barbara Campbell Aviation Safety Technician 3253 </p><p>Bruce Stephanson Principal Maintenance Inspector 3254 </p><p>Dave Montalvo Principal Avionics Inspector 3261 </p><p>Keith Ruconich Principal Maintenance Inspector 3258 </p><p>Tony Moore Principal Maintenance Inspector 3213 </p><p>Tim Gunther Aviation Safety Inspector 3251 </p></li><li><p>Updated on: 10/10/2017 </p><p> GAV Mixed w/ Variable Focus </p><p>Name Title Phone # </p><p>Rich Davis Frontline Manager 3214 </p><p>Cory Martin Aviation Safety Assistant 3306 </p><p>Chris Mazurkiewicz Principal Maintenance Inspector 3227 </p><p>Chuck Wright Principal Maintenance Inspector 3316 </p><p>Darren Vaughn Principal Avionics Inspector 3244 </p><p>Gene Hahn Aviation Safety Inspector 3274 </p><p>Jim Holden Principal Avionics Inspector 3265 </p><p>Kelly Soule Principal Operations Inspector 3257 </p><p>Shawn Kellar Principal Maintenance Inspector 3313 </p><p> GAH Mixed w/ Helicopter Focus </p><p>Name Title Phone # </p><p>Rey Madrid Frontline Manager 3260 </p><p>Todd Boyd Aviation Safety Assistant 3246 </p><p>Dave Long Principal Operations Inspector 3215 </p><p>Erik Ramseyer Principal Maintenance Inspector 3219 </p><p>John Fisher Principal Avionics Inspector 3242 </p><p>Ken Bradshaw Principal Maintenance Inspector 3206 </p><p>Lance Johnson Assistant Principal Maintenance Inspector 3262 </p><p>Marty Conroy Principal Operations Inspector 3240 </p><p>Rick Chagnon Principal Operations Inspector 3249 </p></li></ul>


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