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  • 1. from creative tostrategicWhen you are full of ideas, you will forma strategy.Ho Chi Minh city, June 2013NGUYEN TRAN TRONG THUYET

2. SV 2012Creative me:Copywriter for Riddle> Tagline for the image IO: Gi mt con trng mn con mt Tgic mt sng, dm mi mt cng khng cn ly mt con> Mi trn chin qua i, mt gam mu bin mt (A war faded with thecolor of life)> Composing lyrics for parody songs> Ideas for performancesStrategic me:Teamwork of 16 people produced 8 performancesin 3 rounds. We are in charge of ideas, script, stagedirector, props This required a strategy andtimeline of execution.Result: REGIONAL SEMI-FINALhttp://me.zing.vn/apps/sv2012 3. FTU2 FILMSCreative me:Original idea for the short film See you in the morning (Hn smmai)Storyboard, Behind the scene and Graphic for the short film If oneday (Nu mt ngy)Strategic me:Production crew for the short film See youin the morning (Hn sm mai)Set designer for the short film If one day(Nu mt ngy)Result:> See you in the morning: 48 Hour Film Project BestMusic Nominated, Best Director Nominated> If one day: 15k views, mentioned on the media as asuccessful short filmhttp://www.youtube.com/user/FTU2Film 4. FTU BROADCAST ANDCOMMUNICATION CLUB (FTUZONE)Creative me:Copywriter for Advertising clip for freshmenSocial media content generatorArt directorStrategic me:Vice President Head of CommunicationDepartmentMedia plan, IMCHuman resource management of 60 peopleMedia sponsor for universities campaignsWebmasterResult:> Biggest hit among advertising clips> 5000 fans on fanpages> The top club in creativity among university clubshttp://www.ftuzone.com 5. MYSTERY OF WORD 2012Creative me:Copywriter: the name Mystery of Word (MOW)Copywriter: Slogan Words are not enough (Ni thi cha )Art directorOriginal ideas for ambient advertisingStrategic me:Deputy Head of Communication DepartmentMedia plan and Social Network StrategyStage Director of Gala FinaleResult:> 250 Registrations from 10universities> 450 Gala Finale tickets sold outin 2 days> Great media coveragehttp://www.ftuzone.com/MOW 6. DUO 2013 (KT NI I)Creative me:Copywriter: Slogan Together we fireCopywriter: Name of the rounds Cm ng i (Duo-spired), Sng to i (Duo-eative), Tri nghim i (Duo-xperience) and the Gala Finale Ta sng i (Duo-ginte)Original ideas for ambient advertising and social media.Strategic me:Head of Communication DepartmentIntegrated Communication Marketing PlanMedia plan and Social Network StrategyResult:> Great feedback on Social media> 1500 Registrations from 13universities> 600 Gala tickets sold out> New model of social media inhttp://www.theduogame.com 7. YOUNG LIONSCOMPETITIONCreative me:Copywriterhttp://www.theduogame.com 8. Tagline: Longer note inspires muchmorePost-it NotesTagline: Close-up blurs. Read the fullstory New York TimesTagline: That the boy has no ear doesnot get much notice as the bad teeths 9. NGOC NAM PHUONG COMMUNICATIONSCreative me:Copywriter for press releasesCopywriter for the company profilehttp://www.ngocnamphuong.vnStrategic me:Media plan for clients: LOVITE, Shiny. 10. Nguyen Tran TrongThuyet (Mr.)Email: thuyet.nguyen@ftuzone.comPhone: +84 168 960 4424Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/thuyetblackthank you