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Our Portfolio Management Service is well suited for high-net worth customers: *Who are investing in Indian equities *Who desire to create wealth over a longer period of time *Who appreciate a higher level of service Our PMS products combine the benefits of professional fund management with the flexibility, control and potential tax advantages of owning individual stocks or other securities. The Portfolio Managers take care of all the administrative aspects of your portfolio with a monthly or semi annual reporting on the overall status of the portfolio and performance. For More Call Us ;- 9650901058 / 011-40000919 Or You Can Share Your Details Here http://www.elitestock.com/contactus1.aspx


  • 1. Elite Wealth Advisors Ltd Portfolio Management Services S-8, DDA Shopping Complex , Mayur Vihar Phase-1, Delhi-110091 marcom@elitewealth.in www.elitewealth.in
  • 2. Elite Portfolio Management An Integrated Approach of Long & Short Term Portfolio marcom@elitewealth.in www.elitewealth.in
  • 3. What is Portfolio Management It is the effort where focus on Capital allocation from a risk- return perspective. Investing in securities such as shares, debentures, and bonds are profitable as well as exciting. It is indeed rewarding, but involves a great deal of risk and calls for scientific knowledge as well artistic skill. That's where Elite Wealth Advisors Ltd provides you the complete solution for managing your portfolio across the financial assets. marcom@elitewealth.in www.elitewealth.in
  • 4. Portfolio Management Now, The world of over increasing complexity and competing demands where An Investor don't have a dedicated time to manage his portfolio. In the Equity Market, Investors suffer for the right equity selection and it can often be difficult to decide - which is really matter most for achieving the targeted goals. Elite Portfolio Management Process includes researching ideas, forecasting exceptional returns, constructing and implementing portfolios, and observing and refining their performance. marcom@elitewealth.in www.elitewealth.in
  • 5. Elite Portfolio Management provides the following benefits Decision making transparency through a more consistent. marcom@elitewealth.in www.elitewealth.in
  • 6. Elite Portfolio Management provides the following benefits Evaluation of all fundamental & technical factors www.elitewealth.inmarcom@elitewealth.in
  • 7. Elite Portfolio Management provides the following benefits A consistent approach to risk measurement. www.elitewealth.inmarcom@elitewealth.in
  • 8. Elite Portfolio Management provides the following benefits A clear enhancement to the due diligence process. marcom@elitewealth.in www.elitewealth.in
  • 9. Elite Portfolio Management provides the following benefits Better understanding of value creation among new investment opportunities. marcom@elitewealth.in www.elitewealth.in
  • 10. Elite Portfolio Management provides the following benefits Consideration of the correlation and diversification effects Of an Investment Option marcom@elitewealth.in www.elitewealth.in
  • 11. Elite Portfolio Management provides the following benefits Continuous Monitoring. marcom@elitewealth.in www.elitewealth.in
  • 12. Elite Portfolio Management provides the following benefits Dedicated Relationship Manager marcom@elitewealth.in www.elitewealth.in
  • 13. Your Portfolio Manager at Elite would give you an integrated optimization of long and short positions which has the potential to maximize the value of investors insights. marcom@elitewealth.in www.elitewealth.in
  • 14. For guidance and assistance on your portfolio, consult our Relationship Manager today 09650901058 / 011-40000919 marcom@elitewealth.in Share Your Contact Details Here