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A collection of projects by Antonia Marjanov. Planning Policy & Research. Urban Design. Architecture.


June 2015 Portfolio Planning Policy Research Urban Design Architecture antoniamarjanov@gmail.com Examples of work by Antonia Marjanov, 2 June 2015 Policy Research and report writing Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report Project type: report, research Location: LB Havering, London Description: This report is part of the host of documents needed to progress a new Local Plan for the LB of Havering. It includes detailed analysis of the current policy context and its implications on the Local Plan, along a thorough assessment of local social, economic and environmental characteristics. The document was progressed through extensive policy and statistical research and required collaboration with a host of other Council departments. 3 June 2015 Neighbourhood Planning Issues and Options Consultation Brochure Project type: planning policy consultation Location: Hemel Hempstead, UK Description: This brochure was created in order to consult the residents, businesses and visitors of Grovehill Neighbourhood, Hemel Hempstead, on the possible policy options to be included in the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. The brochure, beyond acting like a questionnaire, also gives information on the neighbouhood planning process and the Forums progress to date, as well as explenations regarding each policy option. 4 June 2015 Design brief South Street, Romford Project type: Theoretical, site appraisal, design brief Location: Romford, LB Havering Description: The scope of this design brief was to identify the development opportunity for a small town centre site and evolve a design brief that captured the potential of the site while adding value to its historic context. An extensive analysis was carried out of the physical character of the area and the constraints of the site, with the final brief outlining the features that any future site re-development scheme would need to consider. The Design Brief identified the potential for a medium rise, mixed use scheme that would correct legibility and connectivity issues along South Street, helping to better integrate the historic high street with its modern retail centre developments. The brief also makes provision for the retention of a historic building. 5 June 2015 6 June 2015 Strategic planning Transborder cooperation Drobeta Turnu-Severin Kladovo Orsova. Project type: theoretical, diploma Location: Djerdap/Portile de fier, border between Romania and Serbia, Description: This project involved a high amount of data analysis in order to get a comprehensive image of the forces that work to shape this region, from macro scale to local scalepopulation, businesses, connectivity (physical and informational), socio-cultural factors, macroeconomic and political factors. The project sought to evaluate and highlight opportunities for transborder cooperation that would prove that the sum is greater than its parts. The analysis drew attention to the good cooperation history in the region and the fact that each city has the potential to specialize in a specific economic area, making cooperation all the more important and with a potential to create a city system with strong synergy. The project went on to propose a set of policies, programs and projects that could bring the vision into being through strategic planning, and created an example of a possible resulting transborder cityscape. 7 June 2015 8 June 2015 9 June 2015 10 June 2015 Area Land Use and Building Codes Neighborhood plan Project type: planning regulations Location: Plopeni, Romania Description: A private sector led neighbourhood development project, for an area in the town centre of Plopeni, realized under the supervision of Arch. Georgeta Stoica. The zoning plans detail and slightly modify the provisions of the citys development plan, allowing for a higher density that would support the development of the city centre. Plans include land use regulations, building regulations, site allocation for public amenities and infrastructure. 11 June 2015 Mixed use development Urban gateway Project type: theoretical Location: Bucharest, Romania Description: This project is the result of a student workshop on urban composition and design. The aim of the project was discovering ways to improve citywide traffic by reorganizing an important city junction, while at the same time regenerating the urban fabric to create a space that would be representative, accessible and diverse in use. This was achieved by correcting grid issues at identified problem-intersections and emphasizing public transport connections through reorganization of the bus & tram stop and implementation of light rail to make use of old rail infrastructure in the area. The pedestrian are was redesigned into a wide promenade with connections to the local park to the north of the site. New mixed use buildings were proposed, including medium to high rise residential towers, retail centers, office spaces, multimedia centre, a library and a hotel. 12 June 2015 Zoning codes detailed Neighborhood development, design Project type: neighbourhood design Location: Magurele, Romania Description: This is residential project to be developed on a greenfield site in an growth area of Bucharest. Working within the areas building codes, a few home designs were identified as being optimal. The development includes 24 small family dwellings and a community center that will serve not only the future residents of the development but the wider communities as well. Design principles include: preservation and enhancement of the natural elements; human scale, legible and attractive spaces; small private, back gardens; landscaped, open to public front gardens; energy-efficient home design; resilient infrastructure and SUDS. 13 June 2015 Design and Access Statement 254-268 Holloway Road, Islington Project type: Theoretical, site appraisal Location: Holloway Road, Islington Description: This group project was undertaken as part of Masters curricula and involved the development of a planning application for one of the site allocations in Islingtons Core Strategy. The site is located at the south edge of Nags Head town centre, along the railway viaduct. As part of the process, a detailed analysis of the policy, financial and physical contexts of the site was undertaken and their implications assessed in order to produce a development proposal for a mixed use, residential led scheme that would be likely to receive approval while also maximising the sites financial and place-making potential. My work focused on bringing forward the design of the scheme and included preparation of the Design and Access Statement. I looked at the character of the wider area; the design and land use policy context; the historic evolution of the area including recent planning history; transport; morphology, character and streetscape; demographics and property market; and detailed site context. After agreeing a design concept and a vision for the site, several development options were modeled and a final scheme proposed which achieved all the major policy and design considerations. 14 June 2015 Planning Application 254-268 Holloway Road, Islington Project type: Theoretical, planning application Location: Holloway Road, Islington Description: This group project was undertaken as part of Masters curricula and involved the development of a planning application for one of the site allocations in Islingtons Core Strategy. The concept was for a mixed use, high quality design development that would be responsive to the town centre location as well as the residential neighbourhood behind Holloway Road. The proposed mixed use development comprises of the formation of an L-shape cluster of buildings that adapt to the complex nature and geometry of the site. The development includes 860 smq of retail floorspace designed for small units, an enclosed public space (the glass box) with access to a restaurant housed under the railway arches and to a 49 rooms hotel above, as well as 47 residential units of 1, 2 and 3 beds. Each building section is carefully treated in terms of massing, scale, daylight and overlooking, and elevation design, with the hotel and its glass box public atrium representing the landmark element. 15 June 2015 16 June 2015 Wood structure Family house Project type: architecture Location: Plavia, Romania Description: This is a housing project for a family with two children, set in a peaceful hill-side village. The family wanted a cottage look, with modern amenities integrated, like solar panels and controlled heating. The house has a modest foot-print, with interiors optimized for natural light and spaciousness. The structure is light and resilient, with is highly energy efficient. 17 June 2015 Design process Showroom and Office space Project type: design Location: Belgrade, Serbia Description: This is a commercial project realized under the supervision of Dipl. Ing. Arh. Divna Pjeivac. My role was on developing a concept using BIM. The focus was on creating a modern, interesting office building with ample room for products presentation and sale. Project evolved from the initial concept volume (top picture) to the final developer-agreed design that went on to receive planning permission. 18 June 2015 Thank you for viewing. For more information please contact me at antoniamarjanov@gmail.com