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<ul><li><p>P O R T F O L I O+D A N I E L P A S T O R A R E L L A N O F .</p></li><li><p>DANIEL PASTOR ARELLANO FUENZALIDA620 Huron St. Toronto, Canada. M5R2R9647-303-7897d.arellanof@gmail.com</p><p>Professional Architect of Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile, with one year of experience in design and development of houses, buildings and public spaces. Creative, pro-active, self-taught, fast learner, with great adaptation skills and a strong capacity for teamwork. Excellent adaptation to different task and learning abilities. Meticulous, tidy, close to the people, outgoing and friendly. </p><p>Technical Summary </p><p>Proficient in: AutoCAD 2D y 3D (High) SketchUp (High) Photoshop (High) OS MAC and PC</p><p>Familiar with:Illustrator (Basic) InDesign (Basic)V-Ray Renders (basic) 3D Studio (basic)</p><p>Languages: Spanish (native)English (intermediate)Italian (basic)</p><p>Professional Experience</p><p>2013 Head Architect in charge of the design process of a 119sqm. Family house in Alto Jahuel, Bun, RM, Chile.2012 lamos, Reyes, Butazzoni Arq. Y Cia Ltda.: Architect. In charge of Design and development of buildings.2012 ELEMENTAL S.A. Architects: Collaborator in Nuevo Horcones Project, in charge of Design and development of mitigation measures.2010 Mias Arquitectes, Barcelona, Catalua, Spain: professional internship, in charge of development of models. 2009 Head Architect in charge of the design and construction process of a 250sqm. family house in Casablanca, Valparaso Region, Chile.</p><p>Education</p><p>2007 - 2012: Architecture, Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile. Santiago, Chile2010 - 2010: Exchange program at Universit degli Studi Roma Tre. Rome, Italy2005 - 2007: Architecture, Universidad Diego Portales. Santiago, Chile</p><p>Publications, awards and prizes</p><p>2012 Best Final Project Award2010 UC School of Architecture.2012 Academic Excellence Award, 2010 UC School of Architecture.2012 Final Project Model exhibited at the Intervalos UC Exhibition, Chile.2012 Final Project Model exhibited at the Chilean Biennale, Chile.2012 Final Project Model exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Italy.2011 Final Project selected for the NAAB International Accreditation, UC School of Architecture.2011 Project exhibited at Intervalos UC Exhibition, Chile2010 Project published in the 2010 UC School of Architecture annual publication2009 Project published in the ARQ Magazine No. 72, Urban Rivers, Ediciones ARQ, Los Navegantes N 1963, Providencia, Santiago, Chile: ISI2008 Work selected for RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Accreditation process, UC School of Architecture.</p><p>C V</p></li><li><p>01)</p><p>2009 - ARELLANO FUENZALIDA FAMILY HOUSE in Casablanca, Valparaso Region, Chile. 250sqm. </p><p>02)</p><p>2010 - MODELS PROFESSIONAL INTERNSHIP Mias Arquitectes Studio, Barcelona, Spain: Footbridge in Palafolls, Barcelona, Spain.</p><p>03)</p><p>2012 - CONVENTION CENTER HOUSE SAN FRANCISCO DE LA PAZ, Casablanca, Valparaso region, Chile.Final Project Architecture, Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile.</p><p>04)</p><p>2012 - ELEMENTAL S.A. Architects Studio: a) Photomontages in Nuevo Horcones Project. Arauco, Chile.b) Deaft Project: Community centers / Schools Nuevo Horcones Projects. Arauco, Chile. (work in progress)</p><p>05) </p><p>2012 - lamos, Reyes, Butazzoni Arq. Y Cia. Ltda. Architects Studio:a) Draft Project Andersen Tower. Santiago, Chile. (work in progress)b) Deaft Project Renato Snchez Towers. Santiago, Chile. (work in progress)</p><p>06)</p><p>2013 - Design ZEGERS QUIROGA FAMILY HOUSE in Alto Jahuel, Bun, Metropolitan Region, Chile. 119sqm. (work in progress)</p><p>W O R K S</p></li><li><p>0 1 )</p><p>2009 - ARELLANO FUENZALIDA FAMILY HOUSE in Casablanca, Valparaso Region, Chile. 250sqm. </p><p>Design and construction, along with Pedro Arellano, second family house to the Arellano Fuenzalida family. Is situated in San Francisco de la Pazs field, Casablanca, Chile.Is located atop a hill with vew to the Porvenir lagoon. </p></li><li><p>It has approximately 250 sqm. and is a design based on the traditional Chilean house.</p></li><li><p>Its main materials are wood (oregon pine) and reinforced concrete in exterior structure.</p></li><li><p>02)</p><p>2010 - MODELS PROFESSIONAL INTERNSHIP Mias Arquitectes Studio, Barcelona, Spain: Footbridge in Palafolls, Barcelona, Spain.</p></li><li><p>Part of the work done in the Mias Arquitectes studio of Josep Mis in Barcelona, Spain, in 2010.The project is a pedestrian bridge situated in Palafolls, Barcelona, which was the winner of a public competition and built finally in 2012.Its prefabricated steel structure.The model was made of wood to facilitate work in the construction factory.</p></li><li><p>03)</p><p>2012 - CONVENTION CENTER HOUSE SAN FRANCISCO DE LA PAZ, Casablanca, Valparaso region, Chile.Final Project Architecture, Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile.</p><p>The project consists in the creation of spaces for meetings and activities for corporations, foundations, organizations and independent groups, in which the goal is to encourage and facilitate, from architectural gestures, personal encounter, interpersonal and small group or communities.CONVENTION CENTER HOUSE SAN FRANCISCO DE LA PAZ seek to build the act of the meeting, which will be reflected in spaces related to nature, where instances generate a variety of relationships and encounters promoting internal / external, personal / group, being the landscape, topography and vernacular nature, scenarios that provide the context for the gestation of these various types of encounters.Is located in a rural area in the district of Casablanca, Province of Valparaso, V Region, Chile. This field is characterized by its connectivity and proximity to Santiago, Via del Mar and Valparaiso, but at the same time, by its isolation and disconnection of the urban and all that goes with the frantic pace of the city. This area is one of the few that have not yet been tapped, keeping intact its exuberant natural beauty and preserving the land from contamination.The morphological conceptualization is the consequence of the existing topography and local qualities, where they developed organic architecture tectonic, inhabited since the landscape, the interior space to the outside and encouraging the transition between both.</p></li><li><p>Being a project embedded in the topography, the pursuit of natural light is one of the key factors, which condisionan architecture and its spaces.</p></li><li><p>The architectural style depends on the location in space and territory. Whether stemming the ground using concrete, or lifting in space, where the steel allows lightness.</p></li><li><p>The resulting morphology in its whole, is a consequence of the terrain. What generates organic and sculptural volumes.</p></li><li><p>Carved wooden model (oregon pine). Esc.1:100</p></li><li><p>the project seeks to internalize and blend into the landscape. Be part of it and generate little visual impact.</p></li><li><p>Model in balsa wood / MDF.</p></li><li><p>materials seek to represent the vernacular. Concrete and wood mainly.</p></li><li><p>Common space viewPrivate Space view</p></li><li><p>Program.</p><p>The spaces vary between public use areas for work activities and exhibitions, places of recreation, leisure, and private use areas more chords to personal privacy and reflection. It will have 21 rooms with private bathroom and high standards, sheltering 42 users in maximum capacity. (approximately 2.500 sqm.)All these spaces under a very subtle architecture, low visual impact and fully integrated sustainable energy to existing landscape.</p><p>Ground floor First floor Second floor Roof floor</p></li><li><p>First floor / Common Spaces</p></li><li><p>Second floor / Private Spaces</p></li><li><p>Is a project dispersed in the terrain, therefore, seeks to create a relationship between the differents parts and spaces.</p><p>The insertion in the field and its projection over the project, allow the camouflage into the landscape.</p><p>Slice Terrain / Relation between parts </p><p>Slice Terrain / The insertion in the ground</p></li><li><p>Construction detail</p></li><li><p>04)</p><p>2012 - ELEMENTAL S.A. Architects Studio: a) Photomontages in Nuevo Horcones Project. Arauco, Chile.</p><p>In Elemental Chile Studio, worked in New Horcones project, which consists of a large plan to mitigate the environmental impact of the Arauco Cellulose Company in the commune and province of the same name. Presentations were made to the community living in the area, to work in a participatory design architectural interventions in public space and corporate buildings. The investment is 2,300 million in the factory and the towns of Arauco, Laraquete, Horcones and Curanilahue. What includes: Modernization and Expansion of Plant Arauco (MAPA), Plant Biomass, Wind Park, Nursery and Improvement Project Complex trailhead.</p><p>The method consists of exhibitions in public forums of digital photomontages showing the existing spaces and then the futures views and interventions. </p><p>The projects include riverfront and seafronts improvement, public space and streets, as well as in multiple activities Community Centers for neighboring citizens.</p><p>I worked on creating photomontages, development of ideas and initial volumetric propositions.</p><p>Currently the project is in development.</p><p> Laraquete Riverfront</p><p>Laraquete Firefighters</p><p>San Pedros School</p><p>Horcones Water Tower</p></li><li><p>The area was visited and we did a cadastral of spaces in disrepair and vacant, and made photomontages with clippings and renders.</p><p>San Pedros SchoolEl Pinar School</p><p>Edelmira Vergaras School</p><p>El Pinar School</p><p>San Pedros School</p></li><li><p>I was charged an initial design of the community centers, which consisted of training spaces and recreation for the neighborhood community. The design had to be cheap, appropriate to the needs and rapid construction.</p><p>04)</p><p>2012 - ELEMENTAL S.A. Architects Studio: b) Deaft Project: Community centers / Schools. Nuevo Horcones Projects. Arauco, Chile.</p></li><li><p>The project was created from the repetition of a structural module or wood truss, coated OSB panels and oregon pine tongue and groove.</p><p>The program consists of activities and training rooms, bathrooms and areas of sport, which opens to the street creating a new public space.</p></li><li><p>Initial sketch of the architectural proposal.</p><p>05) </p><p>2012 - lamos, Reyes, Butazzoni Arq. Y Cia. Ltda. Architects Studio:a) Draft Project Andersen Tower. Santiago, Chile</p></li><li><p>I was charged the initial design a mixed-use tower 21 floors high, located at a major intersection of streets in Santiago de Chile.The design project is still in development.</p></li><li><p>The idea is to design a building integrated to the public space, which exposes a novel morphology without decreasing sqm from exposure of the irregular structure in the perimeter, which is support for the growth of vegetation and allows differentiation in context , acquiring capital gains and positive externalities </p></li><li><p>I was charged the initial design volume and morphology of a group of buildings built together.The project consists in creating a harmonious whole that will have residences, offices, equipment and public space. They will relate the different uses of a dynamic and integrated manner, respecting the diverse and antagonistic morphologies.</p><p>05)</p><p>2012 - lamos, Reyes, Butazzoni Arq. Y Cia. Ltda. Architects Studio:b) Deaft Project Renato Snchez Towers. Santiago, Chile</p></li><li><p>01 02</p><p>0403</p><p>Natural light and views are the key factors in the distribution and geometry, generating volumes that face neither prevent the arrival of the sun.</p></li><li><p>06)</p><p>2013 - Design ZEGERS QUIROGA FAMILY HOUSE in Alto Jahuel, Bun, Metropolitan Region, Chile. 119sqm. (work in progress)</p><p>As independent architect, was commissioned the design and construction of the expansion of a second family house in Alto Jahuel, Chile. The clients intentions were to incorporate a new contemporary white volume (100 sqm), the house preexitente Chilean colonial style.</p><p>The initial proposal is to separate of the existent house, due to architectural differences, and also, the extension of its existing volume. Vegetation would be the unifying element between the two parties.</p></li><li><p>Common spaces, living room</p><p>new volume between the trees</p><p>Roof terrace</p><p>Private area, master bedroom</p></li><li><p>The second proposal made by a readjustment sqm and budget. The new morphological idea is a white volume with two floors, where it reduces the structural stress and the composition is created by the folding of a continuous element.</p></li><li><p>elevations</p></li><li><p>The work currently under development at the stage of drawing details and definition of coating materials.</p><p>Ground floor 1:100</p><p>Section A-A 1:100</p><p>Second floor 1:100</p><p>Section B-B 1:100 Isometric View</p></li><li><p>Daniel Pastor Arellano FuenzalidaPastor ARQ.</p></li></ul>