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Product design/ Industrial design portfolio - Mihir Vaze, Mumbai, India


<ul><li><p>DESIGN PORTFOLIO </p><p>mgvaze@gmail.com +91-9763406161 </p></li><li><p>DESIGN PORTFOLIO </p><p>CAD tools 3D Rendering tools 2D Rendering tools </p><p>Graphic design tools Other </p><p>Rhinoceros, Alias studio, 3ds max. Vray, Keyshot, Hypershot. Photoshop, Sketchbook pro. Illustrator, Corel Draw. Microsoft Office. </p><p>Post Graduation </p><p>Bachelor's degree </p><p>Schooling </p><p>Post graduate diploma in Product Design, MAAERs MIT Institute of Design, Pune, India. B.E. Electronics (Mumbai University), Vidyalankar Institute of technology, Mumbai, India 12th H.S.C., Antonio DSilva technical college, Mumbai. 10th S.S.C., I.E.S.s V.N.Sule English medium school, Mumbai. </p><p>Diploma project + Internship </p><p> Live project </p><p>Duration 8 months, Lighting design project, Crompton Greaves, Industrial Design Centre, Global R&amp;D, Mumbai. Duration 2 months, Television design project, Samsung (India). </p><p>Name Date of birth </p><p>Mailing address </p><p>Phone Email </p><p>Languages known </p><p>Mihir Vaze 11th March 1983 702-B, Lavanya Apts., Prof. V.S. Agashe road, Dadar (West), Mumbai, India - 400028 +91-9763406161 (Mob.), +91-22-24326437 (Res.) mgvaze@gmail.com English, Marathi, Hindi </p><p>Best Project </p><p>Special Mention </p><p>Industrial Design, Post Graduate batch, MIT ID, 2011 Top shortlisted entry, India future of change, Product design contest, 2011. </p><p>Engineering project </p><p>Organization &amp; Management </p><p> Interests </p><p> Personal Development </p><p>Infusion rate meter and controller based on micro-controller system, used to measure saline drop rate. Secretary, Alumni organization, MIT Institute of design. Hostel representative, MIT Design boys hostel (Instrumental in introducing Gymnasium, Wi-Fi in hostel). Salsa and Bachata dancing (Trained with Salsa India, Mumbai), Cricket and Tennis. Trained NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master practitioner, Dr. Richard Bandler certified (USA). Landmark Education advanced course participant. </p></li><li><p>DESIGN PORTFOLIO </p><p> DESIGN FOR SPECIAL NEEDS TECHNO AESTHETIC </p><p>DETAILING </p><p>FORM STUDY: NATURE INSPIRED DESIGN </p><p>INTERACTION DESIGN SYSTEM DESIGN </p><p> GRAPHIC DESIGN </p><p>DESIGN SKILLS </p><p>DIPLOMA PROJECT </p></li><li><p>DIPLOMA PROJECT </p><p>The lighting division at Crompton Greaves initiated a home lighting project given to me during my internship. After research, with the help of the marketing head, we decided to target the niche area of High Income groups. Finally, design registrations for 40 concepts were filed and 3 detailed working prototypes with mechanical &amp; electrical details were completed. The project is currently under review at CG for further development and implementation. </p><p>Crompton Greaves Limited </p></li><li><p>Graph of Choice makers of the lighting fixtures (Users or domain experts like architects, interior designers) v/s Family income per month was plotted for the analysis of the user data. Also, the lighting and interior style trends were mapped in this matrix. </p><p>DIPLOMA PROJECT </p><p>User and market research was conducted in 3 urban cities with 35 houses, 20 shops, dealers and furniture malls covered. Also, insights were taken from domain experts in architecture, interiors and lighting. </p></li><li><p> User personas of each segment were created to better understand the consumer and his aspirations and lifestyle. Mood board is created for one of the target personas (Young couple) and this gave us attributes like modern, geometric, interactive and minimalistic associated with this persona. </p><p>DIPLOMA PROJECT </p></li><li><p>Home lighting solution </p><p>Multi-functional </p><p>Interactive: </p><p>Access, </p><p>Control &amp; dimming, </p><p>Moods &amp; light layering, </p><p>Automation </p><p>Modern light sources: </p><p>LED, T5 Circular &amp; Linear, CFL </p><p>Power saving: Good electronics and control </p><p>Modern light sources </p><p>Aesthetics: </p><p>Modern, minimal &amp; geometric look </p><p> Materials like Glass, aluminum, acrylic </p><p>Color temp. of around 3100 deg K (Warm White) </p><p>A complete home lighting solution for urban high income Indian homes which is as follows: </p><p>The design language has attributes like modern, minimal and geometric. Further, it varies from Sharp/Edgy (like modern furniture) to soft/organic (like home accessories e.g.. contemporary vases) </p><p>Sharp &amp; Edgy Soft &amp; Organic </p><p>Crisp Smooth Flair Organo </p><p>DIPLOMA PROJECT </p></li><li><p>Sharp &amp; Edgy Soft &amp; Organic </p><p>Home Lighting </p><p>DIPLOMA PROJECT </p></li><li><p>Ecli pse Halo </p><p>DIPLOMA PROJECT </p><p>It is a mood light inspired from the eclipse and gives soft indirect light all over the room. It adds calm to the room and makes the atmosphere very relaxing. </p><p>A hallow disc form crafted from premium blocks of high-grade acrylic and brushed aluminum accentuates the beauty of anything which is below it. Its rim glows in dark giving a nice halo-like effect around. </p></li><li><p>The square form has breathtaking simplicity and it compliments your modern furniture. The clean design gives just the right amount of shadowless concealed soft light, enough to lit up your desk perfectly. </p><p>Square </p><p>DIPLOMA PROJECT </p></li><li><p>This course is designed to develop empathy towards people having specific limitations and for understanding the challenges they face in day to day life. It presents an interesting opportunity to meet the specific users and domain experts, to develop unique products. </p><p>DESIGN FOR SPECIAL NEEDS </p></li><li><p>The critically ill and old patients are immobile and bedridden. Thus, they have huge problems in urination and defecation. In this project, I targeted this problem. </p><p>Study of current bed pans and other similar products in the market was initially done. Later, I visited few hospitals to visit patients using this product first hand. Useful insights from nurses, hospital staff and management were also noted. </p><p>DESIGN FOR SPECIAL NEEDS </p></li><li><p>I made a sandpit for generating size and contour data of various human body types and sizes to come up with optimum shape for the bedpan </p><p>DESIGN FOR SPECIAL NEEDS </p></li><li><p>DESIGN FOR SPECIAL NEEDS </p></li><li><p>DESIGN FOR SPECIAL NEEDS </p></li><li><p>Thus the final concept based on calculated ergonomic data is more correct with regards to shape, size (its 20% larger than current available bed pans) and contour. It has provisions for holding, cleaning and maintenance which also make its indirect users like hospital and its staff happy </p><p>DESIGN FOR SPECIAL NEEDS </p></li><li><p>Understanding technical requirement of existing product and integrating its components aesthetically. Also considering ergonomic principals and visual semantics to develop efficient and user friendly product. </p><p>TECHNO AESTHETIC DETAILING </p></li><li><p>TECHNO AESTHETIC DETAILING </p></li><li><p>The final solution solves problems of instability and grips the surface well. The overall form is inspired from modern vehicles and bikes and is compact enough to be portable on your bicycle. Material - Mild Steel. </p><p>TECHNO AESTHETIC DETAILING </p></li><li><p> The pressure gauge meter uses colour coding to show tyre pressure is full. This is visually more easy for a regular user to understand full air pressure. </p><p>TECHNO AESTHETIC DETAILING </p></li><li><p>Many innovations are often triggered by the diligent and vigorous study and observation from nature. Thus, in this form study exercise we had to choose an inspiration from nature and study its form and structure. Also, using this natural form as reference and inspiration we had to generate a product while being consistent to its attributes and qualities. </p><p>STALLION </p><p>FORM STUDY : NATURE INSPIRED DESIGN </p></li><li><p>The horse was my inspiration from nature. I got a chance to observe them closely at the Poonawala stud farm and Pune race course. </p><p>Majestic, Dynamic, Elegant and Muscular </p><p>The motif derived from the abstraction is used for a futuristic bicycle design concept. Thus, this design brings new design language to the mechanical looking sports bicycles. Material - Carbon fiber </p><p>STALLION </p><p>FORM STUDY : NATURE INSPIRED DESIGN </p></li><li><p>FORM STUDY : NATURE INSPIRED DESIGN </p></li><li><p>To develop an interactive system for college workshop tools storeroom so its is easy to segregate, provide information and issue or return tools and materials from the workshop stores. Thus it can reduce the process time involved in issuing and returning tools and materials. </p><p>INTERACTION DESIGN </p></li><li><p> All the pressure points are identified in the user research </p><p>Students, stores attendant process flow is mapped </p><p>INTERACTION DESIGN </p></li><li><p>INTERACTION DESIGN </p><p>The concept consist of a 3 kiosk interactive system. College computers are the basic infrastructure used to run the system : </p><p> Student (Issue/return) kiosk: Used for issue of tools and materials. Would be working only on this for the scope of the project. </p><p> Store attendants kiosk: Helps store attendant to a keep a tab of tools, material, dealers and purchases. </p><p> Information kiosk: Gives information about tools &amp; materials. </p></li><li><p> INTERACTION DESIGN </p><p>The basic design layout of offers quick search choices on the left, shows the tools menu list in center and your basket on the right. Its similar for materials too. </p></li><li><p> INTERACTION DESIGN </p><p>The 3 most common tasks of the viz. Issue tools, Return tools and Issue materials can be accessed after you login into home page. </p></li><li><p>For designers, the systems approach and system thinking can become powerful tools towards change as this approach provides with a more accurate picture of reality. This course was designed to understand the systems approach and its application in the design process of a product or a product-system. </p><p>Vinayak Iyer </p><p>SYSTEM DESIGN </p></li><li><p> By 2020, at current annual rate there would over 7 billion airline passengers worldwide. Also, with intensified security measures, its vital to have a new system for our baggage management at airports. </p><p>scan </p><p>check-in counters </p><p>Departure </p><p>airplane </p><p>docking </p><p>area </p><p>Arrival </p><p>airplane </p><p>docking </p><p>area </p><p>baggage </p><p>claim </p><p>area </p><p>feed in </p><p>for connecting flight </p><p>security </p><p>check </p><p>Number of bags per day 100,000 Number of mishandled bags per thousand bags 7 Number of bags mishandled per day 100,000 bags x .007 bags lost = 700 Cost of a mishandled bag Rs. 6050 Cost of mishandled bags per day 700 bags mishandled per day x Rs.6050 </p><p>= Rs. 42,35,000/day Annual cost of mishandled bags Rs. 154.6 crores/year </p><p>SYSTEM DESIGN </p></li><li><p> A new baggage monitoring system needs to be developed that, Can be introduced within present infrastructure and eliminates the </p><p>need to redevelop a complete terminal for accommodating an automated baggage handling system. </p><p> Provides real time search and locating of baggage. </p><p> Makes the passenger feel a part of the handling process by providing baggage monitoring ability. </p><p> Can add value to baggage claim experience by reducing passenger baggage exchange. </p><p>Tag </p><p>collected at </p><p>EXIT </p><p>Re-programmed </p><p>with </p><p>new BSM </p><p>Re-program = </p><p>Re use </p><p> Only one RFID scanner per carousel. </p><p> Reusable Hard cased tags eliminate usage of paper for tag printing </p><p>SYSTEM DESIGN </p></li><li><p>): </p><p>Solving the issue of human error and bridging digital baggage information database with manual monitoring, the RF Palm makes baggage handling simpler and foolproof. </p><p>SYSTEM DESIGN </p></li><li><p> UI work-path flow was designed for the baggage reconciliation and full load check processes. </p><p> Button + Touch + Track pad, means its easy to use even for single handed operations. </p><p> Employing the integrated camera and high power signal transmission, the device uses augmented reality to navigate the baggage handler to the lost baggage. </p><p> Once the bags are found and reconciled, only then the IT system allows full load confirmation. </p><p>SYSTEM DESIGN </p></li><li><p> LED Digital displays improve the baggage claim experience by </p><p>displaying passenger name and seat number along with incoming bags. </p><p> RFID scanned information displayed on passenger claim side as well as airport tarmac side. </p><p> Can be used for advertising purposes when claim carousel is dormant. </p><p> Carousal design is U-shaped to give dual side access to users, resulting in less crowding. </p><p> Also, U-shaped carousal means the carousal is in the center of the baggage claim area, which further reduces crowding </p><p> Sloped areas is provided to unload the bag from carousal </p><p>SYSTEM DESIGN </p></li><li><p>Cos Phi make smart energy products which are energy efficient and thus help the environment. So, values like clean, green and modern had to be reflected in the logo. Modern typeface Korataki is used in the design. Phi symbol is inspired from the commonly used symbol for power and is an interesting detail which can further be used in product graphics. </p><p>GRAPHIC DESIGN </p></li><li><p>Alpha Stars who are the only authorized NLP training institute in India needed a new fresh two fold brochure. The brochure uses NLP language patterning, wherein the text are purposely aligned in a particular hierarchy; that every time you read the text in a particular order, a new interesting and relevant meaning arises out of it. </p><p>GRAPHIC DESIGN </p></li><li><p>DESIGN SKILLS </p></li><li><p>DESIGN SKILLS </p></li><li><p>DESIGN SKILLS </p></li><li><p>THANK YOU </p><p>mgvaze@gmail.com +91-9763406161 </p></li></ul>