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  2. 2. 2 3 Portfolio of Works Tyler Brewer Updated 6.2.15 BFA Interior Design 2015 Savannah College of Art and Design I do not determine how an interior should look, it is determined by the context. ~Joseph Smolenicky
  3. 3. 4 5 Content WS Hospitality Design The Woodloch Social Spa ES AS Workspace Design Earthshare Office Retail and Detail Design The Annex Studio Pg. 46 Pg. 66 Pg. 6
  4. 4. 6 7 The Woodloch Social A Relationship Destination Located in the Pocono Mountains of Northwestern Pennsylvania, the Woodloch Social will serve as a place where people will Gather after meeting on the eHarmony interface to make personal Connections. By being placed in the mountains, the resort will serve as a Removed location from the normal distractions of life which cause us to have missed connection. With stress and other obligations restricting the professional social life, eHarmony was developed to make the dating process more efficient. The Woodloch Social takes the next step into making social connections by bringing potential matches to a place where anxiety is Relieved and Interaction is easy. Hospitality Design
  5. 5. 8 Site and Building Outdoor activities: Including a variety of options on both the Lodge Property and the sister resort 5 minutes away at a larger lake. Activities include: Kayaking Archery Swimming Fly FishingHikingExploring Gardening Bee KeepingGolf TennisMeditation Socializing Parking: Parking is removed from the lodge out of site, valet service will move cars to and from the resort. Grounds Activities Location: Located in north eastern Pennsylvania the Pocono Mountains have become an incredibly popular vacation and retirement area for the north eastern white collar population. The largest attraction being the incredibly colorful autumns. Weather: Weather is absolutely perfect in the Poconos for vacationing to cool summers, colorful falls, and snow skiing in the winter. Wind primarily blows from the North West, however with the Resort being close to the body of water which is Little Teedyuskung, a breeze from the lake is a possibility. Rain is usually light and drizzly on occasion with thunderstorms during the warmer summer months. The Pocono Mountains The amount of sun which enters the interior of the building will determine what the function of certain spaces will be. Much morning and even sun appears from the south of the building making for wonderful sun scenes, while the north is often shaded with a cool breeze coming from the lake. Glare will also play a large part in where the sun is coming from. Sun Paths March 20, 5:30 March 20, 7:00 AM December 21, 4:00PM December 21, 6:00 AM June 21, 7:00 PM June 21, 7:00 AMBuilding Built in the early 2000s the Woodloch Lodge is mostly of an axial plan with spaces on either side of a central circulation. The column layout is a basic 15 grid with 13 ceilings and large windows on either side of the building.
  6. 6. 10 11 Clientele Largest American Boutique Hotel Brand Pride themselves on the personableness Savvy Traveler Oriented Bold Designs 62 Hotels Thrive on Customer Requests Lounge and Social Space Oriented the GAP The Kimpton has remained a nation wide boutique hotel focused on its customer centered design. While creating an incredible boutique hotel line, to grow and expand the next step would be to create a resort based on their design brand. Online Dating Service Started by Psychologists Started in 2000 out of California Many Marriages Pride themselves in marriages Advertising key point Expensive Service Profile Based People can be Turned Away the GAP eHarmony has mastered the art of online matchmaking through science and experience priding themselves in the result of marriage. However, online dating has its limits. eHarmony needs to make the next step by creating a place where people can travel for the purpose of allowing people to meet who have never met before in a low anxiety environment based on social interaction.
  7. 7. 12 13 Users Problems With Dating? Extroverts reap benefits Long distance can be difficult Time causes to loose interest Unmet expectations Anxious meetings What Do Daters Value? Career Oriented Wealth and Stable Income Experienced Educated Personally Together Emotional Depth How Does Online Dating Happen? Long Online Conversations Long Distance Meetings Protection of stepping out No time wasted with matches Meetings becoming frequent Goal User of eHarmony Middle Ages White Collared Worker Complicated Social Lives Kids Emotional Baggage Divorcees
  8. 8. 14 15 East Wing Design Concept Dropping Away Dropping In Others Being comfortable Finding new friends Self Separating from distractions Reconnecting with self Companion Enjoying time together Finding a companion for life
  9. 9. 16 17 Full Schematic Sauna Gym Locker Rooms Yoga Studio Bar Pool and Lounge Spa Reception Manicure MassagePedicure Thermal Bath Lobby Supply WC Entrance Check In Storage Formal Dining Casual Dining Communal Dining Casual Lounge Kitchen Guest Rooms Guest Rooms Activity Lounge Activity Lounge Guest Rooms Guest Rooms Sign Up Guest Rooms Guest Rooms Activity Lounge Activity Lounge Guest Rooms Guest Rooms Breakfast and Wine Bar Bistro Seating Bar Lounge WC Raised Stage Green Room 10 10 20 N Others The goal of the east wing will be to serve as a spa and a social area where one can reconnect with their inner being. Instead of a traditional spa experience where one is focused on themselves, users will relax while being in the company of new friends in an area oriented for conversation and different experiences. On the second floor a bistro and night club allow for a traditional social scene. Self Rooms will be designed away from the areas of activity, remaining small and secluded. This is so guests will have their own secluded getaway from the rest of the social oriented resort to gather themselves and recharge from days of making new friends and acquaintances. Companion The center of the resort only makes sense to contain the center focus of the resort as a whole, to find a companion. Formal and casual eating along with an area for cooking classes allows for a chance to get to know others on a deeper level.
  10. 10. 18 19 1 East Area Views Design Process and Focus Thermal Spa The Thermal Spa will be one of the biggest features in the spa allowing for a secluded, intimate setting for newly made friends and possible partners. East Wing Hall The East Wing Hall will serve as an area in which guest will gather and wait for their newly made friends and companions while enjoying the foot bath or drinks at the bar. Locker Rooms Locker Rooms will provide a space to prepare themselves to be fully immersed in the social spa atmosphere, social yoga, or simply to enjoy the pool with others. Joined Sauna The Sauna will be connected to both locker rooms not only to allow for a restful moment before leaving the locker room, but will also serve as a secluded place to relax with both sexes. Yoga Studio A Yoga Studio will serve as a place in which guests will be able to meditate together or practice group, or couples yoga in a large open area. Spa Reception The Spa Reception area will serve as a space for guests to wait for others or simply wait for an opening in the massage, pedicure, or manicure areas. Pedicure, Manicure, Massage The full service spa will allow for another option rather than going to the Thermal Spa. Instead retreating to a dark cozy secluded area the spa will allow for a brighter more uplifting spa experience. Pool Lounge Area The Pool area is a place for a more casual meeting. Based around the pool and near the bar, a social area of large daybeds and lounge chairs creates an space where one can socialize and be immersed in the natural context through large windows surrounding the pool. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 1 3 5 7 6 4 8
  11. 11. 20 21 Sketch Ideas Thermal Bath Element Inspired by the concept of dropping away and dropping in, the motif of water dropping away has inspired this center element in the spas Thermal Bath. The base serves as a circular bar while the center contains a gas fire pit. This will allow for a center focus of the room for conversation as well as a space to congregate around. Pool lounge Area To create a casual, stereotypical space which people are used to for socializing, a traditional pool lounge will be used fulfill this need. However to add another layer of social activity, large daybed like padded platforms will be used to create a space in which people can sit together on the same level comfortably when not in the pool. Seating Circles Seating spaces are incredibly important in a social environment to stimulate conversation and socializing. Angles and circles help with conversation while centers, such as fireplaces create conversation topics or can focus ones attention during conversation gaps. Yoga Studio For the purposes of creating a space in which people can exercise and be active a Yoga Studio will be implemented not only to be peaceful in the scenic landscape, but also to provide a large, open area ideal for group and couples yoga. Yoga is also a popular exercise for the age range which is the target customer. Transition Good spa design is about making sure the guest feels as if they are being transported to a place of relaxation and tranquility away from the rest of the world. In order to do this there needs to be a form of transition from the outside world into a social place of relaxation. Main Hall Foot Pool While guests are waiting for their newly found friends and acquaintances, they need a place to wait for others while preparing for their immersion into the spa. A solution to this waiting problem is a water feature in which guests can interact. A foot pool will be designed as a bench around a pool with a profile to invite guests to dip their feet in. Spa Division To keep the spa, as a whole