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Presented to the Google Developer Group in Dublin, CA on 5/6/13 This presentation outlines the development platform on BlackBerry 10 and then dives deeper into the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps and how Android developers can port their apps. Not in the slide deck: The BlackBerry 10 device demo, the live porting of apps.


  • 1.Larry McDonoughBlackBerry Developer Relations@LMcDunnaRunning Android Apps on BlackBerry 10developer.blackberry.com/android

2. Agenda BlackBerry 10 Demo Developing for BlackBerry 10 The BlackBerry Runtime forAndroid Apps App Porting Live on stage!What could go wrong? Q & A Raffle 3. Launched on January 30th, 2013Device Demo The Hub Time Shift Balance Keyboard 4. Where Did BlackBerry 10 Come From?4BlackBerryPlayBookHTML5WebWorksBlackBerry 10TMhttp://developer.blackberry.com 5. High Level ArchitectureBlackBerry Services(BES / Mobile Fusion, BIS, Push, Maps, Payments, BBM, Scoreloop, etc.)HTML 5 &WebWorksNative C/C++ &Cascades UIBlackBerry 10 OShttp://developer.blackberry.com 6. Developers have ChoicesRuntimes & FrameworksActionScriptAdobe AIRHTML5, CSS, JavaScriptWebWorksC/C++Native SDKJavaAndroidRuntime 7. Whats So Great About BlackBerry 10? Worlds best OS built on QNX, Best RTOS on the planet Worlds best browser Highest score on html5test.com beating out even all desktopbrowsers! Worlds best keyboards Physical && Virtual Head and shoulders above iPhone Worlds best developer platform Choices: C/C++ l HTML5 l AIR l Android Open: Lots of projects on GitHub: https://github.com/blackberry Designed from ground up for today/tomorrows mobilecomputing needs UI/UX designed for PRODUCTIVITY Best Damn Developer Relations Team in the World http://developer.blackberry.com/android 7BlackBerry Z10 8. Global marketplace FREE to register as a vendor FREE to submit apps and upgrades 70/30 revenue share Credit card, PayPal, Carrier Billing Free and paid apps catalog Integrated barcode scanning8BlackBerry World 9. The Power of Carrier Billing on BlackBerry 10Carrier Billing: integrated operator billing allows for easy payment for digital content Carrier billing is the preferred payment option in BlackBerry World, accounting for over 75% of allpaid transactions when available. 9x average increase in spending per BlackBerry Z10 user purchasing apps & games. 14x average increase in spending per BlackBerry Z10 user purchasing content including apps,games, music, and video.* Bango Sourced DataIncreases CustomerReach and Retention*Makes Payments Flexible& EasyCarrier billing is initialdefault payment optionattracting new customers.29% of BlackBerry Worldusers buy 2 or more itemsper month13% of BlackBerry Worldusers spend more than$4.99/month100~300% uplift toBlackBerry World saleswhen carrier billinglaunches75% of gross sales aretransacted through thecarrier when availableCarrier Channel, in-app, and SubscriptionsDrives Sales& Revenue57%22%3%18%AppsGamesVideoMusicBlackBerry 10 BlackBerry Worldby content type breakdown 10. 10Opportunities on BlackBerry World 80+ Million Subscribers, > 170 Markets 105,000++ Apps for Sale More Revenue per App Lower Cost to Develop Easy to Port Credit card, PayPal & Carrier Billing 70/30 revenue share Free, paid, freemium apps Ecosystem success Over 4 Billion Apps Downloaded 11. BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps NOT AN EMULATOR11developer.blackberry.com/android 12. BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps NOT AN EMULATOR OSS Dalvik VM ported directly to native QNX ~70% of all Android apps RUN onBlackBerry 10 without changing aSINGLE line of code! Very Easy to get started.12developer.blackberry.com/androidDalvikVMWebKitC++ AIR 13. Check Compatibility(Online Tool)Tooling Options Online Packager SDK (Command Line) Eclipse Plug-inRe-package APK toBAR file format.De-bugging tokensTest ApplicationCode signing KeySign application(BAR files)Access Vendor PortalSubmit App for BlackBerryApprovalPublish signed BAR filesRun reportsPackage Deploy DistributeConverting Your Existing Android Appsdeveloper.blackberry.com/android 14. Getting Started1. Request a set of BlackBerry 10 signature keys fromhttps://www.BlackBerry.com/SignedKeys Two *.CSJ file attachments will be emailed within 30minutes, which are to be added into the IDE in step 3 below2. If necessary, download device simulators fromhttps://developer.blackberry.com/android/tools/3. Install the BlackBerry plug-in for ADT within your IDE (i.e., ADTplug-in for eclipse), by selecting Help Add New Software Addand provide the URLhttp://developer.blackberry.com/android/downloads/eclipseplugin/4. Set up your environment by selecting Window Preferences BlackBerry Expand BlackBerry Tools SDK Bar Signer BlackBerry Deployment Setup Wizard Walk through the wizard to set up your simulator(s) ordevice(s), register your signature14developer.blackberry.com/androidDalvikVMdeveloper.blackberry.com/android 15. Getting StartedAfter setting up the environment, use of the plug-in is very straightforward as it uses all of the standard operations withineclipse that Android developers would use such as adb, ddms, jdwp, logcat, etc. The following steps will allow you to checkyour app for compatibility, repackage, and sign your application:1. Add the BlackBerry perspective to your Android project Right-click on the project and select BlackBerry Tools Add BlackBerry Nature to Project2. Verify the compatibility of your app Right-click on the project and select BlackBerry Tools Verify APK Within the /bin project folder, open the .WRN file and view the resultsLevel 1 and 2 errors are usually negligible, but these features should be testedLevel 3 errors require supported workarounds for Google Maps, Push and IAPLevel 4 and 5 errors are fatal and will cause the app to crash3. If necessary, make the required code changes while running/debugging the application1. Right-click on the project and select Run As BlackBerry Android Launch2. Right-click on the project and select Debug As BlackBerry Android Launch4. Package the application into the BAR file format and sign the app1. Right-click on the project and select BlackBerry Tools Sign for BlackBerry World2. The signed BAR file will be located in the /dist/Android 2.3.3 project folderDocumentation on the BlackBerry Plug-in for ADT can be referenced at:https://developer.blackberry.com/android/documentation/overview_plugin_1849581_11.htmldeveloper.blackberry.com/androidSee devsite forfull info 16. 16Upcoming EventsEveryAttendeeGets aFREEBlackBerry Z10SandsConvention CenterLas Vegas5/21/13 17. Lets Port some Apps!Anyone bring their apk? 18. THANK YOU!developer.blackberry.com/androidLarry McDonoughBlackBerry Developer Relations@LMcDunna