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  • Rodrigo bastidas

    Universidad nacional


  • CONTENTp i rok i n e s i s

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    t r i b a l r i t e s

    p o v e r t y i n t h e s t r e e t s

    m u ta n t r e j e c t i o n

    masquer ade

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  • Juanita Ortega, a Student in the National university of Colombia faces a fiery talent, the ability to set on fire anything she sees at will, Lonely in the streets, rejected by everyone she knows wanders in the cruel streets of Bogota D.C

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    2tribal rites

  • Somewhere in the outskirts of Bogota D.C takes place an ancient rite, men and women reunites in a humble hut, where they dance to the wind, the earth, water and fire, like animals and cavemen.

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    3poverty in the streets

  • in a country with no opportunities, even zombies have to beg for food,

    in these case , this young undead challenges the hunger begging for

    some brains to start again.

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    4mutant rejection

  • In the postwar period, many mutations appear among humankind, flesh and bone

    mutated in a new kind of creatures; Actually, still rejected by society, they

    search acceptation and understanding from everyone; sadly, hate, fear and

    rage is the only thing they get.

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  • Secret vampire covenants are scattered trough all the city, planning evil deeds, dancing and drinking the blood of innocent humans, and mulling his underworld feasts.

  • Annexesghosts & lights

  • lurking shadows, Haunting places, Abominable creatures beyond your imagination awaits in the next issue of this Unrational geographic, thank you for purchasing this Magazine.