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Louise McCallum MA Transportation Design Portfolio 2011


  • MA Transportation Design, Ume Institute of Design, SwedenBA (First Class Honours) Automotive Design, Coventry University, UK4 A Levels, (Biology, Art, Chemistry, Product Design), Cheadle & Marple 6th Form College, UK11 GCSEs (A*-B), Marple High School, UK

    2010 - 2012 (expected)2006 - 20102004 - 20061998 - 2004

    6 month internship, Design Storz, Austria3 month collaboration project, Jaguar Cars, Coventry2 week work placement, Autocar Magazine, Teddington, UK


    2D - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Corel Painter, Autodesk Sketchbook3D - Autodesk Autostudio, Showcase, Imagestudio, Keyshot2, MayaResearch/Problem Solving/2D&3D Ideation/Visualisation/Presentation

    WINNER Auto&Design Creativity Award Berman Autostyle Special Editions 2011, Berman, ItalyHow to Design Cars Like a Pro 2 - Featured studentCreative Scholarship, 4 years, Coventry University

    201120102006 - 2010

  • Berman Autostyle 20111 of 12 finalistsTo be featured in Auto&Design November 2011

  • WINNER - Auto&Design Creativity Award

  • I was approached by Berman, the Italian OEM parts manufacturer, to be 1 of 12 students chosen to participate in the 2011 Autostyle Competition in association with Auto&Design magazine.

    In June, a list of possible cars was sent, and I chose to design after-market modifications for the Alfa Romeo 4C concept and the Ford Vertrek concept car.

    The requirements for the contest were to redesign parts of the cars to create Special Versions, but to not modify any of the main body panels.

    The final delieverables for the competition were a front 3/4, side, and rear 3/4 rendering for each vehicle, and an image describing the parts modified.

    The ceremony will take place in October 2011, where an esteemed panel of judges from the automotive industry will award prizes for each category. A full article will also be published in the Nov/Dec edition of Auto&Design magazine.

  • Ockelbo BobberUID Collaboration 10 week project

  • Ockelbo BobberUID Collaboration 10 week project

  • For this project in collaboration with Ockelbo, our class was divided into two teams of 4. Each team was to act as a design consultancy, between them designing 4 different vehicles that should share the same design language. The four vehicles were a snowmobile, an ATV, a dirt track bike and a bobber motorcycle.

    As I had little experience in working with motorbikes, I chose to work on the bobber to challenge myself and increase my skill set.

    As a team, we came up with a design language and form identity, which we carried over to each vehicle, be it graphically, sculpturally or functionally.

    Through research, I couldnt help but notice the desirability of these vehicles to men, but not women. I therefore used that as inspiration to create a concept bike that would appeal to females as much as males, and in turn help increase Ockelbos market share.

    The final deliverables for the project were a 1:3 scale clay model, a full digital model, a full-size cut-out, and an A0 graphic poster.

  • 2 weeks completion

    2 weeks completion


    Oscar is intended for use by two different types of biker : The novice, who can start riding straight off the shelf, and the one who wants to get dirty by taking it apart


  • Storytelling in Design - Ockelbo60 second movie made in After Effects

    For our Storytelling In Design course at UID, we chose a previous project to portray through a 60 second movie.

    I chose the Ockelbo Bobber project, as I felt its androgenous aesthetic was a strong design story to put across through film.

    I wanted to create a very fictional story, to bring some humour and irony to my film.

    The story is based around a fictional sorting facility, in which workers sort products into Male and Female. The story takes an unexpected twist when the Ockelbo Bobber is scanned, and appears as neither. The professor of the facility sees this as a great opportunity to bring both male products and female products together in order to expand market appeal.

    In this course I created all the artwork for the animation shown, and used Adobe After Effects to put the film together.

    The finished movie is available to watch at http://vimeo.com/user8685923/videos.

  • Storytelling in Design - Ockelbo60 second movie made in After Effects

  • TH!NK So.CalUID Collaboration 5 week project

  • TH!NK So.CalUID Collaboration 5 week project

  • This project was in collaboration with Th!nk, the most established electric car manufacturer. The class was paired up initially, to conduct research into scenarios and markets that could pose as possible avenues for Think to venture down.

    My pairing had the catagory of Special Application Vehicle, and myself and Erik quickly picked up on the opportunities for leisure vehicles in niche markets. Th!nk currently only targets city dwellers, and the sub-urban outdoors presented a huge opportunity for development.

    Through geographical research into population trends, Southern California came up as a large emerging market for youth consumers.

    I therefore chose to design an electric surfing vehicle for the over 16s in California, carrying the current Th!nk design DNA and values.

    The final deliverables for the project were sketches and renders, packaging development, and an A0 poster to present to Th!nk.



  • Exploration into vehicle expression through graphics and functional form

  • So.Cal

  • Quick post-it ideations

    Alias wire frame to Illustrator Vector

    Photoshop render

    One day alloy wheel rendering exercise

  • Carbon edition

  • Palmer Johnson PJ150Design exercise/rendering exercise

  • Palmer Johnson PJ150Design exercise/rendering exercise

  • Freetime SketchesPracticing quick ideation & technique

  • Freetime SketchesPracticing quick ideation & technique

  • Since joining Electrolux in

    November 2004 Henrik Otto has

    embarked on a mission to make design

    one of the forces that powers the evolution of

    Electrolux into a leading global appliance brand. Henrik

    Ottos vision is that Electrolux shall be the industry shaper.

    Henrik Otto believes that good design is opinion making and that

    bland design is meaningless. No one shall be unmoved by the products and

    there should be a story behind every prod-uct. Products should deliver form, functional-

    ity and be customer friendly.




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    sign p



    think futureCOGNITION


    MAY 31 - JUNE 01 2011


    Posters to be displayed throughout UID for various events